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July 31, 2006


Now they want to take away our precious Malaysian constitutional right to name childen "Smelly Head."

(Thanks to Guin)


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As a grandparent - I "so" get this law! You are going to name the baby WHAT?

Jainisah said parents could not name their babies after colours, animals, insects, fruits or vegetables.

they should use this ban in Hollywood...no more baby Apples...

Sing with me everybody!

♪ And I’m proud to be an American… ♫

Of course, some of the meanings of our names could be nearly as bad I suppose. All the residents in my state call themselves Hoosiers, and since I've never found anybody who could give me a valid explanation of the word, it could mean coon poop in some obscure Native American tongue for all I know.

uh...Dave?? you're supposed to be on vacation!

Still waiting at MIA?? need some snacks??beer?? private jet?

Parents who insisted on bestowing names on the list could appeal to the department, Jainisah said. But he continued, "If they persist we'll make sure the kid gets made fun of in school. Neener!"

Would a "Smelly Head" by any other name, smell so sweet?

Have you checked a baby name book lately? "Brendan" means "smelly hair", which is pretty close. "Rachel" means "ewe".

smelly head, smelly head
Mom and Dad mistreating you
smelly head, smelly head
it's not your fault!

*snork* insom...that's what I thought about too ...smelly cat

It may just be a matter of translating from Hunanese or Bhasa Malaysia to English, but according to the BBC article (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/5229060.stm), Malaysian moms and dads can no longer call their kids Smelly Dog (which is worse: Smelly Dog or Smelly Head?), or 007, etc. What about a Malaysian rock band that wants to call itself "The Smelly Dogs and 007"? Will the moms and dads of those band members get into trouble with the authorities?

But can I still name my daughter Female Adulterer?

And Smelly Head WBAGNFA Malaysian RB, I suppose.

We should have that law here. A friend wanted to name her son Blaisdell. Only so she could call him Blaze. The name they chose was not much better, Cassius so she could call him Cash. A co-workers daughter just named her new daughter Nevaeh, Heaven spelled backwards. And dont get me started on the people that name their children after mountain ranges.
Grrrrrr Arghhhh

Creeping fascism is right - watch out, blog screen names are next!

Jeff, my wife has a client that pronounces her name fee-mah-lee, it is spelled female. Her parents thought she was named by the hospital after she was born and never actually named her.

keeping it secret
but my name is odd, ethnic
means "great warrior"

I have a girl's name
which is OK for a man
the size of a bull

I have a deep voice
strangers ask for me by name
then humor ensues

I wanna name my kid Dave Blog...is that OK?

"We can only advise them, but if they are insistent even after knowing they are unsuitable, they may be allowed to use them," she said."

Can I have this job? "Sir, madam, do you realize that you are horrifically insensitive, mindnumbingly stupid, and probably criminally negligent for wanting to name your child Smelly Head? You do realize that? Okay, carry on."

How about Stealth Bloggerette? Is that OK, or has the beloved judi tm'ed it?

Hey, my sister named her daughter Brooklyn, so 'nuff said.

And "Pizza" is out, of course....

I mentioned before I have a freinds named "Clearwater"...and another who's middle name is "crazyhorse"...

When my oldest sister found out she was going to have her last baby, she was telling me about names she was considering. She decided that if the baby was a boy, she wanted to name him Zachary, but if it was a girl, she wanted to name her Scout. (Yes, I know about "To Kill a Mockingbird" and Demi Moore's daughter.) I never prayed so hard for a nephew.

Psst ... Dave ... if you see any extra Rs floating in the tropical surf whilst you're vacationing, please toss one into your original post: "childen".

How about this for a name "Steamboat Buddy Rock". When my oldest was born, the new mother who shared a room with my wife was reluctant to name the baby every time the nurse came in with the paperwork. Finally, when the dad was there, he insisted the baby's name be "Steamboat" (because "he didn't want a sissy for a son"). The mother then insisted a name she could use when she was talking to him, "Buddy".
Of course, that was 25 years ago and he is now probably a mass murderer ...

uhmmmm, gotta run!

We need this law - especially for Nick Cage, who named his son Kal El.

I have friends who named their daughter Lui (pronounced Louie) and I live right by OSU. It's not bad enough that she has a man's name, but every time I hear her name I sing "Louie Louie, me gotta go" (OSU's "theme" song)

We've had a law like this in place in Quebec for years. A goverment office has to approve all names given to newborns, and they can reject anything deemed inappropriate. They release a list of rejected names every year. Apparently you are not allowed to name your child "Spatule" (the french word for spatula.)

What is the deal with people naming their kids one thing, so they can CALL them something else? If you want to call your kid Blaze (JofG's post), then why not just name your kid Blaze?!?!

My next kid will be named Surely. Just don't call him that.

I agree Sarcasmo, But I actually believe that that child would be beaten up every day because of a very stupid name.

the attack of the that thats, sowwy people.

24-aholic: Lay of the hard stuff. Our "theme" song and the official rock song of the State of Ohio is "Hang on Sloopy" (talk about your unfortunate names!)("Sloopy" is a girl) not "Louie, Louie". Getting this wrong near OSU is an offense punishable by wedgie.

Mud - either that or I need to kick it up a notch. Man, that was dumb of me. Thank you for setting me straight!

Dave:  What is/are childen?

A few years ago, a German couple was allowed to name their firstborn Alpha on condition that they not name their second Beta.

obs - I noticed the same thing ^

Jainisah said parents could not name their babies after colours, animals, insects, fruits or vegetables.

I hope there are no Hollywood celebrities living in Malaysia.

We want to be VERY, VERY careful about what we say here about Malaysia:

Malaysia to crack down on bloggers
Kuala lumpur, Aug 2 (PTI): Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has warned to crack down on bloggers who post malicious comments on their websites ... (http://www.hinduonnet.com/holnus/003200608021340.htm)

I am 21, and i did not turn out to be a mass murder =).

HA- that steamboat buddy rock guy was actually in my organic 2 chemistry class. so...actually...nope he is not a murderer........he's a chemist!!

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