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July 31, 2006


(Thanks to Mike A.)


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and the FISRT state wasnt NJ...it was Delaware

Holy canoli! A 31-year-old stripper? Illegal body parts? Crazy roommates? Hey, I bet Carl Hiassen could turn this into a great book that would be turned into an *ahem* interesting film!

"Skull Stripper" WBAGNF uh nothing.

"She is a good, gentle individual who has a nontraditional job,"

and keeps skulls and severed hands for kicks...Mom should be sooooo proud!!

So many fascinating people out there. (And you ask why I make my home in the least populated state in the US)

Is she a stripper that HAS skulls or does she strip skulls??

you mean there are no skull-keeping-severed-hand-storing-strippers out there in the good ol' west???

sounds interesting, but I can't open it - it wants me to register. that's never happened to me before.

wow! a triple simul!

*hands out smokes*

wowsa!! thank ye!

why is there a site for everything NJ...just show THIS

I can say this...as I was born in Jersey City

Just the kind of wholesome, girl-next-door, skull and severed hand storing stripper that mom always said I should marry.

That chick can KEEP her lap dance.

"She's a human being who is very frightened by the overwhelming attention,"

She's a Gothic exotic stripper/dancer who keeps human skulls and a severed hand in her house and lives with a freak of a roomate. NOW she's frightened?

Good decision, Blurk. If she kept some guys hand for fun, imagine what she'd keep after wiggling on your lap!

the publicity has to be great for business though purely for the freak factor.

Me too, s'girl.

Maybe some kindly blogit will describe it for us...
*hopeful look*

El, s'girl, The gothic stripper who keeps severed body parts in her house for kicks has been arrested and is out on $100,000 bond. And her mommy says the poor little thing is scared.

Oops, she's still in jail in lieu of $100,000 bond.

I swear I can read.

A little.

1) how did this person avoid living in south Florida?

2) how long before she graces the pages of some men's mag?

3) other comments come to mind but decorum prevents me from adding them.

Been lurking for months, but this made me want to join Wyo in my joy at living out west(MT) - don't think our strippers keep skulls in their apartments. Though we did have that pesky unibomber guy - ugh!

welcome, Gypsy!

Thanks 24!! As a former FL native, I've always been a fan of Dave's and the gang here has kept me greatly amused. Of course, I sometimes wonder why it took me so long to leave FL after reading some of the stories that Dave/Judi post :-)

Thanks blurker, I think you summarized quite well. :)

Welcome, Gypsy, join the craziness!

I almost became a Florida resident many years ago - thankfully fate intervened!

There are a few other Western rascals on the blog. Wyoming, Montana and such. You'll feel right at home, here!

*waves to Gypsy* welcome!!!

*Waves to Gypsy from ..... um.... New Jersey....*

*waves back to Siouxie & Eleanor* Great - Didn't know how many western neighbors were here. Am looking forward to the new season of 24 to see if I can keep up w/y'all - I would lose track of the show because the blog was so much more entertaining!!

*waves @ Gypsy*

I think Blurker and TCK are both in MT, which means that, including you, something like half the population of MT are potential *snork* sources.

Welcome, Gypsy. If you're in MT that means all three of us that have computers are on the blog.

Waves back to all - don't know if Meanie can see me through the mountains, though!

*worries about being a possible **snork** source*

Imagine the coincidence - 3 people in MT with 'puters and all of us 'get' Dave.

Gypsy, welcome from another fellow westerner - need to return Idaho's computer now.

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