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July 26, 2006


Things could get ugly.

(Thanks to Schadeboy, who notes: "Maybe he'll shoot Homer in the thigh.")


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nanny nanny boo boo...Ann broke this news yesterday so that I could continue my day in bliss.

But this is the FIRST mention today!

So who gets shot in the thigh, we can start a pool.

Awwww....I remember when I accidentally joined the army.....when they found out those weren't actual rocket launchers on my chest, they kicked me out.

(It took 4 Generals, 3 Colonels, a Seargent and the entire motor pool to thoroughly "inspect" me first.)

My money is on Apu, mistaken for a terrorist.

Maggie will shoot Jack Bauer.

I love how "The White Stripes" play as a group, when we all know it's just one guy and a big joke he's perpetrating on whomever will listen.

Why make something good bad? A Simpsons' Movie. My heart is saddened.

I, for one, would like to read "the Original Steve"'s version of this Simpson's episode!
Whaddaya think, Steve?

PnknP, clearly, we need to find out when this Simpsons episode will air and live-blog the hell out of it.

Olo B - it's Jack White and his ex-wife Meg White. Aren't 2 people enough to be a "group"?

Olo: Don't hate Jack because he's a genius.

Not when there are so many good reasons to hate Jack. *bandages thigh*

White Stripes are two people, and a very good band.

sorry, wrong Jack. A little slow today.

White Stripes playing Seven Nation Army....Jack....Simpsons.....

maybe I will watch....maybe

Ok, Ok, I'm not a hater, but I don't buy their act. I've seen Jack W in the music press for years, and didn't ever hear him on the radio. Got my XM six months ago, and listened to him a lot. Now I know why he's never on regular radio. There's some interesting stuff going on once in a while, but it's mostly a lot of simple noise, really bizarre vocals, and (almost) elementary school drums--which is why I don't count Meg. :-) :-)

I thought the white stripes were brother and sister.

Jack White did some stuff for the movie Cold Mountain. I did like that music. He's a little different, though.

I might be wrong on a detail or two, but as I have been told Jack White had his girlfriend play drums for him once. She had never played drums before, ever. Apparently it was exactly the sound he wanted, and he wouldn't let her practice or take lessons. They eventually married, and now they're not, which must be kinda wierd.

My favorite thigh shooter and my 2nd favorite rock band in one season. YES LIFE IS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

Olo: Have you ever heard "In the Cold, Cold Night?" Meg is necessary and underrated.

Plus, have you heard what they do put on the radio?

Bobbi: Jack and Meg are weird. They told everyone they were sibs but supposedly they are really ex-spouses (and he apparently took her last name). I don't think anybody really knows for sure.

They are definitely ex-spouses, not bro/sis. However, Jack's last name was something else and he changed it hers (White), and kept it after they divorced.

Re: the explanation about the girlfriend who had never played the drums: that explains a LOT! It all makes sense now.

I've heard lots of their stuff (except Cold Mountain) and I'm just going to keep my mouth shut. :-)

I'm sorry. All I can think about is that Bart in reality would be about 30 years old now. That makes me VERY OLD!

please liveblog it when it airs :D

Oooh, liveblogging this Simpsons ep would be so much fun! Let's plan on it! Can't ya hear Sutherland's colonel: "Simpson! Drop and give me twenty NOW!!!!" Har!

BTW, perhaps the tune hasn't gotten beyond Sirius and XM, but...it may just be that the White Stripes are no more. Jack White has now turned up a number of times in this nifty little band called the Raconteurs, which is a real, live, honest-to-goodness four-piece rock band. The aforementioned tune is called "Steady As She Goes". I give it a 70, Dick, 'cuz I can dance to it ;)

Not sure what happened to Meg--mayhaps she was shot in the thigh and left in a barn in LA? Maybe she just couldn't stand to be on the same stage with a guy who wears such ugly red-plaid pants on a regular basis? Not sure...

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