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July 22, 2006


(Thanks to M. Powell)


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Well, First I was going to make a joke, but after looking at that poor kitty, I just couldn't.

THAT is creepy scary.

OMG! Leetie lives!

On the other hand, that cat is freakin' freaky. I prefer my cats separate, please.

Hey! Give a person a warning next time, will ya? Sheesh! That's disgusting.

Poor little sweetie. *smooch*

two for one?

Movie of the week: "The cat had two faces."

Leetie-is Dave gonna get to meet the real you?

Ah, brings back memories of going to Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Wisconsin Dells with my four-year-old daughter.

Advice - don't.

As a big ol' hairy-legged guy of the masculine persuasion, I feel the need to say: Awwwwww...

So...does this mean the cat has eighteen lives?

Ya know how it is when you meet a person with a go-funny eye???? Ya know how you don't know which one to look at???

Wonder if this poses Frankie & Louie any social problems in the kitty world....

aww..cute kitty...weird...but cute (the video's pretty interesting too)

Punkin-And does it meow out of both sides of its mouth?

(WriterDude-Guys w/a soft spot for animals...thumbs up!)

LBFF: The "real me" has met the real Dave on 2 occasions. I wasn't able to make it this time around, hence the head thing.

One question:

Where is the nearest nuclear power plant?

Do not drink around that cat.

*snork @ Cheesewiz*

Actually, all you'd need to do is adjust your impairment scale -- so long as the cat has only two faces, you're good. Once the cat has four faces, though, surrender your car keys. If closing one eye does not reduce the number of faces to two, cancel your plans for the following morning.

(If at any point the cat appears to have more than four faces, two words: Betty Ford.)

Okay, the Ohio two-faced kitten disappeared before the vet visit and they think it just up and died and the mother cat opened the door and took it way? My cat can reach under doors and push them open if they aren't latched, but that's a very talented and considerate mother cat.

And, good one Woostergirl!

This post is the one that should be titled AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGH!!!

p.s. to any readers from the Hassel thread: This is how we spell it in su.so.ca. :)

("Blues in the Night")
My momma done told me
You might think you've seen cats
My momma said I might be wrong
There's a cat owned by Marty
Look at you with three eyes
But it's a sweet kitty, son
The cat is a two-face
A furrisome thing
Leave you wond'ring
How it chews in the night!

awwwwwwewwwwwwwwawwwwewwww, I'm really not sure just how to react to this one, it's both sweet and kind of creepy.

Lucky cat. When licking "himself", he always has a lookout. If only I were so fortunate I might still be teaching elementary school.

what a kittie. a little creepy, but probly a great cat.



That was for Tigger's post.

I just showed my 9 year old niece the picture of that cat And she just stood there with huge eyes.Man ,I love being an uncle!

I really can't add anything to what's already been written. It's amazing he's (or was it she's...damn, I need to pay more attention!) still alive. You go, kitty!! (From someone who's nickname is Mew_kitty!)

Mr. Language Person needs to inform us whether the being in question is a HE, a SHE, or a THEY.

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