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July 31, 2006


Look no farther.

(Thanks to crossgirl)


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When I ask a guy to give me the snake, this is not really what I have in mind.

*snork* @ 24!!

ya had to go there...

it was begging for it, Siouxie!

Well, it would probably go over better than the cheese.

OK, I was savin' this for tomorrow, but I just gotta get this for Mrs. Cowperson (of the female gender). Tomorrow is our 25th aniversary, IANMTU, and I've been stewing about what to get her.

one week too late for my annivesary...darn

Make sure you give it her with the appropriate introduction...

"Here's your m*ther-f*cking gift...."

It's never too late for a gift like this, Chaz!

Well, I guess if you saw this movie on your first date, you could consider it romantic. In a honey-I-love-you-so-much-I-could-sqeeeeze-you-to-death-kind-o-way.

*snork* @ Higgy

Snakes on a Chain!

Snakes From a Guy With No Brain!

Snakes for the Truly Insane!

Mrs. Blurk would punch me in the mouth.

If I'm lucky.

as a thanks, Blurk? Cuz it seems like you might enjoy that...

snakes on planes on chains?

I kinda like the Pirate of the Caribbean ring...but the snake around my neck??? no thanks!

*adds and s up there*

24, trust me, it wouldn't be in a come-here-big-boy-and-let's-get-a-little-kinky kinda way.

I would bleed.


blurk- she's saving the kinky bit for when you get her that "saddle toilet" :)

what? you guys don't like it? probably needs ruby eyes or something to make it really special.

Congrats, crossgirl!

And it only costs $3,900.00!

A bargain. Maybe one of those women who lost their pet snakes would like this as a consolation present. :)

*snork* at Higgy. That one kept me giggling for a while.

Snakes on a Piece of M@therf#ckin' Jewelry WBAGNFA Hip Hop Ditty.

I think it's "look no further"

Brian-Nope, "further" is more commonly used, but "farther" is also correct. just sayin'

I don't see many first run movies,
(I'm about 5 years behind in these things so, I'll pencil it in for sometime around 2011)
and since I'm already a water cooler conversation reject for that fact,
I might as well like the piece.

I think it's interesting and if not so closely associated with a movie, I'd wear it....

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