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July 29, 2006



(Thanks to Robert Benjamin)


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first to say EW

NOW we know why Wyo never gets off his horse!

I'm guessing blurker and Wyo will be ordering this Tonto...er...pronto!

I pictured Blurker with a bigger saddle horn....

Dave, dontcha mean "giddy-out"?

I just go outside.

does it come with chaps?

Just sit on there long enough, crossgirl....you'll get chapped alright.

Hey guys - I'm heading off out of town for a couple of days....don't anybody be funny without me, 'k???

See y'all tuesday...

New catchphrase: "I'll be right back. I have to go drop a Seabiscuit."

A whole new meaning to saddle sores....

the inclusion of foot pegs provides real health benefits by raising the knees above the waist, which facilitates a thorough expulsion of waste.

This is just...wrong and disturbing.

And we count on you, Jeff, to point out what is wrong and disturbing in this world. As an American of the bloglit variety, I thankyew.

*snork* @ wyo

Well Suzy, would you use it?

waves bye to punkin. happy trails!!!

Order in the next twenty minutes and we'll include FREE with your shipment The Magic Bullet food processer, and a FREE copy of the book,"Thorough expulsion for dummies"
Voted Number Two in Plumber's weekly!!
Offer not avilable in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Austrailia , or Tennessee

*snork* Mo, (all them forren countries like Tennessee)

We'll miss ya, Punkin, hurry back.

That's it. I am DONE with cleaning the bathroom.

I wonder if the tail raises up when you set on it?

I think I'd feel too awkward to go.

ok so i'm coming in a little late i was out grilling some burgers.

i am SHOCKED, shocked i tell you, that no one has mentioned that The Thorough Expulsion wbagnfarb

Can anybody say, "Wedding Present?"

Hurry back Punkin!

that's a bit disturbing...there's no way

Oh, hell no, Jeff. I'll stick with American Standard, thanks. High-flow, of course!

"Hi-yo ,dinner, away!"

*from the next stall*

"Who was that masked man?"

"I dunno, but he forgot to flush."

wonder if it has a bucking feature? I know, sick mind...

funny insom!!...still quite disturbing visuals...how can anyone keep a straight face let alone do his/her uh...business sitting on that???

No really, how do you flush that thing?

"Just sit on there long enough, crossgirl....you'll get chapped alright." Posted by Punkin

Would that be a raw hide?

Matt--Wouldn't Mad and Mike be surprised?

*snork* from that same site!!! Aquariass!!


now THAT's a toilet!

Might be a good concept for potty-training small boys who like riding horsies. And maybe big boys, too.

I'm afraid I'd grab the wrong Horn and fall over backwards

honestly I'd fall off from LMAO

Matt... I think that's "wetting" present.

thorough expulsion of waste is a great name for an Album

snork @ Lisa BFF

*runs around nekkid*

j/k! just wanted to see who was up this late

LBFF - Oh, I bet they would! But I'm sure they'd like it much more than the 2005 Barry Manilow Calander.

My suggestion for improvement of this design is to turn it into a mechanical bull. Or maybe just a gentle horsey ride. It could be pretty fun in a dive bar or in front of a grocery store.

Finally, a place to bullsh*t

*snork!* at Bangi!

perfect for when you have the trots!

Hey, howsabouta decorative ladies bed urinal . . .

If I am struck blind tomorrow, I can say I have seen everything!
Mahatma....I have heard you can buy anything on eBay, and that proves it.

For my new barnhouse perhaps? :D Just kidding. Well, for the sake of novelty, I give this invention a 7. :)

Lone Ranger: Hiyo, Silver! Away!!!
Tonto (aside): I think Kimosabe has issues....

so all I have to do is raise my legs above my waist to fully expell my waste?

I am truly speechless. this was a bit much to take first thing on a Monday.

After seeing that saddle horn Mrs. Layzee sayz she'd never get off....er...never stand up, I mean.

This is just nasty!

and where are Blurk and Wyo? How have they avoided puttin' in their 2 cents on this contraption?

Did anyone read at the bottom of the e-bay ad it was from her father's estate?

Oh, I'm definately gettin' one of these!!
And Punkin's right, it's gonna need a bigger saddle horn.

I think Mrs. B. would be the one enjoying said saddle horn...no??

I really appreciate the fact that you've made your own blog and have in fact posted your thoughts. I admire your work and feel I can concern to what you've done. Many people can't even imagine having such talent. I hope that you know how lucky you are. :) Good luck to you in ALL your aspirings. :)

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