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July 28, 2006


Put down those mothballs now. But keep them near, just in case.

(Thanks to Claire Martin and Siouxie Cruz)


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OK - CHEWING mothballs? ick.

That is all.

I'll stick with gumballs, thanks.

Teenagers will sniff anything. According to Darwinian principles, they should all be dead.

"Both girls had been "bagging" - inhaling mothball fumes - after encouragement from classmates."

I think the misinterpreted what "bagging" their classmates means...

Now slightly less carcinogenic than those really nasty naphthalene moth balls!

And yet - their nostrils remain larvae-free!

*Mary get the kids away*

How'd they get their tiny little legs apart?

Blurkie, Blurkie, Blurkie.....

*moves over to offer Blurkie a seat on the Rocket-Sled-To-Hell*

Any form of volatile substance abuse is incredibly dangerous

ya think????

oh and kewwll!! shared posting ... but kewl indeed!

It would appear that the high road has a traffic jam, but the low road is open for blurk.

Just askin' is all.

Siouxie and Blurk? 3 way again? You guys are too much.

The doctors who treated the girls said the habit was "dangerous" and most likely under-reported in medical literature.

Thought process of reporter: I should put that word in quotes, because it's just his opinion. I personally don't think such a habit is dangerous at all! Mmmmm....mothballs...

LOL out the visual blurker has put in my head of these 2 girls huffing mothballs.
I as well will stick with gumballs, and so should the children.

Siouxie and 24. I know this is gonna be difficult, but I'm gonna start simulin' other people. It's not you...it's me.

wooo hooo 24 & Blurk! I'm on top!!

What, with the stinging hairs and all, I wouldn't wanna stick my nose in a bag of moth balls

Siouxie, are you abandoning me as well?

my eyes....my EYES!!!!

NEVER 24! he just can't handle it...

At least they're not wasting perfectly good dessert toppings doing this...

These girls better straighten out or they will end up looking like this

"An 18-year-old French girl had to be hospitalised when she developed scaly skin on her legs and hands..."

That's today's lesson, children; sniff mothballs, turn into Mothra.

**SNORK**@ 24 - did NOT expect that one!!!

ANN: whippets = Hippie Crack

Sniffing is one thing...but chewing a half a mothball a day??? Oh wait....they are teenagers.

when i was a kid, for reasons unknown, my mom kept our school supplies in a cedar chest. having no faith in cedar to repel moths, she also filled the chest with mothballs. any time we cracked open a notebook at school all the other kids around us would gag from the smell. it was horribly embarrasing. worse, i now know that i missed a great opportunity to earn a little cash on the side from my druggie friends. sigh.

Maybe your mother knew something you didn't know!

Now, if they can just figure out a way to combine the mothballs with the Marijuana Gumballs.....A Two-fer Reefer

"schonheitsoperation" = Cheaters, Phonies, Tonio

and, Horniness Toot Cheapie

*snork* and LOL at Straw - VF!

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