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July 31, 2006


Here is the opportunity of a lifetime.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)

UPDATE: And here is a very special item for clinically insane people Red Sox fans (thanks to Andrew Hoenig).


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We do NOT drink. Sumos believe it demeans their lifestyle. At halftime, we will get a soda to share, but never alcohol.

that leaves most of us out

Ummmm... I think I'll pass...

first again!!!

There is no Pixar film called "Ants"

aarif - most people don't know that.
Sweaty, smelly, sharing warm cola, the previous wearer had an oozing skin problem........*shudders*

As for the update - No low-flows allowed!

Let's see ... 1986 ... that was pre-Big Papi.


I'll consider the world a far better place if we could put the initial item into the update item, and get rid of both.

I can't believe this. A great offer...and Punkin is on vacation!

Meanie ... do I smell a Jets fan? (Not literally ...)

Nah, Cheryl, I put a lot of deodorant on today because of the heat (not because of The Heat).

Actually, I'm more Giants fan than Jets, but I'll root for both unless they're playing each other. Same way with Yanks and Mets.

While I love sports, I do happen to think that the sumo nuts are, well, just that. And to offer a locker room toilet for auction speaks to a fundamental psychosis that needs some looking into analysis treatment.

how big was GI that he got two letters and the other sonly have one each?

Jeff - I'm baaaaaack!

We New Englanders were aware of this "once in a lifetime" offer last week....my bid is in...

I think it will make a lovely planter.

No alcohol? No, thanks.

"3) We do NOT drink. Sumos believe it demeans their lifestyle. At halftime, we will get a soda to share, but never alcohol"

You're telling me I'm supposed to walk around in a fat suit sober??? That is just crazy.

And a big ewwwwww to the update

lemme guess here -- the football fan is a single guy, right? and the red sox suck. but i'm a met fan.

They won't drink, because that demeans Sumos, but standing around a football game in a fatsuit with the letters "GI" painted on it is respectful to the Sumo lifestyle?

OK...I am in Louisiana, so am not a Giants fans.
No drinking?
A fat sweaty suit?
I pass.

It looks like the first link was removed. Anyone want to fill in a latecomer on what the story was?

Someone did. Here.

I hereby claim this thread in the name of clown freedom.

Woo hoo! Free the clowns!!!

How 'bout dragons. Need a dragon hereabouts??

or southerngals who like craWfish and okra and such?

Oops, somebunny doesn't get it yet!

Can I *FOOM* her?

She enjoys it too much.

Well, good morning, friends! What a pleasure meeting you all here in the land of clinically insane people loving friends.

Is it too early for monkeys?

*morning smooches all around*

um, i think she gets it now

mmmm...coffee...guess if can't go back to bed, that'll have to do. :)

*SNORK* @ "double you"

i had to establish that right from the start, so nobody can say there aren't any available. ;)

But, double you... why?

Zee....now zat's a zilly question....!


Hello my friends!!

so certain damnyankees can pronounce craWfish correctly, for a change ;p

hello, dragon sistah! :)

Oops. She still doesn't get it.


she does too get it, but her internet is being screwy and remembered her wrong even when she had the correct box checked and now she's gotten FOOMED and...and...


i think somebody needs a gumball.

*chews on a gumball*

*tries another *FOOOOOOOM!!*

*accidentally blows a HYYOOOOOOOOOOOGE bubble instead and floats happily around the "Room of Requirement" we found in our hour of need*

*wonders as she does if there's anyone here who hasn't read the Harry Potter books and will have NO idea what that means*



*falls on her dragon-fanny with sticky bubble-gum all over her face*

*imagines a dragon-bubble floating around the room*


*hears a thud as the bubble bursts*

*wonders if the dragon needs a hand*


*grabs a handful of gumballs and makes a hasty retreat*

*chases after gumball thief*

*slips on gumballs and flails arms wildly around while trying to regain balance*

*fails utterly*

*enjoys the show*

*is grateful for Dentyne*

*hears another thud*

*curiously wanders in*

*trips over the dragon and falls on her ass*

*sends a *stern look* to leaf*

we can hear you laughin, you know


The doofi sistahs, together again!

hey, who you callin a doofi, sistah? ;p

Um... all of us?


Yah! And I think I just invented a new cookie for us......

The Snickerdoofus!!!

snack time!!!

so leaf, have you noticed, since the dragon has spent some time at home with her family, how much her wisconsin is showin?

NTTAWWT, y'all ;)

*peeks head around corner*

*sees lights and peoples*

*scurries back into the shadows*


The international contingent has checked in!

*sets out Pineapple Lumps and Peanut Slabs, hoping to coax out the elusive NZ Manuka*

*reaches into the shadows and drags the manuka into the lights*

yer stuck here now, young lady!

*grabs Peanut Slabs and settles in the corner*

Okay, I'm here.. but I can't stay :(

*breaks open a bottle of NZ sauv blanc*

Anyone want to share?



I mean, Yes please.

*holds out glass*


oops.. that's not too much, is it?

*does a little dance*

Too much wine??

.....IS there such a thing??

*prepares super stealth spy cam*

*records the dance of the elusive manuka, for posterity (not posterior)*

but i don't like wine...any beer around here?

Well, duh. Halfway has everything a sistah needs.

*tosses s-girl a Bud Ice*


*takes a big ol chug*


oh, um...sorry...

HOLY CRAP! We have pineapple lumps??

I really, really like it here.


ok, will somebody please enlighten me, as far as pineapple lumps are concerned?

I have never actually tasted them, but I have heard our lil' Scarlet Manuka speak of pineapple lumps before, and now I must have some.

If I can try okra and crayfish crawfish and limey octopus and survive, I'm sure as heck not going to miss out on pineapple lumps.

*celebrates diversity food diverse food*

I have tasted them. And they are NUMMY!!!

Mmmmmmmmm.....Pineapple Lumps.........

*Homer droooool*

would these help?


just sayin

whoo hoo!

now we've got some testosterone around here! ;)


so certain damnyankees can pronounce craWfish correctly, for a change ;p

did you miss this part?!?


Nice to see that some things never change...

nobody wants to disappoint the dragon :)


*offers double you a dragon-napkin for her Pineapple Lumps*

as a matter of fact, i did not miss that part

but you didn't actually expect i'd just go along with it, didja??


no, i didn't

just thought maybe for once you'd be feelin a little non-contrary ;p


Gawd, I HOPE not! What fun would that be??


this is true!

Who's this non-contrary? And why -- in the name of all that is good and W -- would the damn yankee want to be feeling her?

And why -- in the name of all that is good and W


and non-contrary is super secret code for...um, never mind...it's a secret ;)

the damnyankee never feels non-contrary

wouldnt be right

Huh. Well, maybe it would be fun after all!

all of us are a little bit of contrary and a whole lot of smartassedness

it's part of our charm!

cept for bozo...he's never a smartass, right, leaf?






*dumps ice bucket over double you's head to put out the flames*

Sorry 'bout that, sistah!

sheesh, we've only just gotten here, and you've already *FFOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMED!!!!!!* me twice!

but actually, considerin the heat over here, that ice didn't feel all that bad!

a more-than-slightly singed double you....

now that's somethin you dont see every day

*looks sheepish*

The second one was an accident...I swear!

a dragon lookin sheepish....

now that's somethin you dont see every day

well, when you get *FFOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMED!!!!!!* singed!

dammit, i did not check that box!!!

and i meant to say "you tend to get" singed

actually, i did say it, but the bot or somethin ate that part.

*hurries off before she gets FFFOOOOOMED again*

*tosses the dragon another gumball, as a precautionary measure*

A damnyankee lookin confused...

now that's somethin you don't.....

...oh, wait. Nevermind. :p

*munches happily on gumball*

Hm, we got sheep, we got a singed non-yankee-type person, we got a flaming dragon... dinner's ready!!!

Aw, crap... leaves burn at very low temperatures, don't th...AIIIIIEEEEE!!!

well, as long as i only look confused.....

*snorks* at all of you crazy kids

OK, im gonna go see what i can do about gettin confused for real :)

later gators

Hey, did someone call the fire department? They're outside looking for a way to get in here....

*climbs up and removes battery from blaring smoke detector*

K. That's better. Hey all, this really great lady with a small pyro problem (but who am I to complain that she's so hot?)told me I should stop by if I get a chance...

I didn't get a chance really, but I snuck by on my way to some more werk type stuff.

Damn, the smoky smell in here puts me in the mood for bacon....Mmmm, maybe I can get out to get a BLT with PICKLE! for lunch.

*ducks out trying to not be seen*




And I promise not to laugh at your PICKLE! this time. :p

...Even if you eat it with a SPORK!


*also sees, grabs, and smooches zarg*

it was a "welcome, glad yer here" kinda *grab and smooch*, so don't freak out or anything, 'kay? ;p

and um, zarg?

you wouldn't be callin it a "small pyro problem"
if you were the one bein *FFOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMED!!!!!!* all the danged time!

*loves the dragon a gumball, just in case*

*hangs head in shame*

Hi. I'm a dragon, and I have a *FOOOOM* problem.

*speaking in somber tone*

Hello, Dragon.

(and I actually suspect he rather likes being *FOOOOOMED!!!!*....just sayin'!)

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