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July 20, 2006



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It boggles the mind.


This is the first time I've heard of that reason for wearing an athletic supporter.

Boy, he's got some ba-- um, guts.

Oh, darn it!

What? No photo?

It was a quintuple simulpost.

Was it good for everyone else?

"...it also clearly shows his genitals in the absence of underwear, which he claims has left him scarred."
-playing b'ball commando style - of course you're gonna scar!

that does call for visual...

Whoa. I think I'll need a smoke after that one.
I think that's the biggest (heh) simulpost I've ever seen.


I agree Annie, My gym coach checked for the cup before every game, of course I didnt play sports. He frightened me.

What? No video?...of the jello jigglin'? (for Chic Hearn fans)

If the guy's THAT embarassed maybe he should file a Writ of Hideous Cockus.

*now the blog is G+-rated*


elongated jump
shows that there is more that is
elongated, eh?

donkey basketball
is no match for popular
tally-whacker hoops

joke-butt or hero?
forever shall be he who
showed schlong in yearbook

Now he's going to have to sue the United Press to because the scarring is going to get a lot worse.


Gives new meaning to 'three-pointer.'

I don't know when in High School this happened, I would assume that it was his senior year, but he waited minimum of two, maybe even four years to pursue a lawsuit. Apparently he wasn't THAT emotionally scarred.

oh that foul... a technical foul...

Show of hands - who here has had any contact with any classmates at all after graduation? Who here has had contact with the classmates that weren't friends?

This guy just wants some $$$

I think a class action suit is in the works for the rest of the student body (HAH) against this clown for not wearing a jock - thus exposing them all to pornography!

"Double dribble." (Yes, I know - eew.)

what a maroon - obviously this guy suffers from, um, less than admirable dangly parts - otherwise he wouldn't of sued, he'd be braggin, and ordering extra copies of the year book

now he's just called attention to his, um, deficiency - i can see him tryin to pick a chick up at the bar - she's gonna say:

hey, aren't you the embarrassing genitals guy?

"This guy just wants some $$$"

well, he doesn't want to leave those unpaid student loans hangin'. If only he'd had the same concern for his dangly bits back in the day!

True story: We were doing the rope climb in 6th-grade gym class. When it was my turn, I climbed up, got to the top, then started to slide back down. Of course, as I slid down the rope, my fashionably short, early-80's gym shorts decided to slide UP, thus allowing my extremely dangly bits to, um dangle. To this day, one of the girls in that class who witnessed the event still calls me "Flash." I was hoping for "Snake" or "Meat," but at least it's nice to be remembered.

*snork* @ Scott.

at his story!!!

this guy must be hung like a hamster. wouldnt most guys um, be happy if their dangly bits got a bit of airplay???

*True Story*

Every year the marching band from my High School would pose for a picture, standing in formation (in my senior year, the letter "F"). The photograph was shot from the school roof and then printed in the yearbook.

We had those hats with a flat top and a big plume sticking out. In our case, the plume was green. So, me and a fellow standing next to me (Rob) took out our plumes and balanced bottles of Schoenling (if you're not from around here, that was a brand of beer that came in green bottles) on our heads. We managed to keep them up there for all three takes, and in our yearbook there are, among the marching Falcons, two dudes with bottles of beer on their heads.

*Fictional Addendum* We also unzipped our flies and inserted naked Barbie dolls half-way into the opening.

mud, if the addendum weren't fictional you would have been my new personal hero.

Serves him right. What did he think would happen when he jumps into the air sans containment with his shorts ballooning around him and photographers squatting on the sidelines?

Bet he milked it for all the dates he could while still in high school.

better Barbie than Ken!

SN - I believe there were no dates as a result; hence, the lawsuit. Poor little dude (literally)

For Pete's sake. Get over it and wear underwear next time.

We've seen that picture here somewhere! I remember it. I don't know though if it was something Dave or judi posted or something a blogit linked to, but I can see it in my mind's eye!


Wouldn't that be Peter's sake? Not to "beat" a dead horse...

El, that's just your dirty mind sensing images to your brain! Are they in color?


El, I think that was a story about a college player, but now we all know where your mind wanders. ;)

scott...why weren't you wearing underwear?!

Regarding Scott's post: Just to clarify, that is not how I got my nickname!!

Are you sure you're not thinking of the guy in the Sears catalog?

I played basketball in HS. Have no idea what an "elongated shot" is. Also have no idea why this idiot would play a sport like that without his Bike on. (Only athuleets will get the Bike reference).

And Scott, if your bits were able to dangle that much in 6th grade, my hat's off to you.

Would it have been that hard (har) to wear underwear in a game?

Who knew that this was going on? I guess that's why they made the uniforms longer.

Eleanor - I was thinking the same thing. I remember a story about some guy who said that it WASN'T his dangly bits that were visible in the picture, just his underwear. Sounds like someone's changing his story!

Crossgirl - Actually, I'm sure I was wearing the good ol' Hanes tighty-whiteys, but apparently even THEY couldn't stand up to the pressures of the rope climb. The containment failure, I fear, was inevitable.

Layzeeboy - I certainly don't want to overstate the case here on the dangly factor. I will say, however, that I hit puberty earlier than most in my class, so relatively speaking, I may have had at least a temporary advantage in the dangly department.

Please--who here thinks he must have put up with worse in the locker room for playing commando style?

'Course, I've never been in a boy's locker room, but I can only imagine...

Didn't dangle 'til I was 16. SNIFF.

*Mrs. Layzee lookin' over my shoulder demands that I tell you she's still waitin'*

psst...Mrs. Layzee...they're more fun when they are not dangling. So I've heard.

50th! woo hoo

shouldn't he be suing his mother instead for not teaching him how to dress his own self?

I want photographic evidence!

Why is it always Mom's fault? Shouldn't Dad be advising in the dangling-boy-body-parts-and-how-to-cover-them-up area?

New Jersey... That figures.. And they wonder why people make fun of New Jersey....

No. Dad sits on the couch in his underwear and freely scratches himself in front of guests. It is up to Mom to teach the little cave dweller to dress, bathe, etc.

No wonder the floor seats cost so much more.

*begins to show rudimentary interest in basketball*

Thanks, 24, she says "point well taken".

Please don't advise when you remedy the dangling issue :)

Eleanor - remember the picture too. But that guy had no reason to sue....he hit from way outside the key.

hey, aren't you the embarrassing genitals guy?

The Embarrassing Genitals Guy WBAGNFA Bad Vegas Lounge Act

Oh, so many places to go with this....

*snorks* at everyone

I particularly loved the phrase "in the absence of underwear, which he claims has left him scarred." Well, if underwear has left him scarred, I can understand why he'd be embarrassed to show the world his goody bag...

On the other hand, he could embrace the fickle finger that fate has pointed at him, and just make a Christmas card out of it, a la Elaine Benes...

'How's it hanging'? The guy was tramatized by 'How's it hanging?'?

What a weenie!

If someone asks me, "How's it hangin'?", I just show 'em. How hard is that?
Well, if it's hangin' it's technically not har...oh, nevermind.

*snork* @ Blondentropy

El-I remember that picture also.

This could have been the headline of the day also.

So, this guy was a member of the b-ball team? Or was he THE member?

***Snork*** at Blurk - that'll show 'em, huh?

You know the old saying: Don't ask the question if you don't want the answer.

I consider myself warned...and tempted :0

*waits with the patented evil grin*

"New Jersey... That figures.. And they wonder why people make fun of New Jersey...."

You're wrong, Kathybear. Eveyone knows why they make fun of New Jersey.

OK, OK, I'll do it...Hey Blurk, How's it hangin'?

Thank you, me. I was thinking that, but I'm too much of a lady to say it.

Clearly this should have been a case for Small Claims.

LBFF, the longer shorts became required with the increasing numbers of black-guys on the boards.


And also, if I remember correctly, many of us spent a very long time studying the picture to try to figure out if it was underwear or the "real thing".
sthnbelle, that was what HE said, you're right!

*true story*

When we were in about 5th grade, we got to start basketball ... YAY! The coach talked to all of us, tellin' us whut we'd need to do, and how often practice wuz (about two days a week, right after lunch, if I recall somewhut correctly) and ... so on ...

Among other things, we'd need to have gym shoes (this wuz back in the days when Keds were "tennis shoes" and we all aspired to be able to wear the Converse™ shoes, like the big guys in HIGH SCHOOL!), and shorts, and a jock strap ...

One of our classmates said, AND I QUOTE, VERBATIM -- ISIANMTU/SHMBSJ!!! -- "Why do we need a jock strap? My sister didn't need one for p.e. last year!"

Annie: I may be a woman, but I'm no lady, so I have no problem asking the serious questions. Inquiring minds and all that.

Down and slightly to the right. Tucked into the top of my sock.
Pictures forthcoming.

This topic has gone right into the gutter!

But, blurk, I'll still sneak a peek :)

The topic may have gone into the gutter but the bloglits were warned.
I am nothing if not a man of my word.

Thanks Blurk! You made my day. Waiting with anticipation for and and all photographic evidence, with will REALLY make my day. Maybe my week.

blurk, the demand is getting high - when will said pics be available for our viewing pleasure?

oops...I meant "any and all.

Ha Ha! Now Charlie Brown's got the football, huh?

Such a tease! (I like that.)
I guess this means I have to get back to work now, then, huh? sigh...

Boy, blurk, you thought you were in the doghouse before! It's not nice to tease!


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