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July 26, 2006


Davenport, Iowa.

(Thanks to Deb Rowley, who sent this in via snailmail)


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Them crazy Iowans.

Art, scmart. First!

"schmart" and second *hangs head*

Shouldn't it be a big sofa ?

Yeah, I may be uncultured, but I just don't get it...

shouldn't there be some kind of note under the pin?

oooooooooooh. a triplesimulpost!! sigh.

Suzy Q, let me be the FIRST of offer sympathies.

I may be stoopid but ...sorry - just can't appreciate crap like that

Thanks, blurk. *sigh* Somehow second just doesn't feel the same as first.

It's not art. It's kinda tacky. But I never fail to be amused by an over-sized push-pin.

"It's kinda tacky."

I don't know if you did that on purpose or not, Bobbi but...


I bet the kite guys will make one of these now.

snork :)

Next year, they are going to cover Davenport with a 37-square-mile Post-It note.

that was my first thought...kinda tacky

Well, all of the cool designs were already taken, like the Giant Ball of String.

*snork* @ Dave!

Christo perhaps????

My first thought when I saw this blog posting was "I wonder if I snail mailed a comment to the blog if they would type it in and post it."

My second thought after reading Siouxie Cruz's comment was "It's gonna fall over and kill two people."

*snork* @ post-it

I dunno Dave. Don't PostIt® notes stick on their own? It seems like there should be a 37 square mile invoice from the artist covering the town.

Pretty soon Davenport's gonna end up on
this site

Are they trying to be as tacky as Cleveland? Home of the Free stamp art.

oops! this site

Sarah, I thought I had seen some very strange art in my lifetime. Now I know I've been sheltered.

I'm going to use my red push pin to find a new state to live in.....

"But is it art, or a gimmick? Or does it matter?"

i took a poll here in the awfiss. we decided it didnt matter. however, a giant post it note would be great. we'd all go see that. but not a yellow one. too ordinary.

Hasn't anyone in Davenport ever used Google Earth? That's what it reminds me of.

Sarah J - wow! great site, Thanks

I don't get the point of this.

However, Philly has a 20 foot clothespin so, why not?

There's ANOTHER one. "I don't get the point of this."


Are you guys doin' this on purpose?

Would this qualify for a BULLETIN (board) BULLETIN (board) BULLETIN (board)? And I hope
Tim Patch didn't paint it.

and Sarah J, OK, that site's not creepy... You found that site...how?

I think I'm the only person that appreciates this. It's good fun -- "whimsical," even.

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