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July 23, 2006


Blogperson Mudstuffin came to the Dayton event and gave me a very tasteful ceramic toilet filled with plastic snakes and (I hope) rubber poop. He is much shorter than I expected.



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Well, who is that?


Hmmm...remind me to read the captions (blush)!

Hey, mudstuffin!

Where's the picture of the toilet?

And he has no arms. How ever does he blog?

And Dave is much taller than I expected. Those are some LONG legs, Dave.

And by that I mean table legs...

Mud is one of those talented circus folks with no arms or legs...he blogs with his, um, well....nevermind....

*washes imagination out with soap*

*remembering how tall Mud was in those other pictures*

Uh, if he has no legs, then, uh... um....


*borrows Punkin's soap*

Hmmm, that won't be nearly enough.

*goes out to find more imaginary soap*

Yes, mud was indeed much shorter than expected, but we all hid our surprise well and didn't tease him about it.

No toilet photos?

We need pix of what might be (Dave hopes) rubber poop ... merely ... trineta help out here ...

I agree, OtheU. I think we should conduct a toilet poll. And judging by the quality of these other pictures, I'm sure we'll have no trouble in making a determination.

well yeah, the crap cam should definatley take some pictures of the, ummm, crap.

There you are, mudstuffin! All this time you've been writing haiku...now we know it's really lowku..

hi mud!! great haikus. keep it up.

mudstuffin's short
where are his arms?
I can't write haiku

yes, short, squat, nearly bald
lab specimen and I must
have the same trainer

Great picture mud - Dave could even rest his beer on yer head!

To Mudstuffin:

no arms and no legs
yet his haiku leaves us stunned
how does he do it?

An 'omage to mud:
Fantastic haiku's and such
Keep up the good work

Dave obviously cut off his arms and legs like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Did anyone yell at you to get down off the table? I hope that Mud found his arms. You weren't standing on them were you? :-)

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