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July 26, 2006


What will they think of next?

(Thanks to Karin Dixon)


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"secured" ice cubes for children?

Are they having problems keeping things frozen IN FREAKIN' CANADA????

I saw this on the news and thought WTF??? Who is going to buy this pretentious, silly product? And then it hit me - Paris! I'm not too good for tap water.

This cracks me up ! I love a product aimed and marketed directly at suckers ..

"New from Robco - PRE-digested foods! Great weight-loss product! Just order three meals a day, and they arrive PRE-digested! No more time consuming chewing and swallowing! Just open one meal at breakfast, another at lunch and another at dinner - and just DUMP THEM DOWN THE TOILET!!! How easy is THAT!? Your actual colon need not do ANY actual work!

BUT WAIT! If you order one month's worth of our special pre-digested cuisine, we'll include a tiny little man to do the actual toilet-dumping step FOR YOU!

(DISCLAIMER: Use of this product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Prolonged use may cause a slow, painful death. Little man not guaranteed to be alive upon delivery. Void where prohibited. Not available in Arizona.)

The funny thing is there are plenty of morons out there that would by this useless product.

24-Do you think they'll make them with Kaballa water?

Mr. Bill, maybe we can get a deal if we buy this with a Madonna infested toilet seat

I honestly can't think of one funny line.
All I can say is "You gotta be sh!ttin' me."

blurk, we might be able to include that ingredient in the Madonna Kabbalah water

P.T. Barnum would have been so proud.

Punkin - AWWwww!

Aww, Canada lost the recipe for ice.....how tragic.

And 100 blog bucks for the first person that gets the P.T. Barnum reference. (and I know there are plenty of you out there)

Are you calling us suckers, blurk. Cuz there is one born every minute

I think I'll start selling dehydrated water.

"There's a sucker born every minute", Blurkie

24 - wanna split that $100?????

"Each blessed hour brings 60 of 'em; each time the wooden cuckoo shows his face, another sucker takes his place in line to buy my brand of genuine malarkey, God bless and love 'em."
They made an EXCELLENT Broadway musical called Barnum; the opening song is "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute."

Something tells me blurk would rather see us wrestle for it. Although I am humbled (and intimidated) by your bazoomage, so I may just forfeit!

"Aww, Canada lost the recipe for ice.....how tragic"

Maybe a snake ate it?

24, nope the match is all set. Who wants ringside seats?

***sigh*** fine - I'll go put on my spandex. Can I request Kiefer as the ring dude?

Punkin - be gentle

Blurkie - NO oil this time! Last time my bra kept sliding off.

What's that smell? *sniff* *sniff* Is that a hoax I smell?

Huh? Whut? Sorry, I passed out there for a minute.
Punkin don't do that!!!

Bras? oh, crap, better go put mine back on.

*feels faint*
Here we go again.

Hey, blurk, if you can't hang with the big girls, well, then, what use are ya?

*high fives 24 - goes off with her to blow $100 blog bucks on blogaritas - leaves Blurker sweating*

Hey! Gimme back my wallet!!


No one has heard of this type of product before? I was at a party last year and iced drinks were served with frozen ice-like cubes in them. The cubes were plastic and I assume water was inside them. WHen they "melted" the drinks didn't get watered down.

I see them for sale at World Market all the time.

just add "cold".....

Punkin, i think i love you

There's always Canned Mountain Air

Can you also get ready-to-boil water, packaged with a one-use metal pan? How about ready-to-drink water, packaged in one-serving plastic bottles...oh, wait

sly - I know what you're talking about. This product is pre-filled ice cube trays, hermetically sealed. For the rich ultra-lazy-butt.

*snork* @ Chaz!

That's rediculous. They're probably charging 5 bucks a box, too.
MORE IMPORTANTLY, I got the P.T. Barnum reference. I feel so proud.

Hands off our blogaritas, Bobbi!

i think prefrozen kids would be more marketable. the thawed ones are way too active.

Actually we just make these ice cube thingies up here and then expeort them all to the US. Just another reaason why we are each other's largest trading partner.

Carnac the Magnificent

"Pre-packed, Unfrozen Ice Cubes"

Miamians on a flight to Canada.

*rim shot*

Maybe they'll sell them to eskimos?

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