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July 26, 2006


(Thanks to Siouxie Cruz)


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"I think it's fair to say we were not dealing with a great criminal mind here..."

We were expecting a great criminal mind from a guy named "Donald Ray Bilby?"

Maybe he snorted some of the "harmless" powder.

(YAY Siouxie)


"I think it's fair to say we were not dealing with a great criminal mind here,"

understatement of the day...so far

I bet he blabbed about the file in the cake too.

What an idiot. If it had been for real, they couldn't have gotten him on false information and hoaxes.

No early parole for this guy.

at least he won't have to go far...

how do i post here

perplexed rotozip

I think you just figured that out - rotozip

so i am a first timer, sooooooory just trying to figger out how to post a news story on here that I thought you all would like http://www.aberdeennews.com/mld/aberdeennews/15094246.htm
this might work

Dear FBI,
I have a diabolical plan. Not only do I have a bomb, but I have anthrax. I demand you deposit $20,000 into Inmate Acct #Idiot. This will enable me to post bail.....hehehehehe...then I will put my bomb and anthrax to use.

P.S. About that horse's head?? wasn't me! although I do need my dildo back!

Ah clue, was it Siouxie Cruz at the car with the glue gun and her dildo?

Janaroozie, I was actually finishing up your letter :)

Well, c'mon people!

He demanded money. How would they know where to send it if he didn't give them his name and address - duh! :)

did anyone look @ that "http" addy
i hate to look as bmud........oops i ment dumb , as i am :S........but i will figger this out and thank you all for putting up with a newbie

rotozip - Welcome! I'm fairly new myself.

In the future, you may want to use the e-mail link on the top left (Email the blog) to submit a story. Sometimes they do get posted :)

thank you Siouxie, i dont care what they say about you , you are OK ;)

So he's serving five years for auto theft, eh? I bet he sent a letter to the guy from which he stole the car demanding his gas credit card and his AAA membership number, along with an address so he'd know where to send them. What an absolute cretin.

So much for his political career. (Yay, Siouxsie!)

Is this wherey you post?

It would appear that someone is enjoying prison a little too much and wants to make sure his stay is extended.

El-I guess he could have told them to drop it at Cell-block C. Course then he would have gotten beaten up in the rush of other prisoners trying to retrieve it.

Geez, the trials of being in prison. (Ha!)

All the infamous ones have three names...

John Wilkes Booth
Lee Harvey Oswald
Son of Sam
Donald Ray Bilby
Ånna Nicole Smith

dumb as a brick. there needs to be a special jail for these bozos. shouldnt mix em in with murderers, etc. just a big jail for dumbos.

Hey Chaz, don't diss Anna Nicole. She's been persecuted enough!

rotozip's link.

Guess he won't be worrying about that bail money for a while.

(Donald Ray, that is, not rotozip.)

But shouldn't this headline: Man in chicken suit cries foul over abuse be cries fowl?

Reminds me of Conrad Conch.

Siouxie, I think you set a land-speed record for the time between introducing yourself and getting posted. Nice job!

NEWS FLASH: Barry Manilow on Ellen TODAY!

Middle name "Ray" is always an indicator ... or "Wayne" ...

David Ray Barry.

Ridley Wayne Pearson.

See, change the middle names and the strumpet tour turns into "In Cold Blood."

Ann - thanks! I am honored of course!

*actually I was posted once before under my previous alias (SusyCruz)...some sinkhole in Fl...but it's still an honor!!!*
I just enjoy reading about these great criminal minds :)

In case anyone is wondering, the blog is broken once again. Hence the lack of posting.

Also, to be honest, I have no idea what "hence" really means.

sounds good though Dave!

Shouldnt Dave be on Ellen instead of BM?

Cheryl -- yikes! And to think I went to watch those two cold-blooded killers strumpet!

Awwww, Dave - broken blog??? Can we splint it? Or is this more of a SALVE kind of thing?

Chaz - "Dave on Ellen" = freakishly sickening visual.

They killed the blog!! Those b*stards!!!

Not half as freakishly sickening as Barry Manilow on Ellen, Punkin.

ahhhhh...fix the blog - I'm startin' to get the shakes.....

hence>adverb 1 as a consequence; for this reason. 2 from now; in the future. 3 (also from hence) archaic from here.

Also, it's just fun to say, sort of like: "hither," and "thither," and "yon."

(I know, you just wanted to see if we knew. Well, we didn't, so we looked it up.)

whatd'ya mean the blog is broken?? do this mean i will have to do some work??

I don't know qb, do it?

awwwe... the blog is broken. That makes me sad.

And I bet we could get Dave on Ellen. I mean... they let in Manilow. Dave's way better that Manilow.

Someone need to fix the blog or I'm gonna have to start talking to my co-workers

For the newbies, I know there are web pages out there that do this for you, but if you're interested...
To Link:
<a href="http://www.WebsiteUrlHere.com">Link Text Here</a>
Not Barry Manilow

<i>italics</i> - italics
<b>bold</b> - bold
<s>strikethrough</s> - strikethrough

Common symbols:
& - &amp;
< - &lt;
> - &gt;
© - &copy;
® - &reg;
™ - &trade;
¼ - &frac14;
½ - &frac12;
¾ - &frac34;

that's a semi-colon at the end of each of those.

Wow! After readin' 24s post I realized I HAVE co-workers!

Ok, who broke the blog?? Step forward! I expect an answer RIGHT NOW!!

Re: Fud's generous help HTML Tutorial



If I don't receive $7.50 in unmarked bills and coins before midnight tonight at Block 22C, Cell 14, Rikers Island NY, I will break the blog again.

Meanie the Blue
(That's with an ie, not a y)

Oh, so THAT'S how you do a strikethrough! Cool!

Easily amused on a slow Thursday.

Actually, easily amused most all of the time. It's more fun that way!

I don't wanna talk to my co-workers...waaaaaa
where are the blog gods????

The Original Poo ™

fud, you're hot when you lecture like that!

I have no coworkers, I'm self employed in a town so small I hardly have any coresidents. Blog Gods! we're going to have to do some work if you don't intervene soon.

is this working?

yay!! thanks fud now I feel accomplished!
and estaci extatix happy!

Yey! It's Fun With Fud Day!


Show-offs! The whole lot of ya!

Blurk, don't they do html in Montana?

blurk - jealous much?

We're not show-offs, blurk! We're trying out our new time-wasting techniques skills!

or are you guys still usin' smoke signals?

Whoa - are there 2 cowboys on this post? Oh, be still my beating heart.....

I don't know it's hard to figure this stuff out on my Commodore 64-&trade



it's show & tell for the easily amused!

*snork* Blurk. You are in Montana, aren't you?

You need the semicolon, Blurk. Won't work without it.

psstt blurk™ (semi-colon)hehe!

Yeah, I'm in Montana.

*sighs and kicks the ground*

Maybe I'm just a dumba$$-™

Don't mess with me!

or not

I had a patient once with a semi-colon problem....

He died. Ah, not that YOU have anything to worry about, Blurkie dear.

I get to Billings about once a month, spent a few days in Kalispel last month. Perhaps we should have our own strumpeting thingy. put Dave and Ridley's pix on a stick, and drink beer.

Punkin can fly out an we'll let her ride a horse. A bouncy horse. Kinda like a mountain version of babe watch.

Wyo, TCK lives in Helena, I'm in Great Falls. I'm sure if we all get together there will be much beer consumed. There's a great bar here called the J Bar T.

I'm gonna need a bigger horse.

I have nothing to say. Hence, I will say: nothing.

Lotta good micro brews up your way.

Good Lord! Punkin on a horse??!! It'd better be a Morgan or maybe a Clydesdale or it ain't gonna hold them things up.

bold - Okay I'll play. Am I shouting now? I just hope I know how to turn it off.

"Shouldnt Dave be on Ellen instead of BM?"
Posted by: Chaz | 11:07 AM on July 27, 2006

Chaz sed there is BM on Ellen & that he thinks Dave should be on Ellen, but Ellen is not only gay & probably wouldn't appreciate Dave being on her, but she probably wouldn't appreciate BM on her either!! That stinks!

Oh, "BM" is short for "Barry Manilow". Sorry.

Never mind.

But wait, aren't they the same thing??

Sorry. I'll go now. (No, I'm not going to do a BM, I mean I'll leave now.)

If you have a cowboy strumpet, will someone please take pics of ya'll in your hats and boots? Chaps optional....

Shoot. I'm not good at this stuff. :-{

But I think I get it now.

24-aholic: Would that be ONLY hats and boots, with chaps optional? I wanna see that!

24, just hats and boots? Why not? I'm up for it.

24, you bring the camera, I got the chaps. (and spurs)

By the way, the anagram for "Dave Barry Manilow" is:
A Moldy Brainwave

You can check that out for yourselves at:

depends - if they look like thong boy from yesterday's post - no thanks!

However, if they look like the Stetson man, bring it on!

blurker: We'll see if you're "up" or not when we get the pics!

ooh...ooh...ohh - I got it - how about a fashion show from both the blog cowboys? I'll bring the score cards....

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