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July 31, 2006


Women, get ready to nod knowingly.

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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First to not read past the headline and be thankful I know how to pick 'em

*nods knowingly*

When you live with one, your expectations aren't that big.

*nods knowingly with sharon*


enuf said...


enough said.

"retarded little friend"

Yup, pretty much from age 11 on...

“The Penis Responds” is simply a collection of sophomoric locker-room jokes and skits that would only be appropriate at a frat party long after the keg’s been tapped.

Methinks the expectations are to be blamed. If you were expecting anymore than what's mentioned, you only have yourself to blame.

I note that this was presented at the Black Box Theater.

Please resume nodding.

Which reminds me -- have you heard what Tommy Chong's been up to lately?

I guess the reviewer thought "The Penis Responds" was a hard thing to watch.

*Nods knowingly @ Sarcasmo*

*Groans @ the Blurk*

*snork* @ Cat.

*groans with CJ @ Blurk*

*groans and nods*

I go to great lengths to avoid getting involved in discussions like this.

BTW, was "The Penis Responds" too long, too short, or does it matter?

*joins the "nods knowingly" crowd*

Also in "nods knowingly" crowd...I couldn't go past the first several lines either...

Well, at least it's responding. Often it doesn't.

This is where men have an unfair advantage. If you're a fan of ramparts -- and really, who isn't? -- you have a good idea of what you're getting before the, um, package is unwrapped, so to speak. But for women it's a mystery until the curtain actually goes up. And depending on your expectations, I imagine it could be quite the disappointment at show time...

Reminds me of Garry Shandling inisting that he isn't led around by his penis, although it does point him in a given direction...

Scott - how right you are! Few things are as disappointing as finding out someone you really like never matured past the age of 6 in certain areas. Alas, it is a deal breaker for someone as shallow as me.

Scott, et al: remember the old joke about the woman who, when she first sees her partner's less-than-impressive unit, asks, "Who do expect to please with that?, to which the man replies," Me!

*still nodding*

Clearly, us guys need to subscribe to the School of Under-Promise and Over-Deliver in these instances...

So, it's a stiff, then? That sucks!

Show of hands of those to whom this is no surprise since we always thought "On Golden Pond" was way overrated anyway.

*sighs* i hope there's a skit about viagara in there for those peni that don't respond.

Silent Peni AGNFARB??? or a mime group?

btw - crossgirl - I checked out your website...VERY cool stuff in there!!!

Ahem!?! (EDTTPOC) 'nuf said.

Jeff--I agree about Golden Pond.

Jeff, For a movie worth watching, check out"On Golden Blonde"!

hehe, the plural of penis is penes. Penes, penes, penes. It's just so darn fun to say...

oh thanks Wendy :) I never had to worry about more than one at a time before...penes is the spanish plural as well...

Not "Heady", *HEDLEY*!

George Carlin: "I got mygasm...you get yourgasm."

i'm so glad he/she wrote that review. i don't think it was bad press at all. it started a thread didn't it!!!?? i happen to be one of the actors in this show and reviewers don't seem to get the joke at all. then again we are talking about the penis. here's to the last week of the run. thanks for being so cool everyone!!


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