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July 25, 2006


So you need this.

(Via Gizmodo)


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I dont think that would fit up my stairway. But I do want one.

Never read headlines too fast.....

Snork @ Punkin, I read it too fast too. Did you see the Test instead.

Who needs football? get Jack up on that thing. Yahoo!

WOO HOO! STEELER Season is almost here!

Okay, at first I thought that Dave was suggesting that I needed a pink tentacle, which I thought was pretty wierd since I already have one. I sometimes wave it at the competitors in a figure-skating event but so far have not used it at a football game.

Kee-rist! That is one gigantic screen.

hmm I dunno but, whoever gets this, is gonna need a MUCH bigger house...

It would be cheaper to buy the front row at the stadium. Two or three stadiums, in fact, including a jet to get between them.

I'm gettin' one!!
I may have to save up for a month or so.

I'm still stunned by the name of the website. who thinks up this stuff?

Why would I need another one?

Oh, and I may be slow sometimes, but I finally got Punkin's post. I think they make a cream for that.


Yes, it's good, but it could also be used for EVIL

russell, unless your comments come with a red hot poker, please don't post such horrific visons....

i got away before the icture loaded...

oops... *passes 'p' up to previous post*

warning pleez!!!

obviously would have to build the house around the teevee. but what good is it if you cant find the remote?

Fuchu, Tokyo... OK..Well, maybe..Depends on how much sake I drank..

pepe - probably a rare reason not to have broadband. There was no chance to avoid the picture for me.

Lucy - You know the bestest part of this new Stiller season? No more "One for the Thumb" song! (Side note: if you're a 'Burgher, you will like this.)

Um, am I the only one a little scared at the thought of Warren Sapp's fat @ss on that screen? Or, Stiller fan that I am, The Chin?

P.S.: Dave, some of us women of the female gender also like football. We may not watch 27 hours of it per weekend, but we like it nonetheless.

(apologizes to bloglit sensibilities)... but I did say it was EVIL!

Frankly, my Dear, I don't give a yen."

Total cost is reported to be 3.2 billion yen (US$28 million).

LeFung: Are you sure you don't mean, "Frankly, my dear, I don't have a yen?"

Punkin, punkin, punkin. (hee hee)

Stop calling me Frankly.

As God is my witness, I shall never go screenless again!

"I don't know nufin' 'bout birfin' no giant screens."

**snork** at blurkie.

From a woman who has had 2 babies ripped from her belly...ouch!!!


Surely: You can't fool us; we know it's really Maeby.

Blurkie - it's probably the lack of oxygen from your foray into the crevasse yesterday.

Your brain function should return shortly.

Well, it'll be nice to have oxygen but I doubt that it'll help my brain function. That's a problem that started...now that I think about it, right about the time that whole puberty thing hit.

Better not watch any porn on this screen, then. You may just explode.

Mud: We didn't even know you figure-skated.

Ann: "P.S.: Dave, some of us women of the female gender also like football. We may not watch 27 hours of it per weekend, but we like it nonetheless."
27 hours is just a warm-up. You don't qualify for the TV.

Should I call 911? All of the sudden I can not stop drooling.



I can watch my HEAT championship run DVD on that mo-fo

Lab, I was thinking the same thing. How can she say she likes football?

Lab: You can have it. I find the wider the TV, the wider the viewer.

blurk: I like football, not 12 hours of football and 15 hours of trashy bazoomage and the suggestion that a particular brand of beer will lead twins to commit incest with someone with the looks and smarts of Jim Belushi.

Ann, you mean it won't? I gotta switch beers.

Ladies of the blog: I am here to tell you that Mr. 24 watches no sports - none, nada, zilch, zip! I actually see my guy on weekends! And he's not gay or hiding in the closet....

"giving it a surface area of 744 square meters (8,000+ square feet), or the equivalent of 3 tennis courts."

Nowhere NEAR big enough, but a good start. Try the size of 3 FOOTBALL fields.

Forgive me, I'm just catching up.

"Stop calling me Frankly"

Surely, you jest.

BTW Russell, if I could see you, I'd shoot you in the thigh.

You should see the size of the remote. You're gonna need bigger batteries.

"You're gonna need bigger batteries."

...HOW many times have I said THAT!

Gotta get to that screen in October to watch the Tigers.


OBoB - better keep the receipt.

Just imagine the possibilities . . .

Can you loan me 28 milion till payday? You know I'm good for it.

Yeah, imagine.

24-aholic: That's good that you spend weekends together. And I definitely think that's the issue. Sports aren't per say a bad interest, but certainly the professional sporting leagues have been very successful at encouraging obsessive behavior on the part of fans. We've become our hobbies the same way we "are" our jobs. It's why we see parents getting into fistfights at little league games, and it's bad, bad, bad. Everything in moderation...

Annie, go to the doghouse. And no drinking!!

For a while I thought I might grow to like Annie. Now she's back at zero, or worse. consider your thigh shot.

Ann, it's tough out here for a woman who takes a stance! (wink)


***quick, Ann, Run. I'm providing cover fire***

Are you saying I need to be disciplined?

Yes. Severely and repeatedly.

gotta catch me first...
*zips out on borrowed zip from Eleanor*

You can zip, Annie, but you can't hide. We're gonna broadcast your photo on the giant screen. At least until football season and then...well ya gotta have priorities.

Men and their toys....geez

I guess you all agree then - bigger is better hmm?

SNUCC - girl, where are you from? My response is a simple DUH!

well just sayin' MEN now agree - we've known all along :)

Susy and 24, of course bigger is better!! I mean, just think of the picture quality and the amount of detail you'll...be....able.....Hey! Wait a minute!!!

blurkie, dear, you put me up on that screen, you're not gonna wanna put me down.

Whatsa matter, blurkie? Feeling like your pixels might not meet muster?

24: Thanks! I think I'm usually pretty cool about stuff, but I can't take the O-V-E-R-L-O-A-D. I mean, I love seafood, but it's not the only thing I eat, y'know? It's the same thing with football. It's fun to watch, but so is hockey, or "24," or "Psych." Anything at all becomes too much at some point!

So, Ann, my Kiefer obsession is not cool?

I would like to point out that bigger is not always better. I guess the exception proves the rule?

hmm yeah blurker - "picture quality" - that's exactly what I meant... ;)

Emperor's New Clothesline - it's not so much the football, but the Annual Autumn Sit-on-yer-butt-and-drink-beer-all-day Festival...in some areas this is know as the Annual Sit & Sip, or A-S-S Fest.

(I know, Tiny - you celebrate all year.)

I'll take Arnold's muscle over George's pious attitude any day

As an avid (rabid?) Eagles fan, I would love to see TO's big head on this screen as he gets clobbered when the Cowgirls come into Philly.

"I AM big....it's the pitchers of beer that got small."

Mahtma you have really made me think about this whole crisis going on right now.

Depends on the "man-hours" spent obsessing. I have my own obsession, but only devote a few minutes a day to it. Similar to having a small piece of chocolate each day, but only going full-on crazy with the triple-fudge brownies when you reeeeeeeeaaaallly need them.

TCK, where are you??!!
Annie, 24 and SNUCC got me surrounded here.

blurkie - I thought you guys liked surround-sound.

Layzee: I think most everyone is with you on that, Eagles fans or not. Don't know if you follow other Philly-area sports, but just gotta say, despite my roots I always liked this guy and was happy to see him finally get his due.

I REALLLLLYYYY need Kiefer. Or some chocolate, whichever appears to me first.

Oh, and blurk, you've never had it so good, don't pretend otherwise!

blurk - guys usually LOVE being surrounded by women...wazzup??

Well, since you put it that way...never mind, TCK, I got this handled.

For 24-aholic - hopefully Kiefer can keep his pants on when he appears on this show.

Susy.....Cruz - maybe one of us is blocking his view of the tv.

Yes, or he may send Marge into a tizzy. The last thing I need to see is another image of drunk Kiefer showing off his dangly bits...it's just wrong on so many levels!!!!

I know...that's what so great about it.

Ann, I'm from Scranton so I do try to follow Philly sports, plus I went to school there.

However, our local hockey team is the Penguins affiliate and the Phillies just announced that they're not renewing their AAA contract with our local team, so Philly is losing a lot of us Pocono-ians.

Still love my Iggles, though.

Annie-figures huh? - god forbid he'd miss a second of his precious foolsball!

I know this is off topic, but I picked up Starcatchers on Friday night, Finished it on saturday morning. Darn you and Ridley for getting me hooked on a new series. Next year when you do the Strumpet tour for hopefully book three, could you please visit a store closer to Boston.
Great writing.

Layzee: our boys out there in WB/S always do us proud (unlike the big team lately, not that this diminishes my love for them).

I never thought Eastern and Western PA had remotely similar dialects, but apparently we all say "Iggle." Huh.

Sure....Giant Iggle
Philadelphia Iggles
The Americaaannn Iggle

Yinz people don't know whatcha missin'!

Also quiz for the day: Who knows what this sentence means:
Yinz wanta go dawntawn for an imp' and arn', maybe grab a jumbo sammich?

ok - I know the "arn" part is Iron City Beer, yinz would be Pittsburgese for y'all, dahntawn would be where all the big buildings are in the center of the city, but I'm lost on the rest.

Fly, Iggles, Fly....
On the road to vic-tor-ree...

Sthnbelle is on the road to truth! Or at least on the road to the Burgh!

*sends her an arn and a Primanti's sammich*

Thanks, LucyVP! I lived in Picksburgh for a few years in a past life (WELL before I was old enough to partake iin any "arns"), but now the locals have converted me to Yeungling! (When I'm not having mojitos)

Lucy: 'Squeat! Meet me on the Sahthside...

Ah, jumbo. In Johnstown they call it "roundsteak." Miss me some Isley's...

sthn: I've found that many a yinzer appreciate Yuengling. I'm not a beer gal myself, but it sure looks better.

Sadly, my folks are forced to leave Pixburgh for Allentown shortly. If Mom gets another dog (quite likely - our boy died last fall), she will name it Yinzer in honor of our real home.

You Stillers and Hawks fans need to watch out for the team that beat you both like redheaded Kumquat Parade queens last year. The Jags should be fierce this year. It wouldn't matter if I could shoe-horn this TV into my backyard, though, 'cause I live in sold-out Tampa Bay [area] and they don't broadcast other games in sold-out cities. Freakin' NFL even blacks-out internet radio broadcasts of games from other cities!

*from a safe distance, slides beer to CJrun*

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