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July 28, 2006


Trying to beat out Davenport Iowa in the burgeoning Office Supply Art field.

(Thanks to Wziemski)


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What is it with large office supplies?


Should be suspended above a giant trash receptacle.

sniff...sniff...I've never been so proud to be a Buckeye!

Philly (at least I think it's Philly) has a giant clothespin.

a growing nexus of tourism thrills
there's a frustrated, wanna be writer for you.

I'm having a hard time connecting free and oil company at the same time.

I like Dave's idea of a giant post-it...

so this is the definitive public art

Ah, Cleveland. How I miss your ridiculous "artwork" that makes absolutely no sense.

Let's not leave Washington, DC out of the conversation: http://www.nga.gov/feature/sculpturegarden/sculpture/sculpture1-fs.shtm

Those taxpayers should be very very pissed off proud.

Now, this Yowza is art I'll pay to see

um, just the picture, not so much the rest of the page. Sorry, I'm still a semi-virgin linker

if there were a strumpfest in Wyo, it would look something like this. (my favorite piece of public art)

we have a giant toilet bowl here in albany. c'mon dave - you wanna see that! [actually, its a 'theatre' known as the 'egg', but when you're driving into town, all it needs is a flush handle and a seat]

I work in an office building in White Plains NY where the plaza in front of it once hosted this. The picture isn't detailed enough to show how the hearts are embedded with all kinds of random and presumably symbolic bric-a-brac, tools, toys, etc.

When the piece was installed, the building was privately owned but was bought by my employer, a NY state agency in the 90's. They hated the piece and fought against the town tooth and nail to have it removed. After many years, my agency finally convinced the town authorities to have it sold to a private sculpture museum, after doing all the work to find a buyer and paying for its removal and transport.

So far as I know, there have been zero complaints about its removal.

negotiations are still going on for the gigantic ink pad...

Philly (at least I think it's Philly) has a giant clothespin.

yes...it is Philly...we used to call it Giant Gumby...remember: Its Always Sunny In Philadelpia

LisaBFF - You're (not your) right about the clothespin in Philly. There's also a plaza that has giant Sorry™ pieces scattered all over it.

That is an atrocious show

Not sure exactly what THAT says about our fine city.

In our state zoo there is a series of metal sculptures, each one representing an extinct species of bird. The sculptures look nothing like birds, though each has a cut out image of the bird in question.

When I worked there I was told it had originally been installed outside a mental institution but it had to be removed because it upset the residents. So we got it instead.

Baltimore for a time had the worlds largest trash can outside Resco (where the trash goes). It was big and silver and I was glad I didn't have to drag it to the curb.

goes to bend some rebar into a giant paperclip in hopes of public funding

I'm not going to take the time to track down a picture of it, but a while back, a story about the 100 ears of six-foot tall concrete corn in a field in nearby Dublin was blogged and discussed. While not puclically funded, I still think this is a piece of art that just cries out for juvenile vandalism, like a hundred six-foot condoms or something.

They should have put on Ellis Island.

Here is the corn mudstuffin. I am also very near Dublin and used to work across the street from that horror of "art". We always wondered why the city just didn't give the money back to the taxpayers.

*snork* imagining the corn with the profyl propfilx condoms uh...protective coverings on 'em... nice visual mud...

sthnbelle *snork*

More giant office supplies.

(all found here)

Sarah J-You find the best links! (And yep, that's the clothespin I saw in Philly.)

A little gem from my home town - Berwyn, IL:

cars on the needle

I love that there's a guardrail around that, Cat R.

I never noticed that, Meanie! We also used to have a giant cement garbage pile (or something like that). It was just this huge blob of concrete with all kinds of junk stuck into it - toasters, window fans, whatever. Debris kept falling off and hitting people. It took them a lot of years to take that down. This one is still there.

Ha! found the garbage pile!

Anybody else get the feeling that some artists just look around their apartments until their eyes alight on some random object and declare "I can sculpt that!"

What is really fasinating is that they actually get somebody to buy the stuff, (usually with tax payer's money).

In the words of the sage, Cleveland rocks!

I live in Cleveland. Every time I see that stupid stamp I mutter to myself "just say no...." And speaking of "art"...who told Christo he was an artist? I mean, wrapping a doghouse? and then draping Central Park with lovely orange tiny-tots racing flags? A first-grader would have more imagination! I don't know how it was funded, but if the government gave him a grant for that, then I'm all for cutting government funding for the arts.

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