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July 24, 2006


Be careful out there.


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Snakes! Why are snakes always FIRST?

Perhaps he mistook WHICH slimey snake friend she was referring to.

*smiles contentedly*

Oh - Hi El ~ Yakees in FIRST yet?????

I love the title on the Gallery. Words to live by...

Suriya Variwongs - Saving your wairs

Has anyone seen Punkin today? I guess she has the pillow over her head crying because the Med Pox lost yesterday.

private aside to everyone except Punkin- we Yankee fans are, unfortunately, TEMPORARILY, getting used to losing. *sobs*

a female foreigner was physically abused in a local Bar Beer
Shouldn't that be "Beer Bar", and then again, do they really have to specify?

*hands out the award for the Least Charming Snake Charmer"*

El, haven't you seen the pictures?
Punkin doesn't need a pillow

The Translation Machine is not be working very goodly on this one.

El ~ There, there.... *pats her widdle head*

Hey! Don't you wipe your nose on the girls!! Eeew.

What's a "knock-on-effect"?

LBFF - When you translate something literally into English, you usually get all these extra words and non-sensical phrases. This is the "knock-on-effect"

/me thinks this lost something in the translationary process

You could always ask Punkin about the knock-on effect. Whoops...that would be knock-ER effect for her.

somebody's been learning English off of cereal boxes again

Yeah, Suzy - Men DO seem to forget how to form a complete sentence when the "girls" are around!

Punkin - judging from your pic with Dave & Ridley - I'm surprised they could finish the TOUR!

They do look a bit ragged, don't they.

It was funny to see Dave speechless and Ridley drooling.... but boy were they both grateful when we left the building in the rain - they took cover!

just another one of those "perks" huh??

Seems we have identity crises regularly on the blog. Maybe there is something to that "Computer rays that warp your brain" rumor.

"...who were walking and showing their pythons "

...and nobody commented on this? Is Chicago the only place where this is at least a misdemeanor???

Apparently in Pattaya, you can display your python in public as long as you have the proper license and don't try to cheat the viewing public. Otherwise all your pythons is belong to us.

And where was our "don't open if you don't like snakes warning"?

i CAN'T BELIEVE nobody noticed the name of

Police Lieutenant General, Sutham Chaoseethong, Police Inspector, ...

who investigated this horrible crime.

Surely the most horrible part is a police inspector in something cheesythong ??

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