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July 31, 2006


Iran cracks down on bad words.

(Thanks to chicomathmom)

(This blog apologizes if this story has already been all over the Internet, but this blog is on vacation)


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First! I'd like a white elastic loaf, please!

I hope this winter I don't get "small room fever" and survive on sausage elastic loaves.

anyone wanna short talk???

Westernized rebel groups have responded by instructing followers to continue thinking "pizza" and just for good measure to add the additional thought, "beer."

.....with a side of freedom fries please!

How do you say "Dumber than a bag of hammers" in Irani?

Wirklich? Das ist nicht richtig.

¡Qué un pendejo!

WriterDude~ Ja. Ich stimme zu.

Dave, aren't you on vacation? OR in translated into Iranian would that be David, the dog ate mother's toes?

Hmmm, I wonder what new word or phrase they found for "booger"?

marfie~ Their new term for pizza seems like it would work to me.

Oh, major *SNORK* for that, Bumble!

These guys are just as stupid about their language as the French are. Um... I suppose that is not a surprise when you think about it. Ross

I would love to mock, but alas I live in a province of Canada where they're busy defending their language, French. Everything on signs has to be in French, there is a bureau dedicated to making sure that this law is enforced and once someone filed a complaint because a parrot in a pet store spoke English exclusively. The people of Iran have my deepest sympathies for the similar stupidity that is likely to follow.

I'd like a Hawaiian...Rubber Bread with Ham & Pineapple. Whats that? No Ham? Cancel that order...

What's Iranian for "Orwell"?

Caption with the photo:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gestures.....

Yeah, I got a gesture for you too MahBigmoud Ahmadasahatter. You can call it whatever you want but I'm pretty sure the meaning is universal.

marfie~ just don't snork out any elastic loaves, please. ;-)

what is wrong with these people?

And the new word for bazoomage will be...nah, they're gonna stick with that one.

White plastic loaf.

Mornin' everyone :)

Oops, make that "elastic". Plastic probably translates into Chevy or sumpthin.

sounds like their govt would make a great SNL skit, or a woody allen movie.

It reminds me of the Turkmen leader who decided to rename all the months after his family.

Orignial purges:

New months:

Old coverage:

You can't fool us, Mary... we know that's you!

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