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July 21, 2006


They are waiting for you in Hungary.

(Note: The video linked in the article would get the DNOAWOIYDWYMTTYNYG warning.)

(Thanks to Eleanor)


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OMG - my 2 favorite activities! I'll be FIRST on the tour boat

Good one, El.

But I read this literally: Fancy sex on a fishing boat?

I was wondering what was "fancy" about it.

I will wait till lunch when the office clears out then I am totally gonna watch that video.

Wooooo Hooooo! Who wants to go fishin'? I'll bring the pole! I mean the rod. I mean...um...who wants to go fishin'?


did anyone else notice the little hungarian bees gettin it on?

It's not just Sex on a Fishing Boat... It's FANCY Sex on a Fishing Boat!

Perhaps "Sex on a Fishing Boat" is the sequel to "Snakes on a Plane."

OK, it was definately sex on a fishin boat - but fancy sex? for that, i think we'll need a fancier boat


And here I thought all you could do on a fishing boat was fish!...what an uneducated American I am!

And I thought only my ramparts pulsated like that!

I, for one, don't care if it's an inflatable raft.

...its popularity fell in the past few years as Hungarians choose to spend the summer abroad.

... so what's changed? Sounds about the same to me.

*wonders how far this lake is from Prague*

*wonders if he could get this arranged for his boat, on his lake, here*

Why's it aimed at the younger crowd? Trying to get the Piss Up crowd from England?

Okay, now THOSE were gallantly streaming ramparts! Totally bizarre.

*wonders why Eleanor found this*

Partner????? Something you oughta be explaining?

...its popularity fell in the past few years as Hungarians choose to spend the summer abroad.

Given the choice, I would spend MY summers ON a broad.

Ooh, I'm gonna get it for that one.

*slinks to the doghouse*

The only others I know of that use the term "fancy" is McDonalds on their ketchup.

Still, gonna need a bigger boat.

LOVE the horny bees...

Without being able to view the video, I feel I have little to contribute.

But that's never stopped me before.

Do you suppose he used a rubber


*zips in and takes a bow*

I'm glad everyone is enjoying this!

Hey partner, I was just looking around for a way for you to earn some money with your boat!!!!

What do you think? :)

sorry, can't comment today. Gone "fishin'."

OK, I dare not open the video now, but I need to know what popoular '80's song is played. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? Like a Virgin? (My Girl Wants to) Party All the Time? (Does Eddie Murphy count?) I Want Your Sex? Which one?

How can this tread have gone this far without someone bringing up the the old saw about the commonality of lite beer and sex in a boat - "F**ing close to water!"

So we're saying adultry is a good thing, now?

Anyone wanna rent my pontoons?

No video for me.

*pouts and goes out for a float on Punkin's pontoons*

Wendi, it's apparently some song that was popular in Hungary in the 80's. Can't understand a word of it.

Little help here?

Punkin, need you really ask? What are the rates? By the hour? By the day? I'll dip into the kid's college fund.

thats one "thre hour tour" I wouldnt mind taking....

I wonder what popular 80's song....OPP? (for those who dont know that is "Other People's Person"...like a taken person)

Hum, income with my boat? interesting idea

*wonders if he'll be able to turn a profit*

Reminds me of that news article last year (think it was blogged) where a "party" cruise went out of (Turkey??? Italy??) to international waters and everyone had an orgy. Someone narc'd and lots got into trouble - my question was, if it was in international waters who has jurisdiction? The U.N.?

*goes to find article*

Where's the damn video?

ALl I get is a BS Chase Rewards Card video and some other crapola.

the u.n would just send in 'piece'keepers...

said article

... hum, didn't work last time...

Hey Laynie, so does this make it a potential vacation spot? Or does it rule it out as one?

You know, enquiring minds and all that... :)

*muttering "Durn firewalls, anyway"*

I'm guessing the tune isn't Huey Lewis' "Bad is Bad"? If they hadn't specified the '80s, I'd suggest "The Banana Boat Song"... (does anyone have that link to the woman eating a banana in such a way that she looks like she's giving a Lewinsky?)

Oh, and BTW, congrats to Mickle for being the first one to get the "bigger boat" reference in!!! *tips cap in Mickle's direction*

The bees were the best.

And Hooray for El!


Now I know why everyone's using Cyprus as a staging area out of Lebanon! BTW, has Dante Culpepper heard of this yet?

Whatever rocks your boat, Di!! ;)

row row row your boat
through Lake Balaton
warily warily warily warily
until you 'get it on'!

Obviously, horny middle-aged men, duh.

Hey, I resmeble that remark....

Hey! At least we're not gettin' drunk at a strip club!

That was yesterday.

Ya' know, I was going to completely rewrite this, but I didn't see the point. It's already a parody of itself, so I just changed a few words...

Adultery, exciting and new
Come to Hungary. We're expecting you.
Adultery, cheating's sweetest reward.
Let it flow, it floats back to you.

Love Boat soon will be making another run
The Love Boat promises something for everyone
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on illicit romance.

Love won't hurt anymore
It's a secret tryst on a friendly shore.

Love Boat soon will be making another run
The Love Boat promises something for everyone
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on illicit romance.

Love won't hurt anymore
It's a secret tryst on a friendly shore.
It's the Love Boat-ah! It's the Love Boat-ah!

Okay, I've been trying to follow the rules of good blog manners - I blurked silently for a few months before trying to join conversations and I tried to work out answers to everything on my own before giving up and asking the veteran bloglits... and I've been trying so hard to work out all the various warning initialisms, but I could use a little help on this one.


Do Not Open At Work Or If You Don't Want Your Mother To Tell Your Not You're Grandma? That's my best guess so far. Can anyone tell me if I'm even close? Sorry!

Ya got the DNOAW part. Or If you Don't Want Your Mother To Think You're (Not Your) Gay.

Also if you click on the "Acronyms" link on the left there are more.

Ohhh! That's very helpful! So really I was good up through DNOAWOIYDWYMT... I just had the TYNYG wrong. I'm actually almost kind of proud of myself a little!

But what if you ARE gay? NTTAWWT!

It disturbs me that my friend El was reading an article like this. It disturbs me that Judi would post it, too, but I expect that from her by now.


*refrains from pointing out to El that Lab finally commented*

Dang. You guys always know how to to ruin a perfectly good bad mood.

This comment is for the sole purpose of commenting on Lab's comment, and acknowledging the fact that he commented.

No comment.

Comment allez-vous ?

Tres bien! Et vous?
(good one marfie!)

*decides to ignore Lab's comment - too little, too late*

Tanpopo, you could be gay but still not want your mother to know, right? :) NTTAWWT!

And welcome!

Did NEbuddy else get those Magyar popup/under ads after they clicked on the link?

Bueller? Anyone?

(Watchu mean, nobuddy else clicked on it ... ???)

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