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July 21, 2006



(Thanks to goodbuddy)


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please send me one to help here at work now...today...I am swamped

This WOULD be a breakthrough in strumpeting technology. You should get one! But not the one that looks like that guy. Can he make them cuter in the future?

ok..so which one's the bot?

What a coincidence! My HUSBAND has a silicone & steel doppleganger! (Old football injury)

Won't open for me.

*kicks the ground*

Stupid link.

I don't know what the big deal is, Walt Disney did this years ago...

There, there, Blurkie...lay your head down on my chest...(NO BITING!)

*suddenly elated*

I promise I won't bite!

I promise I won't bite!

"Powered by pressurized air"...

"His group will try to quantify the elusive quality that makes people sit up and take notice"...

OK, I can think of a way to get attention with pressurized air, why can't they?

Want one! I want to be able to leave the robot at work while I blog! (We have excessively limited access to the Internet at work so reading the blog from there is impossible.)

We've talked about cloning some of our best employees at work but this idea is better.

hey! I'm a Gemenoid!! what sign are you guys??

I don't think I could fool anyone if I got one of those. As soon as it started moving and looked like it was paying attention, they would know it wasn't me....

*snork* at CK

"It sits on a chair and gazes around the room in a very humanlike fashion, just like its creator."

So they're saying the robot's creator is only "humanlike".

"Ishiguro's droid-making expertise derives in part from his collaboration with Tokyo robotics and entertainment firm Kokoro, whose "Actroid" android receptionists interacted with visitors to Japan's 2005 Aichi Expo in four languages. The partnership produced Repliee Q1expo, a sophisticated female android that was built by "copying" an actual TV newscaster. Like Geminoid, Repliee could fool onlookers and be mistaken for a real person."

Not a real person.
A TV newscaster. There are important differences.
Newscasters are onlyi "humanlike".

I think the real Dave is powered by pressurized air. (I smelled something at the NY strumpet, but I didn't want to mention it ...)

But, is it "fully functional"?

More like Robo-Stephen-King.

Now there's a scary thought.

We must keep this technology out of the wrong hands! They might make Robo-Barry Manilow. Oh wait, I think they already have.

old Japanese: "I want to invent a robot version of myself so I can be twice as productive."

new Japanese:"I want to invent a robot version of myself so it can take my place at work."

old American:"I want to buy a robot version of myself, but it can't work too hard or the boss will know it's not me."

new American:" My robot buddy is getting an online degree in Robot Repair from the U. of Fee-nicks."

newer American: "My name is EXCB04009172-D. My human counterpart died 5 years ago, and I am still collecting his disability checks."

I have to say that although the idea of a robo-Dave at book signings would be really cool, the dark side of this potential issue needs to be addressed. Would anyone bring animal penis bones to an android? Who would inflate her bazoomage to the size of a small, economically challenged country to attract its attention? Most importantly, if the android were programmed to make more diverse wardrobe choices than its human counterpart, would the human in question be rendered hopelessly out of fashion, and therefore obsolete? (The thought as I sit here in a baggy T-shirt bearing the rhinestone encrusted image of South Carolinian palm trees is not only of the esteemed Mr. Barry, but of my style-less self.)

His wife, however, reports that their sex life has gotten rather mechanical.

The movie "the Island" was about thtis...cool movie...surprised me.

If this guy was so terribly busy, how did he have time to design and perfect this?

"Actroid," "Repliee," "Geminoid"... Notice how these guy's are Japanese and the names of all their (not they're/there) robots are in English? That's because Americans are probably the only people stoopid wealthy enough to buy them!

And shellann, that was exactly my thought. *Much... too... busy... must... spend... wasted... hours... inventing... robot!

shellann...THANK you! Classic speed freak behavior: I have too much to do, so first I'll invent an android...

"A mouseclick raises a hand or finger."

Am I the only one who found this funny?

Geek alert: Robert Sheckley wrote a short story about this very thing in 1973 called http://www.iblist.com/book.php?id=5834

This guy wants to get married, but he doesn't have time to date, so he sends his android on dates. Turns out the fiancee, a busy career woman, also has an android for this purpose. The two androids run off together, leaving the two human workaholics on their own.

Oh, and *snork* at pirateboy.

Actually, the name of the story was The Robot Who Looked Like Me

I'm such an idiot when it comes to links.

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