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July 16, 2006


We hope these festival goers are using separate hands.


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Just reading that story gave me a powerful THIRST!!!!!!

Um, yeah...

"there's a chip on your shoulder... and head, and the other shoulder, and a little on your face... have another chip?"
"the other hand! the OTHER hand!"

Cow chips will do that to you, jt. Stick with the sweet corn.

"For whatever reason, the Jaycees have had difficulty attracting women to the sport of flinging cow dung"

Um... Is this hard to figure out?

"MMMMMMM.....chips and dip!"

"Uh, that's not dip...."



c'mon! it's just like nachos.

'betcha can't fling just one!'

'you lose!'

Congraulations, you came in first! I'll set your medallion over here. There will be no hand shaking.

mathmom, we had the same thought...it's freakin' cow dung!!!

for an interesting twist on this event, they could set up carbon toilet seats and make it a splat dunk contest.

snork @...everyone

I'm in the mood
(thank god it ain't food)
Fling, fling away
You're the champ (so you say).

Re: the headline--eeeewwww.

I think I read somewhere next year's event will feature cow pie skeet shooting. "Pull! BLAM!

What a crappy sport! (hey, somneone had to say it.)

"Someone", that is. OTOH, why am I worrying about spelling errors and typos on THIS blog?

Poo Poo, pee, pimped up crappers and now cow dung..I'm sensing a pattern here.

Pimped Up Crappers...GNFARB? EWW

Silly uncultured swine. Anyone knows you're supposed to eat fish with chips.

Or a submarine sandwich. Mmm.

so, ummm, what do the winners' medallions look like? We need pictures!

Probably got a Cow Chip throwin' contest at the local Stutsman County Fair...

Better bring a clothespin in for the resulting Detox business tomorrow, gonna be busy.....

Literally and figuratively, the EB

((In many ways, my job involves frequent bu**s*ing flinging))

Brings to mind that old Stephen Foster favorite...

I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair...
'...tossing dried manure through the humid summer air.'

Don't forget to mark your calendars for this:
Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw.

How about the "Spam" Throwing Contest on Spam Day duging Spam Week down in Texas?

"Some of the cow patties went out of bounds and some qualified in the competition."




The reason you don't squeeze the chip too hard is...it's probably still moist on the inside, and trust me, you DON'T want it to break open. Nasty, nasty, nasty. I am such a farm girl, but I'd never fling a cow chip - I know where it's been!

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