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July 20, 2006


(Thanks to orcel)


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Oooooooh ... Jamestown ... OK ... well, you know whut we all say about Jamestown ... The hottest spot of the entertainment spectrum in Nodak ...

Char's Bar ... I knew of a Charlie's Bar, once ... guess I musta missed Char's ... that's unusual ... or mebbe I wuz there and fergot ... for obvious reasons ...

Trineta recall if I ever made out at a concert ... ummmmm ... movies, dorms, drivin' tractor, student parkin' lot (Blizzard of '66 - I could get to my car, and drive it around the one open lane, but not go NEwhere else ... but it had a full tank of gas, and got us out of the dorms), drive-in restaurant, library, coulee bank ... special concealed and secret location #1 - #37 ... um ... nope ... not at a concert ... well, there wuz that time the Baroque Ensemble wuz at the Union ... and the Winterpeg Symphony, but that wuz only in the locker room area ...

Nope, not at a concert ...

You may mock me and my music, but you will never EVER indict me for using steroids or tax evasion.


The REAL Barry

how can we impeach Barry Manilow?

Longtime lurker here, first-time poster... I just *had* to respond to this thread. You guys are the greatest! This whole BM thread (taken all at once) gave the best laugh I've had in awhile. Many thanks to all!

{{still snorking}}

Welcome to the madness, Avid! Keep posting! :)

southerngirl, sorry I didn't get a chance to respond yesterday. There was a vehicle accident on base and my little coppers couldn't quite handle the investigation themselves (so they said; I think they just didn't want to) so I actually had to get up and do some work. Then I went home and mowed the lawn.

*excitedly awaits another hair flip*

Just for blurker on this fine (HA!) Friday morning:

*hair flip* :)

El, don't tease! You know what those FCDA hair flips do to me. I'm sure you remember that time we were in Vegas. Wait...that's supposed to stay in Vegas, right?

Wessonality--Peter f**in' Frampton?!!?! (Sorry, it's a quote from my favorite movie)

Electricity, Sales and Ass--sounds like some S&M prostitution going on. Nothin' new in Miami eh?

Betsi ~

"Do You Feel Like We Do?" is 11 and a half minutes long and is, IMHO, the best bang for the buck (or 99-cents) complimentary "freebie" download I've done yet.

Plus, my first major crush looked just like PF.

But I'm drawing a blank here -- what movie was your quote from?

High Fidelity...

Ah! Thanks for the lovely rental idea. :-) Not tonight, though -- goin' strumpetin'.

:-) For me, it's movie magic.

High Fidelity is a great movie!

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