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July 24, 2006


(Thanks to Warren Anderson)


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Happy FIRST day of the week and that's the last time I want to see that headline

First? O wow. I am so excited.

Anyone for a swim???

Not so much, kimberley! Susy done did beat us out...

C'mon in - the urine's fine!!

(I've heard of golden showers...now there's the New Zealand Golden Bath! ick)

Ummm........Yuck? Yes, absolutely, yuck.

Easily Leached Nitrates WBAn Excellent NFARB.

I'm sticking with the sprinkler on the lawn, thank you very much.

Leaching Cow Urine, however, would NOT bagnf anything!

Except leaching cow urine, I guess.

Ah, the circle of life...

See? The cows are out to get us! Their flatulence is a leading greenhouse gas. The rainforest is being depleted so they can graze. And now this!

It's time we got serious in our global war on cows.

'Bay of Plenty' what???

And they're going to send them away for the winter??? I say, "New Zealand cows, stay home and pee in your own pool!"

I thot Bleach wuz s'posed to purify water, not contaminate it ... or do they do things upside down, down under ... I mean ... a little chlorine shouldn't hurt the water quality, after all, lotsa USA cities add it to the city syst ... oh ... Pee-leach ... um ... nope ... I got nothin' ... nevermind ...

well Duh....they need that sign No "P' in our ool....

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Re: Cow urine

I know you'll think I'm being silly, but....

Plant Peas. Honestly, they use up the nitrogen in the soil really quickly.

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