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July 29, 2006


Get ready.

(Thanks to goodbuddy)


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oooh...maybe I can be the FIRST in my neighborhood to have this one!

Does he make his own soy sauce out of that hair?



Hey, every year we attend the Halloween Ball at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Mass. This is the PREMIRE halloween event. (C'mon, Salem, witches....)
The tickets cost $80-$100 each, and so this eliminates the riff-raff - only the most SERIOUS Halloweenies are there. The costumes are out of this world.
Out of a thousand people in attendence, I've won the contest twice and last year came in 2nd (scroll down to killer tree).

Anybody free on October 28th this year???

Move over Pilsbury Dough Boy, there's a new kid in town.

That's just wrong on every level.

punkin, how do we really know that's you? ;)

hey there cowboy - didn't see ya there. :)

never underestimate my sneakyness.

wow Punkin - musta been HOT in there! how did you get outta that??

She didn't get out, she now lives in a bakery with some elves, living on cookies.

I love Salem ... and especially Cape Ann, Punkin. That time of year is gorgeous, too.

*mentally penciling in that date*

*and trying to forget weird soy hair sauce man*

Ahhhh....good point! Let me dig out the photos I have....ok...here ya go!

I see your eyes in there! LOVE the ex-hubby!

Punkin Costume Suggestion: Next year, instead of a branch through the skeleton, you should rig it up so it's being crushed by your gigantic breasts

Now that's a costume party I would attend.

punkin, i'd like to get one of those ex-husbands. any suggestions....?

Strong lock on basement door, crossgirl.....a little sound proofing too....

Halloween 2004, 2nd fastest gun in the west

nice picture Wyo!

at a nursing home????

We gets our fun wherever we can, while we still can.

s'girl - Two FIRSTS in one day!!


Cowboy, I kinda expected you to look a little...different.

*snork* @ punkin!

two firsts, and a simul. :)

Great pic, Wyo! C'mon out to Salem and we'll have us a costume duel!

that looks like an awesome event Punkin - I've always loved Halloween & dressing up..dang I can't go!!!

Punkin, sounds like fun, where can I park the horse trailer?

Oct 28's right in the middle of Hunting season. Hmmmmmmmm

BOT Just picturing Kikoman walkin' into one of the local bars for a beer. I'm sure the boys would show him a good time.

Wyo......There's a horse farm around the corner from me...I'm sure they'd let you park there...shall I order your ticket?

As far as hunting season...I'll dress as Bugs Bunny if you'll dress as Elmer Fudd.

Punkin and Wyo ~

You guys ROCK!

And me and mine are definite Halloweenies. My hubby's fav holiday. He transforms our front yard into a new ghastly delight every year, complete with mini-haunted house. We even get Grandma into the game -- she hands out candy dressed as a witch.

Hmm.... he'd better start his top-secret construction plans for '06 -- October isn't that far off!

Thanks for the laughs -- great costumes!

The side post "Bitchy Tiawanese hooker" is pretty funny.

My scariest Halloween moment:

Was trick or treating with the kids (kids in costume, adults not). Walked up to a dark front porch dressed for Halloween complete with scarecrow slumped in chair, jack-o-lanterns lit with candles, etc. We knocked and at that moment the scarecrow moved and said, "Boo!" Me, my neighbor and all 4 of our kids screamed, then laughed at the 13 year old scarecrow who was just delighted at what effect he'd had. We made them give us lots of candy for THAT one.

I have been 1)a chinese man 2)a hooker 3)Giant Gumby 4)foo man choo 5)jesus and a robot.

Oh and I dress up like a graphic designer every weekday

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