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July 25, 2006


(Thanks to Russell Mc, who is always looking out for the s.b.)


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If a blow up doll makes you feel "safer" then you've got bigger problems than driving alone.

Nothing like a blow up doll to increase confidence.

No offense to the blow up men out there, but I'm pretty sure my handgun is gonna make me feel safer than this dude.

All you girls think the days are gone
You don't have to worry, you can have your fun
Take me, baby, for your little boy
Three hundred pounds of heavenly joy
This is it
This is it
Look what you get

You been creeping and hiding behind his back
'Cause you got you a man that you don't like
Throw that cat, baby, outta your mind
Follow me, girl, have a real good time
This is it
This is it
Look what you get

Hoy! Hoy! I'm your boy
Three hundred pounds of heavenly joy
I'm so glad that you understand
Three hundred pounds of muscle and man
This is it
This is it
Look what you get

-Howlin Wolf

dang..it's for driving

Wow - I saw that and I thought - carpool lane!

A woman "going solo" needing a blow up guy? Driving wasn't the first thought I had.

*picking mind up from the gutter*

If he kills spiders, I'll take him.

Punkin, I just had to smash a huge one for Mrs. Layzee this morning.

Yeah, but will he change a flat tire?

That's another Gizmodo item. Sorry I don't know how to attach a link.
Looks so life-like though, like a character from South Park. Cartman's father I think.

Ann- he would REPLACE a flat tire...literally.
editor's newt - I kill my own spiders, tyvm.

Sure, but if a guy drives with a blow up doll in his car, he would be pulled over and arrested.

Is he a full spare? In other words, will I be able to drive over 50mph on him?

JoG (bit) - yes, he would - for reckless driving and impersonating an orifice.

That's lame.
A blow up doll to make you feel safe.
I don't know about you, but if I had a blow up doll in the front seat I would feel rediculous.
Imagine going through a drive-thru window.... on second thought... It could give you an excuse to get that extra burger.

Ann - not sure, but my ex sure blew up when I left him. I could volunteer to test out 50 mph on him...literally.

Am I the only one who thought of the Airplane "autopilot" when reading this?

So, Annie, you're like that lady who "accidentally" ran over her husband nine times, backing up and going forward again, completely and totally unintentionally?

Schade: No, you're not, and stop calling me Shirley.

Nope Schade, I was thinking of Otto as well. In fact I believe I will watch it when I get home tonight.


Gosh, I sure hope that's his valve stem!

Annie - Congrats on killing your own spiders - but here by the nuclear plant, only flame-throwers or expertly wielded rolled-up kryptonite newspapers will do the job.

Earwig Alert: "Inflatable" by Bush

Let it glide
When filled with helium
You can be seen with 'em.

Built for love
(It's really love)
It never fails
But can come unplugged.

When it shines
Like the sun
You bought the only one?
My kinky friend.

So pretty at night
Pretty when your tank's full
Sitting there on the right
Pretty when your tank's full
That's when you're thankful.

I ordered it once
for me, myself
Then thought about it,
and used someone else.

It's like its come undone
And I've only just become
inflatable for you.


I don't mind
When you hop
But you push me too far
I'll probably pop.

I'm sure he'd be very helpful, until someone shoots him in the the thigh.

I've been of the creepy-crawler-killing-all-by-myself variety for for almost 6 years now since the ex moved out, but that doesn't mean I'm not still looking for new volunteers to take over the job!

And the first thing(s) that popped into my head about the doll were:

A) the auto-pilot from AIRPLANE
B) something in the gutter that Lazeeboy, etc were hinting at above

LTTG (as usual)

Punkin Poo - you live near a nuclear power plant? Somehow that explains a lot. And kudos on the bug killin'.

"Yeah, but will he change a flat tire?"

uh, he is a flat tire. or maybe he's a brit. so he can be a flat tyre.

inflatable singing man wbagnfarb

last yr i read about an inflatable church, in england. so maybe this guy is the pastor...

Sthnbelle!! I've missed you. How's Ted?? He's often on my mind.


Can't believe I had to scroll down this far before AIRPLANE showed up ;)

Hiya Cheryl! I did indeed survive my encounter with y'all (reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated), and have returned to blogland from vacationland.

arent we all really blow up men...

when a woman has finished using him, she can just pull the plug and he deflates

and how is this different from a chick usin a real guy?

blowup guy doesn't turn ova and start snorin'

nor does he wanna talk about their relationship or his feelings when she's tryin to sleep

TCK - so THAT's what you guys wanna do while we're sleeping. Cuddle too??? How insensitive of us...


i'll cuddle all ya want, just so long as i can sleep while i'm doin it

Where exactly is the plug?

I would name mine Marwan. There was something sexy about that bad boy.

Does he double as a side impact airbag?
That's the only way I'd feel any safer with it in the car...

when a woman has finished using him, she can just pull the plug and he deflates

and how is this different from a chick usin a real guy?

Posted by: TCK | 04:47 PM on July 25, 2006

Oh Toto, that's cold. I thought you liked women.

Tiny's a real guy?! Who knew!

course i like women El - everyone knows that

and annie - you thought what? that i was pinocchio?

Hard to tell up there in the Northern Woods, where the women are men and the sheep are nervous, what you really are. I was thinking maybe you were one of them Backfat Mountain boys.

sheep? as if - aint no sheep around here

oh, and ya forgot to say: NTTAWWT

and on that note, its Beer Time!

of course there ain't no sheep left - your 'wimmenfolk' done skeert them all away.

Cletus, don't grope me in front of my parents!

Aww Brandean, theys my parents too.

Well this isn't insom-worthy, but...

To the tune of Heart Magic Man

Cold late night so long ago
When I was all alone you know
Blow-up man came to me
Never seen eyes reflective blue
I could not run away it seemed
He’d been my pillow in a dream
It seemed like he knew me
He wisssspered to me
“Come on home, girl he said with a stare
If your car breaks down you can use me as a flare
But try to understand
Try to understand
Try try try to understand
I’m a blow-up man.”

Winter nights we sang in tune
He played me like a big balloon
He was there to protect me
From crooks who would deck me, yeah.
“Come on home, girl he said with a flinch
If your car breaks down you can use me as a winch
But try to understand
Try to understand
Try try try to understand
I’m a blow-up man.”

LBFF...We're not worthy. Your talent has no boundary.

Jazzzz-I knew I liked you! ;-)

Well done Lisa!! That's one of my fav songs by Heart! KUDOS!

Thanks Susy, I like Heart too.

You gotta have Heart!

PBoy - I'm aware of what musical you're subtly referring to, and...I'm watchin' you, pal.

Miles and miles and miles of Heart!

Is this guy like Ken? Or is he anatomically "correct"?


Colorectal surgeonistical?

He would sure come in handy for when I want to use the "high speed" car pool lane when I'm driving South I-95 to Miami! If he comes with a drink cup holder then I'm all set!

For anyone who lives in the UK and has been subjected to the Shelia's Wheels car insurance commercial I feel for you. I wonder what the blow up man looks like. In the commerical for Shelia's wheels this Australian man starts singing about Shelia's wheels, in this hideous high pitched voice. Presto chango, he rips off his clothes and is wearing a sparkling pink dress. I wonder if the blow-up man is wearing the same.

I believe that some states have enacted laws to prevent people using blow-up dummies to sneak into carpool lanes.

"He fits in a car's glove box, appears at a flick of a switch and when a woman has finished using him, she can just pull the plug"

All right, I'll say it.

I thought those all ran on batteries.

London-born rapper Sway is to be honoured at the BET Hip-Hop awards in the US...

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