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July 24, 2006



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I wonder if those Manilow calendars are still only $10.....

How will they tell them apart?

I mean, I'm assuming perople will have to look through one of those eclipse thingys so as to not burn their retinas beyond repair, right?

Manilow & Clark - DOUBLE the boring!

*shoots out TV screen*

That would be great to put on the TV to chase unwanted teenagers out of the house.

A most excellent point, Lab

This and the David Hasslehoff musical is just far too much culture for me. Where's Chuck Barris when we need him. (or at least his gong)


*Earwig Alert*

We’re won’t be watchin’ (watch!) we’re won’t be watchin’ today
Where things botchin’ (botch!) the Barry Manilow way
I’ll bring my Scotch in (Scotch!) to make it all go away
On the Bandstand (bandstand)

And I’ll cringe, oh hey, I’ll puke - Manilow’s such a blandstand
Because he’s on, he’s on, he’s on American Bandstand
Dick Clark’s okay, but Barry I just cannot withstand
What a loser he is, he can’t sell old calendars second hand

They are comparing American Idol to American Bandstand??? Hmmm.

Manilow and Clark
Together on the big screen
I claw my eyes out

Thinks it could be worse
Manilow, Clark, Hasselhoff
Apocolypse NOW.

Standing up, wildly applauding, and waving my BIC lighter for MOTW.

(Woops, boss approaching. I'll tell him I was celebrating the quarterly reports.)

Dear God! back from lunch and I had to read this??

course... Manilow does Dick WBAGNFA gay musical review (nttawwt)

Susy - may I throw in my idea for your blog name? How about susanwhenshesmiles? If you have not heard the Elvis song of the same name, may I recommend finding it as it is awesome! Of course, any song named after us dynamic Susan's is bound to be.


I had to sing your version aloud -- it was great.

And I noticed the next item on that article said Tina Fey is leaving SNL....say it isn't so!

She's the only reason I (sometimes, ok, very rarely) still watch....

And now, a toast to all smart, funny chicks with cool glasses...

24-Aholic - another Susan??? wowsa! yes we are pretty awesome...

I've never heard that song but I'll definitely look for it - Thanks for your suggestion! (I like) -though I haven't made up my mind yet...decisions decisions!

*off topic*

Wesson...instead of toasting to Tina, why not send her Love Toast as a token of your appreciation?

*on topic*
Where's Casey Kasem, for the trifecta?

Hey you guys.. Don't Hassle The Hoff...

(get into my car...)

Isn't this kind of like having Tutankamen giving a tribute to the Piltdown Man?

Yet we continue to get critized for our cultural contributions to the human record.

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