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July 21, 2006


Apparently, they have discovered that poop smells bad.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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I refuse to be #1.

Well, sh!t, who woulda stunkit thunkit?

Who in God's name initiated and then paid for this study? Anyone who has been on a binge and then to White Castles can tell you just how true these words are!

Mine smells like blueberries. Can I get a grant to study myself??

Americans reek more than Canadians

damn right we do! and don't you canadians forget it either!

God bless America!

Why is everyone studying poo these days? This is right up there with the my child's poo smells better study.

I think the aforementioned studies prove conclusively that our scientific community is on crack.

"...men's stench is worse than women's..."

Didn't we already know this?

"...men's stench is worse than women's..."

damn right it is! and don't you chicks forget it either!

God bless America!

But the study said nothing about why it takes men so long in the bathroom. Do they like sitting with the stink? Is it one of those 'I produced that smell' man type things? And it never even came close to addressing the question of why men can't just go get another roll of T-P when they use it all.

Why are all the important questions left unanswered?

Men light a match, crack a window -- or do nothing at all.

A true-er sentence has never been said!

Behold! The actions of A REAL MAN!

Q. What'cha doing
A. Marking my territory!


1. stench, much like a fine wine, is meant to be savored

2. why would we get another roll of TP when we know if we just ignore it, you will do it for us


God bless America!

Tiny, I admit you've got a point with number 2 (har!).

Let it be known that I am the Changer of the Toilet Paper in my house. My wife will gladly wipe with a Kleenex if she has to, if only to avoid having to go downstairs and bring up a few more rolls of TP.

On the other hand, I think it's a dead heat between us as to who is stinkier. I think she wins when she's pregnant, but I'd give me the edge other times. (Not that you needed to know any of this.)

24-aholic, speaking of White Castle, being a native Californian, I've no access to these much talked about sliders. So when I happened to be in Illinois visiting my wife's relatives I decided to give them a try.

I honestly can say, I have no idea how they managed to build more than one store, much less a chain. For those who haven't eaten them, there is absolutely nothing redeeming about them except the price, but you might as well guzzle some Elmer's glue for the same deal. ... nasty


I can't snork at this thread. Goodness knows what I might inhale. :-)

Ditto, Scott.

As for the rest, way TMI.

Can't believe no one said Putrid Poo WBAGNF Something.

Hey, that's one time I'm glad my sense of smell is bad.

Prairie Dog: You weren't drunk at the time, were you?

Um... er... looks like we're gonna need a bigger air freshener?

ahh crap....+

"We knew when my dad went in, it wasn't one of my brothers."

Huh? Is Canada related to West Virginia? Are Canadians frequently confused as to whether their male relatives are fathers or brothers?

Oh, and eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Speaking as a scientist who studies Human Development all I can say is, "Why didn't I think of doing this study? Filling out the grant application would have been a hoot."

Punkin Poo's smells like blueberries. That statement would make equal sense plopped randomly in the dollar vo!mitting snake story.

Prarie Dog: same with Krystal. I think in both cases the idea must be to get really drunk and eat many of them. I heard two recent California transplants extolling Jack-In-the-Box and wishing we had them here. What?

Hey, Casey! As a native West Virginian I am offended. My dad is not my brother.

But he may be my uncle.

*walks away scratching head, pondering*

HA! Blurker, I was gonna add NTTAWWT but....there is ssooooo much wrong with that!

Tell Uncle Dad I'm waving at him from North Carolina!

(since national anthems are now fair game...)
oh Canada
where we study our poo's stench
it's not so bad
if your native tongue is French!

when we take a dump
Our nose hairs will jump
Each time we defecate
Though the smell is worse
Make your eyeballs burst
Comin' from the lower forty-eight!

This study is just
Too noxious for me
Oh, Canada, we'll not just fart for thee!
Oh, Canada, we'll not just fart for thee!

Prarie - did you not get the official Slider rule book, which CLEARLY states "any potential Slider recipient must have a minimum blood alcohol level of .08". That would have greatly improved the experience (of eating the Sliders, not dealing with the recovery once you have eaten said Sliders).

*sarcastically* THANKS A LOT, CJ!! I had just about COMPLETELY put Jack-in-the-Box in that part of my memory that will never again be accessed even under pain of death, but NNNNOOOOOOOOO, you've gotta rip that scab off, don't you! Those "burgers," both in taste and texture, made me think I was eating a balloon (of course, now that I'm older, I would compare it to something kinda LIKE a balloon, um, well, nevermind.)

But the study said nothing about why it takes men so long in the bathroom. Do they like sitting with the stink? Is it one of those 'I produced that smell' man type things?

You can't smell your own. And that's a good thing, too.

I love White Castle...

I've already shared with you the story about the "Purple Poo of Death" (not to be confused with Punkin Poo, or MOTW's husband)that my cat did in Cleveland in 1969 that caused the sun to go dark and the sky to crack, so I won't retell it, but I imagine as Cleveland is pretty close to Canada as the crow flies that this event may have prompted this study, in order to figure out a way to prevent future "Death Poos".

Only slightly off topic, this might be the best name ever for a rock band.

Why do we need studies to tell us what we already know? My in-laws were just here for a visit and after my father-in-law used the bathroom we practically had to evacuate the house.

Throws a ...hic up to Betsi!

Oh, and White Castles have to consumed after sundown. A friend from Jersey City called 'em "murder burgers".

Here is more TMI. My kitten has decided that anytime I used the facility he too must use his box (which sits next to the toilet.) And I can say his stinkers are worse than mine. Even the dog agrees.

"Purple Poo of Death"


Now I'm reminded of when our daschund ate about a dozen crayons...purple, blue, yellow, red (yoiks!).

Curious: That's a psychadelic poo.

er... psychedelic. Sorry.

My 7-year-old, unbeknownst to me, ate about twenty Red Vines at a family party a couple weeks ago...I had no idea poop could get that red. I was all ready to take her to the emergency room when I figured out what had happened. Scared the cr*p out of me for a minute, tho.

HA...laughing so hard I can't breathe...which, based on the topic, may be a good thing...

Maybe Crapcam version 2.0 will come equipped with a Stinkerator gauge to measure the degree of smellitude. Seems like it's needed!

(And must agree with Baltimore Kat. I don't think anything can compare with kitten poops! I don't know WHAT they have going on in their tiny little metabolism, but it's lethal!)

I'm sooo glad this is snot a scratch 'n sniff blog.

My ever-indulgent wife is from Taiwan. Her intestinal flora on occasion seem to take great offense at American food. Either that or they get very excited at some Oriental food.

In either case she can chase the cats not only out of the room but out of that part of the house. Heck, if we let them they'd probably leave the house. I know I sometimes want to.

We used to have a dog that liked to eat our childrens' small plastic toys. I tell ya, psychadelic poo is nothin' compared to finding a landmine with Big Bird's head sticking out of it.

Snork and EEEW (Eeork? Sneew?) at artchick!

I had a Great Dane that once evacuated a complete tube sock. I just washed it and gave it back to the owner.

Scott, that is awful "Charmin" of ya, changing the paper like that. Although I think it's your birthright on account of your name and all.

Prairie Dog, White Castles may not be what YOU crave, but Betsi and I are definitely on the same page. It's a good thing we don't have one too close to our house. I have to drive two towns over, which tends to keep the sliding under control.

We have two new kittens and I didn't know they could f@rt. Worst smell on the planet second only to my husband in the morning ritual.

My dog used to like to munch on my knee hi stockings. They would come out in fine shape but I never wore them again. The dog also likes to eat the kitten's furry mice toys that are in neon glo colors - rainbow city.

Betsi ~

Do you think I should bring a sack of these to the signing tonight?

Why do farts stink?

So deaf people can enjoy them too!


Mudstuffin....Psycedelic Poo... Now THAT'S AGNFARB

The "h" apparently fell off of my post

*sneaks in...gladly skips this thread...sneaks out*

"The survey claims that Americans reek more than Canadians, men's stench is worse than women's and English-speaking Canadians are more malodorous than French speakers."

A great study! Finally scientific proof that French Canadians think their S--- does not stink!

*wobbles is, Otis makes me snort beer, waddles out*

I think it's disgusting that all of you here are talking about this, and While we're at it, let me say, I now consider you all family, in some strange kind of gross way.I have too many stories to tell in so little space, but I want to add,I do have a belief system that encompasses a philosophy wherein my uncle is an ALIEN from space and he plans to take over our planet with his"fragrance". More later about this....

Well, SH!T! (To coin a phrase) ...

charles akins stole my line about the French and whut they think of their ownselfs ...

Wayta go, Dude!

... um ... not "go" in the sense of this thread's original thought-provoker ...

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