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July 20, 2006


(Thanks to orcel)


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...Apparently! Is there any other choice?!


"But have they thought that these hoodlums might like my music?"
I'm certain that thought never crossed their (not they're, there) minds.

I sincerely hope that he was being facetious with his comments. If he was serious he needs to be locked away.

I'm surprised that The Barry's PR people allowed him to respond to this story. I would have thought they would have advised him to ignore a story which basically provides evidence that his music is physically repulsive.

He should be happy someone is still playing his music at all...

yeah I can see those hoodlums dancing the conga line outta there!

For once I am thankful there were no pictures.

"I write the songs that drives the rationally minded human out of their mind..."

thank you chaz

"But have they thought that these hoodlums might like my music? What if some of them began to sing along to "Can't Smile Without You?'". "Or lit candles when "I Write The Songs" was played? Or, heaven forbid, danced around to the infectious beat of 'Copacabana'?".

Please tell me this is a hoax.

*SNORKing* @ Suzy's mental image.

infectious. beat.


"...Or, heaven forbid, danced around to the infectious beat of 'Copacabana'?"

Infectious. Yeah, as in "flesh-eating virus".

I now have the cuban pete scene from tha mask in my mind but the music is from Copa. Gorrammit.

Grrrrr Arrrgh

That would be "The Mask."

Picture this...
A gang of 10 to 12 hoodlums with purple, orange, and green spiked hair and various body piercings all standing on the corner. It's 8:59 and 59 seconds. They have been roughhousing (you know, the regular stuff - knife in the gut, slicing of arms and legs, kicking in the groin, etc) ... Then ....

"Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl.."

"aaaarrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhh... Oh s**t man ..."
"At the Copa, Copacabana (Copacabana)"
"f***, d***, sh**" ..."
"The hottest spot north of Havana."
"... get the earwig out man, get it out ... I can't stand it ... I dunno, shoot it out, ANYTHING!!!"

aaaah...my first *snork* thanks Glix!!! *SMOKIN*

and btw it's Susy NotToBeConfusedWith SuzyQ - I'm in the process of morphing...

But most importantly:
"Apparently, the youths have now left the area."


Just wondering. Did they test this theory on plants also? Maybe we could make weeds go away? Saw a guy on tv that said you could get rid of moles by putting a cheap radio in their tunnel playing hard rock...

You mean he doesn't like the fact that his music is driving people away? How strange.

That could be a very loose definition of "people," right?

Luckily everyone knows there is no possibility that Barry's music ever put a smile on anyone's face.

Hanna, no it's a very loose definition of "music".

One person's music is another person's earworm. My daughter LOVES Barry Manilow. Go figure.

The ex-Mrs. Layzee used to ask for BM tickets every year for her birthday. Insisted on dragging me along. Used that as evidence in the deevorce - cruel and unusual treatment.

Proves how much my son-in-law loves her--he took her to a concert voluntarily for an anniversary. No doubt had his Walkman in his pocket...

If you hold pictures of Barry and Mickey Mouse side-by-side, I swear you can NOT tell them apart.

So that's why iPods are so popular. Easier to hide at BM and co. concerts.

Oh, and sorry, Susy...I didn't have you confused with SuzyQ, I just got lazy about spelling.

OK, am I the only one that thought "Barry Speaks Out on the Issues of the Day" was a reference to Dave? I'm the only one that got all excited that maybe there was a new Dave column? The only one that was horribly disappointed upon finding myself laughing at Manilow quotes rather than snorking at Dave-style humor?

really? I'm the only one?

Ok, let's analyze this from the perspective of lunatic land for a minute, shall we? Let's just suppose BM is right and his music attracts these hooligans and makes them smile. On the one hand, the music sends most normal people running into the streets, covering their ears and screaming the words to "Jingle Bells" at the top of their lungs.
On the other hand, it attracts dangerous hooligans and makes them smile.
And BM thinks this a good thing. OOOOOOO KKKKKKKK

Tiny - yes. The cheeser stands alone.

Where's a decent singing urinal with motion-detector when you need one?

Actually, my daughter is "normal" in most respects... This is just a passing quirk, hopefully. She's an elementary teacher, maybe all those years of being in a room with a bunch of kids has warped her brain.

that's OK Annie - I'm comfortable with my uniqueness

Hanna, that's why I inserted the caveat "most" normal people. There are a few normal folks that like BM. I, however, do not. Wait, I had to put that whole "normal" thing in there, didn't I?

Actually, Tootles, I thought "Barry" was Dave, too. Which means I'm thinking like you. Which frightens me.

I'm surprised Dave didn't Barry (Not bury) this one deeper in the blog....

-PB, who admits to actually having watched people polishing the Barry Manilow "star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in front of the Pantages Theatre.

The Australians gave us Air Supply. We retaliate with Barry Manilow....

Seems fair to me.

CK, I vehemently disagree!!! Shoot! When I was a teenager, have the girlfriend over, throw on a little Air Supply... I won't go into details other that to say it worked every time.

Gangsta #1: "Let's rumble!"
Gangsta #2: "Bring it, Holmes!"
{strains of Mandy fly through the streets}
Gangsta #1: "Fuhgetit, I'm goin' shoppin'!"
Gangsta #2: "Yeah, we can finish this later!"

oops make that "than"

I swear I am semi-literate.

So, Air Supply plus hormones equals -----!@#!

BM plus hormones equals ... run for it! What if it backfires and the hoodlums starting multiplying instead of dividing...

TCK~ I'm comfortable with your uniqueness, too.

Did I say that out loud?

*sits in the corner waiting for southerngirl to appear and confiscate her halo*

Never could get into Air Supply, but I will admit I did have a few Olivia Newton John albums back in the day and the poster of her on the wall....

I would gladly have got "Physical" with her, but there was that pesky restraining order standing in the way.

Um...TC?...Bumble? Sumpthin you two ain't tellin' us?

Every single red-blooded HS male in the late 70's had that "Physical" poster on their wall. And when the tape holding it up worked free, I understand you could hold it in place with one hand...

It just doesn't work the same seeing Olivia on a CD. I blame shrinkage.

OK, i will confess that i actually went to an air supply concert - i was in 7th or 8th grade at the time, and my girlfreind wanted to go - we held hands and made out, so i didn't actually hear the concert

and blurker - bumble and me play this little game where she says somethin nice, and then maybe flirts a little bit, and then i get interested, and then she flirts a little more, and maybe does that hair flip thing, and just about when she's got me buyin it this time, she laughs and walks away

in other words, she's lucy with the football, and i'm charlie brown

Bumble - how did you get it back in the first place?

D@mn!! I hate it when that happens. And we fall for it EVERY time.

WHat do you mean "Had" that poster on their wall? I still have...

Oh, never mind....

*smiles at blurkie*

wanna smoke?


TCK~ Hey, stop making me out to be some kind of monster. I'm your snuggle bug, remember? Just because our relationship never actually gets to the same base it does in your head doesn't mean I'm taunting you. I never promised anything.

*snuggles w/ TCK*

southerngirl~ TCK stole it from you and gave it back to me. He says I look hot in it.

Bumble - you misunderstand - i never said i didn't enjoy the game :)

and I so did not steal a halo from southerngirl and give it to you!


but ya do look kinda hot in it

Is it just me, or did the temperature just go up a couple of degrees in this thread?

If you can't stand the heat... ;-)

*zips in*

*fans self*

Whew, it's a little warm in here.

I'm with blurker re Air Supply. I liked the way it worked.
No, don't ask me. I can't say any more about it.

Toto, stop taunting the blogettes! Some of us know you're just a big tease! ;)

And some of us know he's a little tease.

*snork* @ Annie & El


{{{Annie, El, Bumble}}}

*teases Teacup*

*high-fives southerngirl for taunting Blurkie*

*and of course, hugs her too* :)

Trenton...if you can cool down for a minute after all this attention, no -- you were not alone. I was anticipating a GoodBarry quote, and as a result I am now suffering from pain and suffering, breach of promise, and post-traumatic stress sydrome. Would you like to join me in a class action law suit?

(If this has been mentioned before, please forgive...)

But now that I've seen Barry Manilow referred to as BM, I will forever associate him with "Bowel Movement".... thank you so much (not!)

Sending a SNORK-OUT to all the BarryHeads out there- whether they be fans of Dave or Barry, or all of those in between. BM, y'all!!!

KDF, he never even responded...*sob*

mebbe I need to practice the hairflip?

southerngirl - i saw that hairflip - the wind-up was perfect, and the execution was pure poetry

don't mess with perfection, i always say


It's okay, sweetie.

*loves southerngirl a beer and a tissue*

and Annie - if ya really knew of which you speak, the term "little" would not in any way be included in the description

and it's not braggin if it's true

and Betsy - class action? normally i'd say lock and load, but i just can't bring myself to sue judi, goddess of the blog

So, Tiny, you're calling Bumble a liar?

AWBH... you should have a talk show.

I love this blog. what a country!

Jazzz - this IS my talk show...the rest of you just get to visit once in a while...
Dr. Doug, you shush!

Annie, I never called him Tiny. Timothy, Temeritous, Tiberius and Tobias maybe, but never Tiny. That's all you. Not that I'd have firsthand knowledge of whatever you may be referring to.

*innocent look*

You told me you copped a feel on that hug up there at 7:00....or TRIED to cop a feel.

btw - that's no halo - that's a toilet seat.

*joins Annie in shushing Dr. Doug*

Bumble - *flush*

Confused backwards-R Us ...

Why are we shushing Dr. Doug? I just got here. Seems like he might have been shushed clean out of here. (If it's a painful subject, forget I asked. Just keep the line moving.)

Name is MoFaux, and I used to listen to folk music. I think maybe manilow would be better if he used a washboard in his band sometimes, Anyone else have the same feeling?By the way, whoever that was that confessed to making out to Air Supply, has my comendation for saying it loud and proud here on the blog.The lowest I ever sunk was Dan Folgleberg.... I mean making out to his music, i did NOT make out with him.


*gratefully accepts compliment, tissue and beer*

*knows it's blurkie's loss*


*solidarity hairflip*

Hello, my name is Wessonality!, and I have been hiding a dirty secret...

My kids gave me an MP3 player for Christmas. So, out of the first 50 songs I downloaded, I am embarrassed to admit, "Could This Be the Magic" was one.

OK. Now I haven't even HEARD that song in probably 20 years or more, and for some reason, as I maniacally used my "free download" cards from Sony, I fell into a time warp (ooh, that would have been a good one -- note to self -- download Rocky Horror songs later -- but I digress...) and started reliving my tween years. Back then I fell asleep with Barry in my ear every night, with my little transistor radio under my pillow. That song was just so...ROMANTIC...sigh....

So. Now, 30+-odd (very odd) years later, I have Barry on my MP3 player. And I played it! Once. Twice. Then I found myself flipping past it during a play-all. Again, and again. And becoming really ticked off that I wasted a 99-cent credit on it. And then I found this blog (still a newbie here) and KNEW it was paramount that I keep my Barry Manilow youthful indiscretion under wraps.


I had to get this off my chest in order to move forward. I am hoping that the warmth with which all of you bloglits welcomed me will not begin to chill. One day at a time, I move closer to deleting that 99-cent cheap thrill from not only my MP3 player, but my PC library as well. I am making progress.

Thank you.

Oh, and if it helps to redeem myself in your eyes at all, that BM song was not anywhere near these other selections of mine in my playlist: Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Peter Frampton, Lynyrd Skynrd, Alice Cooper, The Who, and others. I assure you, the contamination was contained.

*high fives KDF*

sistah solidarity! ;)

Wessonality, because I am seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd (Lynyrd Skynyrd ROCKS!) in concert Saturday nite, and you mentioned them by name, you are redeemed in my eyes. :)

(wipes a grateful tear)

Thanks, southerngirl!

(and tosses another "y" up to "Skynyrd" in my post -- boy, that is hard to type)

Annie, you devil. I told you no such thing. And don't you dare sully my halo just because yours didn't get a professional polish job from El. :-P

Wessonality - that took courage! I've already admitted that I "used" to love Manilow when I was young and stupid - even went to a concert. I blame drugs though :)

Wessonality, accountability is the first step. We're all here for you.

and it's not braggin if it's true

Then Toto, I guess in your case it IS bragging, because I have it on good authority that - oops, I promised I wouldn't tell.
never mind.

Wesson, someone gave me a Donna Summer Greatest Hits CD, and she sings on it Could It Be Magic!
When I first heard it I couldn't place it and thought Oh, I love this song! Then I remembered - eeekkkk. I never played the CD again. :)

pssst, it's an OK song

that's right - blame it on drugs - i blame everything on drugs, and if i can't blame it on drugs, i blame it on women - like that air supply concert - i hadn't started doin drugs yet in 8th grade, but that gal had these deep, dark brown eyes...

Wes - I typed it veery slooowly. ;)

Toto and El - a simulpost!!

Woo hoo!!!

*fans self*

I feel so alone


But you're not! :-)

Thanx Bumble, I can sleep now. *sniff* I wuv you guys

But he's a classic! (something.)!
"I write the songs..."

Glix ~ aaaaaggghhh! My eyes are burning!!! Is that some kind of aversion therapy? I'm cured, I'm cured!!! Just make it STOP!!!!

TC K ... you went to an Air Supply concert in McHenry!?!?!?

And people say there's nothin' happenin' in Nodak ... tsk, tsk, tck ...

it was in jamestown - ain't nuthin in mchenry cept for char's bar

OK, since Wessonality came clean, I feel compelled to do the same....

I attended a Barry Manilow concert in 1997. Granted, the tickets were free, but I did attend. I also sang along and danced in the aisle to "Copacobana". Please don't kick me out of the blog! I wasn't in my right mind! I didn't know what I was doing!

Manilow plays several times monthly here in Vegas. My road rage knows no bounds when I see his face leering from approximately every third taxi (stupid ads!). I really, really need to install that rocket launcher on my car...

this is off topic, but Dave needs to know that one of the Herald's Top Jobs on the Home page today
involves Elecricity, Sales and Ass:

Location: US-FL-Miami
Base Pay: N/A
Employee Type: Full-Time Employee
Industry: Electronics
Manages Others: no
Job Type: Retail
Req'd Education: None
Req'd Experience: Not Specified
Req'd Travel: Not Specified
Relocation Covered: No

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