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July 31, 2006


Key Quote: "This is the largest (toilet papering) case we've had in recent memory."       


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I love vengeful women. I also would have tracked the little ba$tard$ down!

Good to know we are safe from the REAL criminals in this world! I know I'LL sleep better tonight.

"The cash transaction left no easy way to trace the purchaser, but Base was on a roll."

It seems they went out of their way to keep the article free of jokes, but it looks like the writer got one past the editor after all.

Dont squeeze the Charmin...or agitate Katja Base...

Every neighborhood has a scary lady like that with whom you do not tangle.

I aim to be that woman in my corner of the world.


My parent’s house was vandalized once. They left a picture of The Pope in my father's car--we could never figure out the significance of that.

We didn't prosecute though, we just said a few Hail Marys on their behalf.

Way to go, Katja! Glad they published the "how'd they do that?" in case I ever need it.

I am a proud member of F.A.R.T. (Fathers Against Radical Teens) myself.

Dave, what are you still doin' here?!?

LBFF ~ It wasn't torn, was it? I think I found your culprit.

*snork* @ Cat R.

That is why you never, ever TP someone with 'malicious intent'. Tp-ing is a joke, so let's not ruin it, you little punks!

I was thinking the woman was overreacting until I read about the car and property damage. I hope Officer Obie takes away their TP when they get locked up.

I am woman, hear me roar...

JoG - And they'll have fun! fun! fun! till the po-lice take their T.P. away ...

C'mon people!! sure we've ALL done this in HS or college??? mind you we were always careful not to ruin the landscaping :)

That's exactly why we always stole our t-p supply out of gas station bathrooms. Amateurs.

Cheese, dog food and toilet paper? Were they trying to make a taco salad for the neighborhood pet population?

"C'mon people!! sure we've ALL done this in HS or college??? mind you we were always careful not to ruin the landscaping."

Well, doh, that's the point. The Bases themselves thought it was funny until they found the true destructive vandalism underlying the TP. Ruining the finish on someone's cars and harming other property SHOULD be punished.

She was absolutely right to figure out who did it and insist they be held accountable.

All in favor of 42nd trimester abortion, say "Aye"!

Key word in story: ... accountability ...

TPing is a joke (albeit, a sophomoric one) ... sort of ...

Destruction of private (or public) property is not ...

IMHO ...

I have grown to dislike all teenagers, as my part of town is TEEMING with them.I think they mate and have baby teenagers with car keys within a few weeks of inception.I'll spare you the list of items I've found on my front lawn from the brats next door,but the 45 minute headlock waiting for the cops to arrive was a highlight one evening when a seriously impaired guy mistakenly vandalized my vehicle.HE was in the headlock by the way, but I did take the time to tell him about Dave Barry before he started to cry.Ahhh... humor!what would we do without it! :)

Now that's a woman I'd like to have on MY side. I think that's great!

My guesses as to why Dave was blogging when he should have been travelling:
1. He was waiting for the ladies in his life to be ready to go.
2. He was waiting at the Miami International and Permanent Constuction Zone Airport for a delayed flight.

The government should hire her to track down Bin Laden. She'd have him found within a week.

Yet another good reason for birth control.

When I think of all those people in the world who have to go without toilet paper & these kids just waste it like that- oh that just currrrdles my cheese!

I know getting TPed can be a real drag, but teenagers get a thrill out of doing something 'bad' and since this doesn't cause any real damage, it seems an ok way to create excitement. I used to TP when I was young, and in fact even made a movie about it! As a high school english project, we were to get together in groups and make movies (we'd been studying filmmaking). Well, our group decided to tackle a subject we knew well - TPing! The result was "The Art of TPing, or How to Gift Wrap a House," which received an A-. The minus was for a crude little joke in the movie, which you will see if you view the movie, now on Google Videos! (Link provided.)

It's a pretty funny spoof, just a few minutes long. It was originally shot on 8mm in 1971, and we recently digitized it. Check it out!


Oops, here's the correct link to the TP movie:

haha my lil bro was one of the 6 who did this. whats funny is all the BS. the only property damage there was, was from the owner himeself. a neighbor saw him doing it and was going to testify to it in court even. and as far as car finish damage.... explain how toilet paper and ceran wrap are going to destroy the finish on a car.... why would you go through so much trouble to catch some kids who toilet paperd/forked your house lol? everyone was a kid once, and im sure most have done the same, if not worse.

Listening to her daughter's voice on the tape, Katja Base cringes. "That's what hit a nerve. That's when I knew I had to do something."

"I want them to feel safe for as long as I can(...)"

lol this statement is so ridiculous!

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