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July 17, 2006


Ridley and I are now strumpeting for our book in New York City, because, as the song goes:

If you can make it there
You will still be unable to make it across town

It's very hot here. Pigeons are exploding in midair. But we don't care. We're having a terrific time, and I will tell you why: our publisher is paying for it.


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Second? I've got to go. Bye

So Dave... Is the next book gonna be called Peter and the Exploding Pigeon Catchers??

VERY kool website for the books by the way!!

Hope you're going first class, Dave!

Potential Headline of the Day:


Well Dave, if your publisher is paying for it, then we here at the blog are expecting great souvenirs!

Dave & Ridley -

How lucky you are to experience NYC in all it's odiferous glory! Pigeon guts, trash and homeless men's feet all get that certain heady aroma in the summer heat. ENJOY!

Just to let you know - the Vineyard should be dry, about 80 and sunny on wednesday....and should smell WAY better than NYC. (It's probably the Yankees you smell)

See ya!

So there are no pigeons in Miami?

very few pigeons in miami...

The pigeons in Miami hang out at the courthouse downtown. Vultures, too.

we just have roaches the size of pigeons in Miami..

vultures = lawyers???

Punkin: that was very uncalled for, especially for a supporter of a team that has blown a 4 game lead in a week by losing 3 of 4 to the (chuckle) Devil Rays (Bwaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaa).

Dave, we just wanted you to feel at home here so imported some Miami weather for your enjoyment.

See you guys tonight and get ready for a special blog presentation that Punkin will be very hard pressed to match, let alone top.

Will you be staying at the Shpennsylvania again?

I think the shpublisher will pay for better than the Shpennsylvania. Not much you can do about the dang shpigeons, tho.

Chaz, Are pigeons worse than seagulls? Surely Fla has gulls.

Dave, loved the book site too, really nice, and the first book was good too.

Dave, we had the extra heat and humidity in Charlotte to make you feel at home, and to prepare you for New York.

You and Ridley should definetly go to the Carnegie Deli but what ever you do share the sandwhich. My dad and I went last year when we were in new York visiting my brother and we each ordered a Woody Allen which has a pound of corned beef and because that was'nt enough they threw on a pound of Pastrami. Needless to say I was unable to eat for the rest of the trip but I did finish the sandwhich as by the halfway point it had become my Mt. Everest both in size and in need to conquer the thing.

Addicted: here's an old New York tip. At the Carnegie you order one sandwich and one hot dog and share. This way they don't give you dirty looks and you still have enough to feed a family of 12... well, 4.

will johnny be there too?

yeah, you should go to the carnegie. mmm. and make sure you get a knish.... dave, c'mon up to albany! its the state capital! [and, just as hot here as in enn-why-cee.] but no exploding pigeons. would you believe exploding politicians?

They say the strumpet life is hard on Broadway
They say that pigeons blow up in mid-air
But Miami's where New Yorkers go
When they get sick of seeing snow!
And the heat wave's mostly always there.

You'll find that there's no dress code here
on Broadway
Though 'what's that girl wearing?' really just
sounds rude.
You hardly won't seem out of step
Decked out just like Johnny Depp
And, by the way, 'that girl' might be a dude!

Dave's strumpet tour won't reach an end on Broadway
He travels on to Dayton, Butte and Nome
But meeting bloglits on the road
Can lift a person's psychic load
And make him glad there's no weirdos here at home!

Dave 'n' Ridley: In regards food recommendations while in NYC, I implore you NOT to ask anyone "Where's the best pizza?" This question will set off passionate (as in involving gunfire) discussions on the topic and trigger generations-old rivalries. Besides, it's Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, hands down. Although John's of Bleecker Street is a very close second [BANG!]. Although there is a little place on Amsterdam at about 73rd Street that looks like a dump (okay, it IS a dump) but has really good pizza. Avoid any and all "Ray's" pizza joints.

As for the exploding pigeons, I wouldn't eat them, either, which is to say, avoid the street vendors selling "meat" on a stick for the time being.

As for the exploding pigeons, I wouldn't eat them, either, which is to say, avoid the street vendors selling "meat" on a stick for the time being.

What Lairbo said.

But don't listen to him about the pizza. It's L&B Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst.

Hey, Jeff! We're gonna want pics of that presentation.

Bravo, insom.

(*Looks for lighter to light. Remembers he doesn't smoke. Holds up cell phone instead.*)

Awwww Jeff....I can't wait to see what you Big Apple Bloglits have up your sleeves! I'm sure it will be very cute. *pats Jeff on the head* Run along now, you don't want to be late...

anybody have nyc hotel recommendations? ;)

If you come to Montana I promise TCK and I will not make you wear underwear on your head. Unlike LBFF, who, I noticed, wasn't wearing any underwear.
On her head, I mean. Geez, you guys.


sweat in rivulets
city reeks, fowls burst, soles melt
remember: wash drawers

before arriving
in Dayton, please, for God's sake
don't forget: wash drawers

sun strikes like Tyson
lays me in a bed of coals
with a rabbit punch

Judi - Are you comming to the Vineyard?????

judi, stay away from the ones that you can rent by the hour. Or so I've heard.

(So excited at the pssibility of meting Judi, I added an extra M)

I hear that the Shpotel Shpennsylvania has lots of "character" and offers unforgettable stays.

Jeff: Yeah, sure, L&B Spumoni Gardens [locks and loads]. See ya tonight.

Dang - now I've overcompensated by leaving out an E...*stupid fat fingers*

Punkin, and an "o".
Slow down...breath, breath, that's it. Just take it easy now.

*tosses out rest of 3rd cup of coffee - takes a deep, cleansing breath*

*snork* @ Lairbo, and damn! I forgot to pack my bullet proof eye patch.

Judi, friends who've stayed there liked the Lucerne Hotel. It's on the Upper West Side. It's very popular with European travellers but that doesn't mean it doesn't have showers. I'm pretty sure that it does. It's also near the book event tonight, if that's a consideration.

There's also a big old hotel at the south end of the plaza in front of Lincoln Center. I can't remember the name of it. Anyone?

My, the August panic is setting in early up in New England. Good to see the faithful holding their composure so well.

Pigeons, or Red Sox. It's what's for dinner.

I may be headed to some patriot-sponsored hell or other for doing this, but:

O say, can you see, through the sun’s glaring light,
What so proudly we hail’d was a taxi so steamy.
Whose broad suitcases checked on a perilous flight
O’er the states in between Charlotte and the Big Apple.
As the sun heats the air, pigeons burst in midair,
But because they are brave, Dave and Ridley stay there.
O say, does that Starcatcher’s dust-jacket still wave
O’er the Barnes & Noble crowd and the man we call Dave?

*holds composure*

*wonders if Blue remembers that there will be Red Sox fans present this evening*

Woo-hoo, Bumble!!!

Dave, while you're in NYC, head on over to Prohibition on Columbia Ave. They have great drinks and appetizers, etc. I would tell you why I'm pimping the joint, but then I'd have to kill you.

Blue's aware of the mix in this evening's crowd, and will be his normal gracious self with those who behave likewise.

*Regrets collateral damage*

KDF, if he doesn't remember to be courteous to said fans, you have my permission to beat him about the head. And thank you for the woo-hoo. It is appreciated. :-)

Hi Blue!

*smiles a sunny smile*

Woah! Dave wrote a book?

Lab~ Actually, he's written several. ;-)

Has anyone noted that "Exploding Pigeons" WBAGNFARB?

My, Dave looks quite swashbuckling in the eye patch. (For anyone who needs their swash buckled.)


Bumble, for what it's worth, I consider myself to be quite the patriot, and now there's coffee on my keyboard. Well done!

Bumble, you've outdone yourself.
*stands and applauds*

Bumble, you forgot the last two words -


I heard that Terrell Owens actually writes all his books. (obscure reference)

Bravo, Bumble!

Wish I could be there - hope you have a good driver to get you to that B&N. As I've mentioned before - it's hidden somewhere in the city... You could stay in Jersey, y'know and get them to drive you into NYC...Maybe Meanie has a spare room...

GREAT job Bumble!! and a patriotic SNORK at ya!

You might mean that little-known hostel, the Plaza, which is no longer a hotel but is being condo-ized, so you can't actually stay there.
Eloise is turning in her grave.

Punkin...it's a little-known fact that Francis Scott Key originally ended his lyrics with "Play ball", but when asked to explain the phrase, he appeared confused and was unable to do so. "It was just...a feeling", he said. His friends hurried him away and he was sequestered for several days in cold baths and bled with leeches until he was judged to have recovered. However, in later years, when in his cups, he could still be heard whispering the mysterious phrase from time to time, then shaking his head as if to clear cobwebs from his brain. It was really quite tragic: what could have been an act of incredible prescience was -- as is so often the case -- dismissed as a delusion.

cf: Galileo, Newton, Molly Ivins

Judi, friends who've stayed there liked the Lucerne Hotel. It's on the Upper West Side. It's very popular with European travellers but that doesn't mean it doesn't have showers. I'm pretty sure that it does.

*snork* for the 'showers' line.

You might mean that little-known hostel, the Plaza, which is no longer a hotel but is being condo-ized, so you can't actually stay there.

Don't think so, Guin, as he said at the south end of the plaza in front of Lincoln Center.

I thought Plaza too but then I reread what he said. I can't help with the name, however.


Aww, shucks people. It was nuthin'.

Ironically, I just read this in Reader's Digest. For KDF:

" 'I'm a Yankees fan,' a first-grade teacher explains to her class. 'Who likes the Yankees?' Everyone raises a hand except one little girl. 'Janie,' the teacher says, surprised, 'Why didn't you raise your hand?'
'I'm not a Yankees fan.'
'Well, if you are not a Yankees fan, then what team do you like?'
'The Red Sox,' Janie answers.
'Why in the world are you a Red Sox fan?'
'Because my mom and dad are Red Sox fans.'
'That's no reason to be a Red Sox fan,' the teacher replies, annoyed. 'You don't always have to be just like your parents. What if your mom and dad were morons? What would you be then?'
'A Yankees fan.' "


*zips in*

Hey Bumble! As I was reading this thread I was planning to give you a *snork*, a BRAVA! and a *high five* for your excellent parody of the SSB and tell you how terrific it was.

But then I got to your vicious, venomous, hurtful beyond words, mean, cruel, Yankees "joke" and now I can't.

*sigh* :-)

Bumble - Don't you listen to El - she's just cranky because her World Series rings are tarnishing...

very good bumble! and wish i could be there tonite!

Since I have no team preferences and like both El and KDF, here's a peace offering for El. I'll stay neutral and let the rest of you fight this stuff out from now on.

Punkin- Glad you liked it.

queensbee- I wish I could too!

I swear I closed that link.

thanks all, the lucerne is on my short list.

Dave must be in NYC to celebrate the Yankees taking over 1st place again. Be sure to congratulate him for me!

Et tu, Annie?

Start spreading the muse,
Dave's comin' today.
He wants to be a part of it,
New York, New York.

Bostonian blues,
Are fadin' away.
He's in the Yankee heart of it,
In ol' New York.

If he can take it there,
He can take it anywhere.
Yankees are true New York, New York!

"Please come to Boston for the summer time,
The BoSox Fans are wonderful,
We even know how to rhyme.

You can sell your kid's books on the sidewalk,
By America's Oldest Pub, where we can keep you cool.
Please come to Boston, hey just GO!
Boy, won't you come home for beans.

Ramblin boy why don't you settle down,
New York can't be your kind of town,
There ain't no Sox and there ain't nobody like me -
I'm the number one fan of the man from Miami.

Bravo, Annie!

(even if I don't like the Yankees)

Um...Punkin, I don't mean to be critical, but in that first stanza you bragged about rhymin' and the second stanza...well...............

blurkie - please revoke Punkin's poetic license.

Thanks a lot, Annie!! "poetic license" made me spit all over my screen and the people I work with think that I have clearly lost my mind.

Thank you Bumble, I applaud your neutrality!


Blurker - How quickly they turn...
Hey - Have you ever HEARD the original song????

HIS lyrics don't rhyme either! I was being true to the artist's intent. Hummpff.

Please come to Boston
For the springtime
I'm stayin' here with some friends
And they've got lots of room
You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk
By a cafe where I hope to be workin' soon
Please come to Boston
She said no, boy you come home to me

(And) She said, hey ramblin' boy
Why don't you settle down
(Boston, Denver, L.A.) ain't your kind of town
There ain't no gold
And there ain't nobody like me
I'm the number one fan
Of the man from Tennessee

Please clobber Boston in the Autumn...

I didn't turn, Punkin!! I swear!! In the immortal words of OtheU "merely...observin"

nyc? you're in nyc? any plans to drive out to...oh, i don't know... ARMONK?? which is near STAMFORD??? which is where i am??

i know i'm late to this party. and pathetic. and pathetically late to this party. still...nyc? you're in nyc??

puppy-yep, he and Ridley are in nyc

Are there no pictures from Charlotte?

I guess no one gave Dave and Ridley any underwear. How dull.

Jeff - south, north, Lincoln Center, - I just saw "plaza" and was fixated. I am usually pretty good at following directions. ;)

The book strumpeting is causing somebody to fall down on the job.


Hey Dave, is Jim Dale reading the Audio version of the new book? He did a phenomenal job on the first installment of the series and since J.K. Rowlings' Harry Potter is close to wrapping up, he should have some time on his hands...

Thanks for the good work, my kids and I thoroughly enjoyed "Starcatchers". Much success on the latest incarnation of "Peter" -- keep 'em coming boss!

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