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July 29, 2006


Now you can't even cuddle a conger.

(Thanks to Mr. Jeff Arch)


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And a DEAD conger at that!

Please, sir, put your conger back in your pants....we don't allow that here...

Hmmm...my dad had a friend from Australia who would say, "Whack you in the belly with a dead fish." I wonder if the expression comes from the Conger Festival.

I would never stand still long enough for someone to throw an eel at me. dead or otherwise.

"The RNLI is not prepared to be involved in an event that may be seen by some to be a barbaric throwback due to its use of a dead animal." What is a soccer ball made out of ?


What part of "dead" do the protesters not understand???


Good morning Punkin!
How did the Med Pox do last night?


/me slaps (insert name here) around with a dead conger???

Dead Conger: GNFARB?

El - not only is it DEAD, it's an EEL, not a dog. Somehow an eel is NOT equivalent to an "animal" in my mind.

can you still cuddle a codger? dead or otherwise?

That would be a really smelly event. PEWWWWWW!!

("The Air Force Song")
Off we go cuddling the wild dead conger
Raising quid, having some fun!
It won't be as fun whacking a rubber plunger
But eels got rights, and so we must run.
All trace of eel we must soon expunge, or
Face every lawsuit under the sun
You can eat 'em good, don't play with your food
Nothing can stop the U.K.'s fair courts!

PETA sent stars from the States to guide us
Enlightenment from over the sea
Pam Anderson looked at the eel detritus
Said,"It reminds me some of my ex, Tommy Lee."
If some Vegan freaks say they just can't abide us
They don't have to watch, and we'll waive the fee
If some call it cruel, then don't be a tool
Nothing can stop the U.K.'s fair courts!

I agree, Guin. Throwing around a dead dog would be a little tacky!

*snork* insom!

I think I once saw someone beat Nitro at this on American Gladiator.

So, they'd rather you coddle the conger, instead, eh?

*wonders how poached conger wuld be*

insom, never have I been more proud to serve in the United States Air Force.

Insom, I suspect you may have written the theme tune of future conger cuddling events.
And hooray for the mayor of Lyme Regis who said: "The writer of that letter is a gutless troublemaker with nothing better to do than stop people enjoying an innocent event that helps to raise money to save lives."
Just in case American readers don't know, RNLI members volunteer to man lifeboats round Britain, risking their lives in storms that frankly I wouldn't cross the road in to save lives, for which they get nothing except expenses. They are true heroes.

How do you "disrespect" a dead fish? Lemon and wine sauce?

"Hey, Dead Fish, I spawned with your mother last night!"

Hey, if Rick Rockwell can't cuddle a Conger, no one can.

Wait, wrong Conger.

It'd be cool if they replaced the eels with senior citizens.

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