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July 23, 2006



(Thanks to LabSpecimen [left to right is Ridley, Neophyte, LabSpecimen, InsolentWench, and Peter Pan].
p.s. Sorry about the delayed posting of the Dayton pictures; the s.b. was enjoying a skybox at the Marlins game last night, courtesy of the Blog and Mrs. Blog via the Special Olympics, and by the time we got home, we were too tired to blog.)


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hey, the text is really small now.

Not to demean your writing or anything, Dave.

Think judi is still "tired"?

Yay for Dayton bloggits! It was great to meet you guys.

Oh, it's fixed now. Now everyone is going to think I'm craxy.

Oh wait...

Fud...nobody would think any of the bloglits here are crazy!

CraXy maybe

No, I saw it too, before it was restored to normal size, fud.

Was that "tired" picture really judi? :-)

YAY DAYTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I've never said that before)

Programs! Programs! Can't tell yer Bloglits witout a program!

So ... open the program and do an ID cutline, please ... (speakin' of "tired" ... I don't know if I can find that other post that tells who all these people are ...)

Jazzzz - you're right, but if anyone did actually THINK, we'd all be in trouble.

wes: no. if you don't see walter, it's not me ;)

Witout - is that a competition to see who can make the funniest comment?


Or else ... I'm a lot more tired than I thot ... I've lost the ability to read, I'm so tired ...

And by FUNNIEST, I really mean INTELLIGENT, which I guess that means I'm also out of the running.

sorry, O, it was a work in progress, 'cause typepad was being funky, momentarily.

Either Ridley, Peter Pan, and company have been reduced to the size of 6-year-olds, or that glass of water to the left is mongo huge.

Judi, I've been Googling.

Is this you with Walter ?

Wes~ Yup. That's our judi. Yay for the stealth bloggerette.

Wes: 'tis.

ok, so according to dictionary.com I guess it could really be either (funny or intelligent). I'm going back to bed now.

Oh, and would a "witin" be an event where a bunch of rocket scientists/humor writers gathered to protest?

Nice to meet you, Judi!

And as for Walter, wow. For some reason this song is now going through my head:

"How 'ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm after they've seen Paree? "

Stick for a body
after decapitation...
No traveling head?

Wess....Judi is the one with glasses.

Yay, Neo, Lab & the Wench!

WoosterGirl ~

You're right -- there's some funky depth-perception thing going on in that photo. Look a the size of the book on the table compared to the bloglits' hands.

I guess the guys really wanted to write a BIG book, and it made them REALLY thirsty.

dare i say it? that lab probably needed the book to be that big?

Ooooooh! SNAP!

But watch out Judi......Lab could say the same for Walter!!!!

Jazzzz ~ thanks for clearing that up!


That's ok Judi I was at Pearl Jam at the

YAY Neo, Lab and Insolent Wench!! Nice ta meecha.

Hi dayton bloglits.

and today is my birthday. i am officially old enough to retire from the state of ny, my 'employer'.... but i think i will hang around longer, just to annoy them all.

Happy B'day queensbee!

Happy Birthday, queensbee.


Happy birthday to queensbee and mama723!

Maybe Bumble will stitch you two of these.

QB - yeah, whut they said ...

... and ... um ... that's apparently a pretty-much wide-angle lens on whutever kinda camera wuz used ... which leads to foreshortening (a phenomena one may wish to avoid ... aftershortening, OTOH, is not necessarily a totally bad thing to have occur ... merely observin' here ...) and so my practiced photographic eye tends to make me think that the camera (and operator, obviously) wuz quite close to the desk, hence the LARGE water glass and other stuff, and the people (HI, BLOGLITS!!!) were a fair distance behind the desk/table ... hence their porportionally smaller appearance ...

/photographic TMI ...

I concur with OtheU's assessment.

happy bd queensbee!!

Great to see all of you Ohioans in the pictures.

queensbee - Happy Bday!

Hey from Miyami to the Daytonians! :)

Happy birthday, Queensbee!

For the record, I am not an Ohioan. I am Illinoyed. :)

Happy Birthday, Queensbee!

I've always liked your posts - VF!

Long live the Queen!

(Next time we're coming to get you.)

Happy Birthday, queensbee!

Retire! You won't regret it.

Yo, Queensbee. Peace out. Hope your birthday is a good day.

happy birthday Qbee!! hope it was a fun one!!!!

Yay, Neo, Lab & the Wench!

Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | 11:59 AM on July 23, 2006


Happy Birthday Queensbee!

thanks, all y'all. i had a fun day. and just KNOWING i could retire takes the pressure off. now i'm gonna have fun with work, cos i could just take my ball and go home... now i gotta get goin... to work, but wishing that the atmosphere at my work was as great as it is in this little part of the blogosphere.. and next time, i will get to a dave gathering in NYC.... UNLESS we can convince him to come to Albany. c'mon dave.... we can get you a tour of our beautiful state capital building! and we have a barnes & noble, and borders.... and.......

at the risk of sounding like a broken record: dave doesn't set the tour sked, the publicists do ;) so you can't convince HIM to come to albany...





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