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July 28, 2006


The distant sound of strumpeting, strumpeting....



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hope i'm the first to catch this post... and the conversation (still listening!)

Foist to walk the plank! Avast ye, early boids!

The shadow knows... is there a peter pan connection?
I gotta read this one.

pepe - may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.....kidding!

Judi - will there be MORE strumpeting in the near future? Or are the boys just gonna rest on their laurels for awhile?

darn... i need flea powder.

Dave also revealed his platform for his next presidential candidacy.

whew.....I am relieved. I hope they dont misplace my vote again....

resting on their laurels...

I though Mrs. Blog was named Michelle (and Mrs. Ridley isn't named Laurel either) !

insom - Let me introduce you to the "high road":

"High Road, this is insom, insom, this is high road."

I'll let you two get aquainted.

Another fine mess you've gotten me into.

actually i think they're going to Spend Time With Their Families for a while ;)

*snork* "talk like a porpoise" for me.
*follows Punkin up the high road*

1) no, I can't hear it (werk filter)
2) spending time with their Families: I think that is why Dave is on hiatus after all ...

Great photo - Mr. Harris is wearing the Blue shirt now!

OMG...watch the Picture of the Day on Paul Harris...

thats Elton John at first...then William Shatner doing "Rocket Man" (this is where Stewie from Family guy got hisd imitation)


sorry, havent figured linking out yet

the BEST is Shat doing a JIG at the end....classic!!!!

punkin - i'll guess you'll get to Scotland before me...

Welcome St. Louis blurkers!!! Wish I could hear it. (Is it streaming? Podcasting? Any of that other techno-crap?)

Time Travelling Hamsters wbagnfaTeenPopband?

i wonder who Paul Harris is most proud to be photographed with...Pearson and Barry or The Cristic Jon Lovitiz...

What is that weird shirt Dave has on? First of all, it's not blue, the Official International Color of Dave's Shirts. More importantly, it looks like something a second grader would wear on photo day.

Chaz, check your mail, if it doesn't come through right, go to the Criminal Mastermind of The Week thread.

Hey Dave! Hey Ridley! It's a freakin' dolphin, not a porpoise! As in Day of the Dolphin. As in Miami Dolphins. Ridley, I get, 'cause he's from St. Louis, but how can someone live in Miami for eleventy seveteen dog [not dingo] years and not realize the funny one with the big nose is the dolphin? The porpoise is the dolphin after Ryhno[not Hippo]plasty.

*Steps down off high donkey*

Sorry to be so dull .. but who is Paul Harris?

for jorge and others blocked. The link is a recording of an interview with KMOX's Paul Harris. Dave and Ridley, strumpeting in St. Louis.

can't listen to it right now cuz I'm "working" -dang job!!!

CJ-I think Dave has been quoted as saying: "Fact checker?"

Dave and Ridley-Great book tour--you guys were troupers.

Now I understand the 24 plot holes--they're don't edit out the time-travelling hamsters!

Great interview, guys! Can anyone recommend which of Ridley's books I should start reading? (Besides Peter, of course...) I think I've caught up with all of Dave's books until Christmas.

Look here, Missy: It's people like you "working" that are the problem. Don't look to the border and to the gas pump and point your finger there. Don't blame the fat rumps in Washington. Look in the mirror if you want to see Erdlinger.

Hey, where are my fries? The point is plain. We sit around lollygagging and bitching about the welfare moms and meanwhile the bat's in the washing machine my god I think he's been there all night and somehow this is Mr. Bush's soda? Hey, where's my soda?

T'aint no big flippin' deal. Gimme that. Don't eat with your mouth full, that's what my momma used to say FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHUT THAT THING UP but then again those were happier days and the dandelions were blooming all around and my doggie was still alive and my dad drove a chevy and I used to mow the grass with the bees and the dog poop and the sweat in your eyes... used to cut it right down...and the dandelions too, just mixed 'em all together...one day I ran the lawn mower into the basement window and broke a pane of glass and sent my sister to the basement cause I was too afraid of the bats... you know, they get in your hair and cause rabies and then you get pregnant and have rabid bat babies and after that ain't nobody gonna date you.

mud?? need a gumball???

gee whiz, mud - did your head just explode?

Methinks Mud's hittin' the hard stuff today.

The old bloglit known as mudstuffin
Admitted geezer, fart, and curmudgeon
Is off meds again
and hard to comprehend
If you don't like 'im, don't pitch a high dudgeon!

Mud, darlin' - take a deep breath. (And you might want to refresh yout tin-foil hat.)

Mud breaks from haiku
Startled bloglits scatter off
Mary gathers kids

YOUR, not yout. grrrrrrr

When 'stuffin' posts in some new guise
There's grass and dog poop and sweat in his eyes.

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