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July 21, 2006


Let's get this fire party started.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Dude. Just say hi to them in the cafeteria.

I mean, you know, try that FIRST.

This guy is wasting his money on college.
Education can't fix stupid.

Sallyacious, who are you talking to?

You have the same name as my exgirlfriend Sally, except her nickname was cyclops! I didn't give it to her, but she did have crossed eyes.

this is brilliant! it's clearly a variation on the traditional native american buffalo hunting tactic, where they would set fire to the prarie, thereby driving the herd towards the waiting hunters

of course, the point then was to kill the buffalo, not get their phone numbers

maybe he just wanted to see how many chicks would evacuate in their underwear, or maybe wearing just a towel

And what made him think that any of these young women that he tried to engage in conversation were really going to be open to being picked up after just having evacuated due to a fire?! I agree blurker, What a moron.

My sophomore year, I shared a dorm room with three freshmen. One young "lady" would occasionally have her boyfriend stay the night. We lived on the 12th floor of an all-women's dorm, and one night there was a fire near the elevators. Prince Charming just happened to be there, and helped evacuate a bunch of rooms at 2am. All well and good, except his heroism got a writeup in the college paper, right before parents' week. You should have seen my frantic roommate trying to snatch up all the copies of the paper before her dad arrived!

this is brilliant! it's clearly a variation on the traditional native american buffalo hunting tactic, where they would set fire to the prarie, thereby driving the herd towards the waiting hunters

of course, the point then was to kill the buffalo, not get their phone numbers

maybe he just wanted to see how many chicks would evacuate in their underwear, or maybe wearing just a towel

Rockchild - I was providing a helpful hint for the guy who thinks arson is a good way of meeting women. Generally, we're more amenable to the casual hello than to the "I've set your house on fire" approach.

And trust me, I'm not your ex. I suspect I'm about 300 years too old to be.

TCK, you're doing that OCD thing again...or does the blog just REALLY like you?

i did not double post!

Oh! I know you're not my ex, Sallyacious, because her nickname was cyclops.

I thought this was the post about the Rude Tubers, but somehow when I clicked comments, I got switched to another post, like magic, but I'm not a magician!

i did not double post!

OK, is anyone else gettin scared?

They should lock this guy up with that woman who called 911 with a fake burglary so she could meet that "really cute cop." Sounds like these two were made for each other. Or at least shouldn't be allowed access to anyone else...

Be Afraid Ticky, Be Very Afraid!

TCK, I would blame it on dormal warming and bad pick up tactics..

TCK, are we getting scared of your double posting? It doesn't bother me, but if you triple post, then that may be a problem! Good thing your on the other side of the planet, because if you was next door, I'll scream!

bad reporting. they don't tell us if it worked. did he meet anyone?

Maybe he was desperate! So he lit the couch on fire in hope that some girl would run out to him and say "Our couch is on fire!", then he would say "yeah, how did that happen?", so she would say "I don't know, but you're kinda cute!", so he would say "Thanks! You look beautiful with that blaze raging behind your head!", so she would say "Where have you been all my life?", so he would say "lighting couches on fire!", then she gives him a beaver face!

i did not triple post!


TCK, you're not gonna light a couch on fire tonight, are you?

OK, who's pretendin to be me?

Imagine (if he did get a date from this) meeting her parents for the first time. "So, how did you meet my daughter?"

If her dad's a guy, I think there's a 50/50 chance he's say "Cool! Wanna light another couch on fire?"

Sure. Brilliant. That's just what I look for in a guy; someone who sets my furniture on fire. Think his parole officer would give me his phone number? Score!

"if" her dad's a guy?

Toto, I think you need a nap, or a time out.
You are out of control. :)

How could anyone pretend to be you? Didn't you just tell us you are unique?

Betsi--as opposed to some dads (I'm picturing the overprotective father in a business suit even on a Saturday who believes his daughter would never do anything like drink from a beer bong) who would immediately kick him out of the house.

genetic mix warning --- the firestarter and 9-1-1 idiot (woman who called 9-1-1 so they'd send the "cute cop" back to her home) can NEVER be allowed to breed.

Why didn't he just pull the fire alarm? Or is that not good enough for the kids these days?

He didn't really want to meet girls. He just wanted to see what they wore to bed, and if they had any visitors....and if so, how many...

So, was he suspended or are they just shipping the bills to lock up?

Needless to say, there were lots of "hot" chicks

Come on Baby Light my (couch on) fire....try to set the night (sofa) on fire....

Chaz..To the top of the charts with a bullet.

Nice parody!

Cool, dude.

Because pulling the fire-alarm without an actual fire is illegal. Duh.

Will...Are you really Clarence Darrow?

I think he's just shy...(a few brain cells).


I think every guy goes though the couch burning phase, and guys, you know who you are.it's just one step up from punching "gurls" in their arms to show you like them.By one step up, I meant one step closer to prison. In the southern part of the united states, setting things on fire is considered foreplay , and a darn good way of showing your friends that you can be a felon too!

Foreplay? The only virgins in Arkansas are ugly 3rd graders and girls that can outrun their little brothers.

I don't see the problem here. This is the way I met my husband...

TOT, but FYI ... I got an email today that really looked as if it had come from eB@y, and it said I had not paid for an item, and the seller was complaining about me, and my comment privileges (or somethin') would be suspended ...

It looked quite real ..

EXcept ... I noticed a couple of questionable items of usage in the language ... sharp (former) English teacher and (former) newspaper reporter that I am ... I began to suspect somethin' ...

So, I sent it to eB@y ... yep ... fakerooty ...

I surmised that (since I've not been on eB@y for quite some time, EXCEPT for the times I click on a link, HERE, on this blog!) they had gotten my addy from checkin' out some computer stuff I don't understand, and tried to phish me ...

Merely sayin' ... let's be careful when we open our email, OK?

I see there's a smoke and water damaged sofa pretty cheap on E-bay right now.

Ok, what's the current count on TCKs? Because more than one of him might be a teeny bit scary.

Philintexas, that was my first thought when I read Lairbo's post! My thinking is keep these two as far away from each other as possible!!

the count on TCK's?

as if

i cannot be duplicated

Thank goodness.


you better duck!

why I...

oh, who am i kiddin?

how could i be mad at my snuggle bug?

I don't know.


Oh great! Another edition of Morons in the News

Is this an Aflac ad?

bad reporting. they don't tell us if it worked. did he meet anyone?

Exactly, crossgirl; that's what I want to know. Maybe he met a firebug from the dorm. My parents always said there's someone for everyone, or the Yiddish version (translated) every saucepan has its own lid.

so, has anyone ever clicked on one of the chinese spam boxes? you know, the linky things? i did it, just now

wanna know what happened?

are ya sure?

OK, here's what happened:

a web page opened up, and on it was.....

a whole bunch more chinese boxes

i say if we're gonna let spammers in here, they should at least give us somethin to look at - i'm not askin for much - i quick flash of rampart - maybe a little bare thigh

but more chinese boxes? what a disappointment

accck spam... I agree TCK (not that I'd wanna see rampart/thigh)

ALERT! Some sort of liquid falling from the sky. Have heard tribal lore about mysterious occurence referred to as "rain". Has been looooooong since this phenomenon has been recorded. We are all frightened.

OK, for suzywiththereallylongname, maybe a link to a young gentleman with no shirt, but great abs and beautiful hair

*that* will work TCK!!

as far as the name goes...I'm trying to come up with a name so as not to confuse me and Suzy Q :) sorry...


a good name is important

how bout suzycruzin?

or ya could just go with sue - don't think there's another sue

or maybe use your initials - kinda boring, i know, but that's what i did

I was thinking of Siouxie which was my first ever nick name WAY back when Prodigy was IT. I'm new here so I don't wanna get people confused :)

course everyone would ask if I was indian lol

i like it :)

well, it does have a definate tribal sound to it

but i doubt anyone around here would care about your heritage, or ask about it unless you brought it up first

Siouxie the Cuban Indian lol well it's different

that's the thing...I'm not indian...I'm cuban. I came up with that name because of a band...Siouxie and the Banshees (which i loved)

I STILL like SNUCCI, but that's just me (so far...) Personally, I think it'll grow on you (and all of us as well)... And really, when it comes down to it, I'll always THINK of you as SNUCCI...

LMAO thanks obi ...I may have to take a poll here!

Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller???

"Mommy, how did you meet daddy?"

"One night, my dorm caught fire. When I fled the fiery inferno, I saw him outside. He looked especially creepy. What a dream! I knew right there and then that he had to be mine."

"So where is daddy?"

"In prison."


"He set the dorm on fire."


Why are you now "Jim Morrison?" My brother is named Jim - no joke - and for a second I thought he had joined us in Blogland. :-p

C'mon SNUCC, you're (not your) weird... you're (not your) a mutant... you gotta do this! Change it over to SNUCCI... We love ya' and want you in our "club"...

Lairbo, i think you are on to something, with him meeting the 911 woman. hey, she needs a date, and he's lonely. maybe they could share a cell. sheesh.

If he had only worn the firefighter uniform - everyone knows we chicks dig guys in uniform.

That's hot!!

I'm going to see Dave today!

*dashes off to brush teeth, see the sun shining, hear the birds chirping, etc.*

obi -"club"?? hmmm do I hafta pay to get in???

Bumble - have fun!!!

Susy~ I hope to!

Bumble - we were supposed to brush our TEETH first???


Punkin~ I brushed my hair too. But I didn't get any giant inflatable breasts, so we're even. ;-)

Bumble....You have teeth? My dream girl!

Punkin - I showed that picture to my youngest daughter (who also LOVES Dave) and she was cracking up! said...mom...are they for real??? (she's 16 btw)

Jazzzz~ Yup. I'm the whole package. :-)

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