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July 23, 2006


An actual pirate showed up in Dayton, but she was a petite woman pirate, so we were not too nervous.



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I thought that was Bumble from Labs pictures.

The mystery bloggerette.

Oh, and FIRST, again.

bet she's a blog reading pirate too.

grr. argh.

I see it takes Dave exactly 2 minutes to upload a picture with comment to the blog.

That pirate can shiver my timbers anytime.

Now we know who's been stealing all those "R"s.

Watch out, Dave - It's the petite pirates that can sneak into places your washcloth hasn't been!

(THAT would shiver your timbers!)

You're right Punkin'
Isn't that her peeking out from under your bazoomage in that other picture?

Yeah....she had a feather in her hat THAT night - but it tickled so much, I threw it away...

Punkin..... The feather or the pirate?

Jazzzz~ Watch the innuendo. As I recall, that particular pirate's parents were there. They might beat you up.

Pretty Petite Pirates Parents wbagnfa ... um ... blog chaperone/self-censorship tool ... merely ... observin ...

maybe johnny brought a date!

Is that the third author mentioned in the Amazon listing - Greg Call? In disguise, of course. BTW, did it really take three of you author people to write one book? And who the H*&% is Greg Call? Is he hiding somewhere, letting you big names out to do strumpeting while he works away on the next book in the series? Inquiring minds gotta know!

Petite Woman Pirate would be a BAD name for the Wayans Brothers ripoffhomage to Pirates of the Caribbean.

petite perky pirates wbagnfarb???

I'm sorry I can't get the name right, but is it Estelle...?

What a great pirate outfit! Can I borrow that?

Pretty! Is she a blog-child?


Yes, we have an airport here- after all, the airplane was invented by people trying to get out of Ohio. (Decades later, somebody was so desperate to get away from Ohio that he went to the moon.)

And yes, I am going to todays strumpeting session dressed like a pirate. I hope I am right in thinking I may not be the strangest thing there (not counting Dave and Ridley).

Posted by: Estelle Chauvelin | 12:35 PM on July 22, 2006

Yes that's me- and no, my parents were not there. (I'm sensing that some of you have different estimates of my age. Let's just say I could buy my own rum.)

Ahhh, so you "don't set sail without the Cap'n"!

*majestically posing with left leg raised in Estelle's general direction*

uhhh... please don't misconstrue that to mean, um...marking my territory...I was attempting to imitate the CM commercials.

merely..."Arrrrrrrrrgh"-ing... (© OtheU)

Sexy pirate - and she buys her own rum!?

MeThinks gifts or pilage would be better terms....

"Sexy pirate - and she buys her own rum!?"

I said I could buy my own rum. You know, because asking a lady's age isn't polite- and asking a pirate woman's age is dangerous, because we have swords.

So, let me get this straight, you don't buy rum?

Then how do you drink mojitos?

She either doesn't drink -- mojitos, or otherwise -- or, she doesn't need to buy rum ... there's plenty of guys willin' to buy it for her ... merely ... observin' that she's an pleasant-to-look-at young lady ...

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