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July 10, 2006


Brinkley for governor.


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Perhaps we should institute the same system here. It would make a nice photo op...

Just another industry lapdog, if you ask me.

unless you're Brinkley, the view never changes...

I would vote for him. He has to be better than my current Gov, I am sad to say I voted for our current Governor, only because he S**ked less that the last one, She was acting Governor even though she never acted like one.

Speaking of tinkling.

If not elected he plans to move to Russia and settle down with a nice farm girl.

He's probably the best candidate for any office anywhere in the entire world. He's scandal proof. For example: "Candidate humps voters' legs, sniffs rear ends!" Aaaaand?

why not tinkle? it's better than sh*tting on legislation, the way they do in the White House...

"Man's best friend" would make a nice change over "Big Oil's best friend."

Aide: Pardon me, Governor, the drilling legislation is ready for your signature.

Brinkley: Woof!

Aide: Yes, just put your paw right here.... that's it. Thanks you. The crate of biscuits will be brought in shortly.

"He might not be able to do as well as (humans in Alaska), but if he doesn't, can we please run him for President?"

Sorry, Ms. Sisk. He will only be 28-years old in dog years in 2008. Even JFK was in his late-30s when he ran, by which time he was more selective as to whose crotch he stuffed his nose in.

I'm sure that he will accomplish as much as our present United States Legislature. And, he will probably not do as much damage to the country as our current administrator in the White House has done.

If elected, Brinkley promised to change the Alaskian state seal (Not seal?) to a fire hydrant.

If he were to leave office, would the headline read "Doggone"?

EarWig Alert: From The Monkees Gonna Buy Me a Dog:

You know my senator just called me up
And he woke me from my sleep
You should have heard the things he said
You know he hurt my feelings deep.

Im gonna vote for a dog [a dog, a dog! why not? ]
cause I need a favor now. [say, you need all the friends you can get]

Im gonna vote for a dog,
My district, my voters , dont love me no how.

He used to bring me my newspaper
cause he knew where graft was at.
He used to keep me so contented.
Now he intends to cut the fat.

Im gonna vote for a dog,
cause I need a friend now
Im gonna vote for a dog,
My district, my voters, dont love me no how.

I think that piddling on legislation would be more of an endorsement than a veto. To veto a bill, Brinkley would likely grab it in his teeth and shake until it's dead. That's what my dog would do anyhow.

XMNR: at least the NZ folks are being sensible about it. I have an aquaintance that got in trouble [so he says] for public tinkling and he said he is listed as a 'sex offender' for that reason. Sounds unlikely, but I've read about/ heard several other similar cases; related to indecent exposure I suppose.

I dont know about Govenor but he would have to be a better Senator than there current senator Ted Stevens who said the internet was made of tubes.

considering our current president is a chimp, this could be an improvement.....

May God have mercy on me, I actually know that Monkees song.

Bad musical upbringing set aside, I'd definitely vote for the dog over most human candidates.

Hey, he's gotta be better than that idiot Murkowski, right?

Even JFK was in his late-30s when he ran, by which time he was more selective as to whose crotch he stuffed his nose in.

Actually, he was 43.

Addicted: Stevens has accomplished something in his 38 years in the Senate - Alaska's Bridge to Nowhere.

the wack factor will easy elect the dog...same thing happened in Minesota.....

*Oops* I was thinking 37 for JFK [5-plus dog years], but that must have been his Senate election. I forgive myself, as I was still a puppy at the time. *wags tail and collapses arthritically.*

'course it also coulda happened in Minnesota.

Sorry, Chaz but I had to give ya a hard time.

OK, all of you have completly missed the most compelling question to be derived from this article:

where can i get a "brinkley for governor" t-shirt?

i gotta have one

sandy beach lives in Alaska - maybe you could act nice Toto and e-mail her and ask how to find one! :)

thanks El - but i found Brinkley's website - well, techinically his owner's website - she is, and i quote:

...an Alaskan chick with a deep love for animals...

she also says of Brinkley:

He’s my little schnookie. My furry little woofer. My little waddler.


and, best of all - there's a store with t-shirts and bumperstickers

oh, i almost forgot - it also has Brinkley's baby picture

Cool! I love a good schnookie every now and then! :)

First, the Constitution clearly states that only persons can be citizens.

Also, there is the age requirement. Can just any two-year-old run for office in Alaska?

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