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July 28, 2006


(Thanks to DavCat)


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Whut? Everybody else too chicken to post?

$268 to register your car? YOWZA! I'll stick to ohio where I pay a measly $43....and no, blurk, we're not chicken, just cooped up in our offices

Carry around a live chicken in a glss case for emergency. And lable it " Emergency: In case of getting pulled over, choke chicken immediately".

snorking so much I'm shaking at Sean! Do you often choke your chicken while driving?

I gotta admit, that's pretty plucky.

mary - get the kids out of the blog.....

I'm all plucked up

I'm sorry, I forgot we are supposed to take the high road today.

The fees are falling! The fees are falling!

geez people!!

Kaf, ditch the chix, they're on to you!

Hmmmm. Can chickens be trained to paint with their peckers?

Of course I'm referring to that thing on their face.

Mary's gonna need more Sharpies.

She was warned!

why did the dead chicken cross the road...to save a lot on car insurance registration, of course

High Road Friday©? a new theme here on Daveblog?

someone should tell Dave

poor vegetarians have to pay full price

Strutting Chickens WBAGNFARB

Did I do that?

...saw this one coming....

What if you actually own a hearse, but you use it as an ice cream truck?

Then you are disturbed

Kaf, I know you don't drive but tell your family!

Dead Chicken Scam WBAGNFARB

This post is pre-Sharpied for the BlogKids

oh geez LOL


I just saved a bunch of money on my car registration by switching to KFC...

Snork AND a snort to Ann

wow. i am down with this.

I have to go down to DMV and register my car today.

Should I go in chokin' the chicken?

Or no?

What if you find a live gecko crawling around inside your groceries?

Runner up headline on same website:
Do your own haka, Sir Howard tells Wallabies



Mary?? got the sharpie??

OMG blurk - I just spewed Dr. Pepper on my screen. Oh, please do and we NEED PICTURES!

Featuring the key quote:

His nephew, reserve hooker Tai McIsaac, and another Maori in the Wallabies should pick up the challenge, said Sir Howard.

blurk, do you have to visit the emission inspection station?

fivver, she prefers to be called Mrs. Blurkernomore

*switches ira to sharpie stock*

Blurkie, darlin', seek help.

I don't need help, Punkin. I can handle it all by myself.

And he's going to send in pictures to prove it!

*checks ira - buys carribbean island*

she's gonna need a bigger sharpie....

KIDS! out...now!

And does it have to be a hen or a co...nevermind.

I think Mary's kids have been placed in foster care with a nice Amish family by now.

Gotta be a pullet, I would think.

Nah, fivver, she's still got her kids.
Her computer blew up.

*snork* @ Meanie

*Thanks Blurk. From a distance*

Blurk, you disappeared for a while but trust me when I say we DO NOT want to know where you were or what you were doing

add my *snork* meanie - I actually had to look that up!

what an edukashunel blog this is - batwings, pullets..gumballs...

Especially if it had to do with loosening up your buttons...

Woo Hoo!!! I drive a hearse now!!
I gotta do a little probation time, though. Apparently, I misunderstood the process.

*Thanks Siouxie. Up close*

were any chickens... coc*s innocent animals hurt in the process???

Nah, PETER PETA was there.


LMAO - now my bro-in-law (aka THE BOSS) thinks I'm nuts - crackin' up cuz of course I AM working..

tag blurk

Meet the new mascot


this company

Oh, Cat R a thousand ***snorks*** to ya

*Happy for 24's thousand snorks*

Hey, are those gumballs? Time to get the weekend started, then!!!!

Better -- they're SNORKballs!


You guys!

... um ... would that be "Chicken Little" we're cho ... um ... stranglin'? ... I always thot that the bigger it wuz, the better it wer ... um ... nevermind ...

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