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July 27, 2006


He really puts his, um... his self into his work.


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FIRST on the new post - he looks like Rod Stewart

Picture looks kinda small, don't it?

*SNORK* @ Pricasso!!!!

Know how I asked y'all to fix the blog???

Now I'm very, very sorry.....

Punkin, I almost believe you.


I like that there appears to be a gigantic breast in the background watching his progress.

"I still do a bit of building to subsidise my meagre income as a struggling artist"

Perhaps if he were more endowed talented, he would be more successful.

Damn. I thought I was totally out of frame....sorry.




A simul with 24 AND Siouxie.
I will truly die a happy man.

Wasn't this previously blogged? Or am I thinking about a different "talented" penis?

Does Walter know about this?

Mr Patch, a father of four

I wonder if he gets invited to 'take your father to school day'?

You couldn't handle a double dose of us Susan's, blurkie!

Walter would do it....but his arthritis is acting up...he's all stiff.

Suzy Q, this blog is the HOME of talented penises.

(Or is "peni"?)

Hey!!! fivver, where ya been?

woo hooo blurk/24! 3-way!

A video (yes, a video) of the "artist" in action (yes, in action) can be found here. You have to sit through a commercial first.

Don't ask me how I found this.

yes this seems familiar to me too.

24, if ya noticed, I was sandwiched right in between.
Gentlemen, I'll be signing autographs later.
With a pen.
Picture painting comes later. Gotta find a bigger easel.

blurk - been up in St. Louis at a family reunion thing. Ridley is verrry lucky. Their electric company and Dracula have a lot in common.

Mr. C: How did you find that video?

does he use his hands to hold his tool? i'm afraid to open mr. c's link.

yeah, but you left your chaps here...

Mr C - how exactly did you find that???

The former builder says there's a lot of things to consider when using this particular tool of the trade, including positioning ...

ya think??

"Talented Penises" WB something I would welcome in my home.

pssssst girls - we just had a 4 way - think the boys noticed?

crossgirl, same here. I didn't even try, knowing I would be denied....and I'm kinda glad for that

5 way with Siouxie!

Punkin-poo, You do get around!

Have we ever had a 5-way before? This might be a blog record!

WOWSA!! ladies - I'm spent!*goes off to smoke*

I find this story inspiring...a talent he discovered, drunk, at a party, parlayed through diligent application into a profitable career as a pricktiste.

Siouxie, you're a bit of a blog slut, you naughty little minx.

Is it me or is the guy kinda close to the canvas...maybe he needs a bigger tool?? just wonderin'

2 way w/Suzy Q! Shazammm!

He could have called himself Johnson Pollack.

24 - must be the name...notice it started with Suzy!

wonder what happens when he has to pee - watercolor?

I presume he does more than head shots.

snork:) pricasso, bwaaahhhhhhaaa. otherwise... ewww.

we Susan's are bewitching creatures!

Does his art come with penicillin and herpes cream?

he prefers to use water soluble paint....

I would imagine turpentine and penis do not mix well!

Chaz, depends on what you're tryin' to get rid of.

Guess he won't need a bigger b00b.

I'd like to see him try to paint a house.

How unoriginal.

Mike, he'd need a bigger hose...to spray the pain, of course


blurk....they have shots for that...

I think the correct term would be "we're gonna nead a smaller canvas..."

"I still do a bit of building to subsidise my meagre income as a struggling artist,"

struggling... just, snork!

First of all, snork at Pricasso. This video is hilarious. He did indeed use his hands to hold his brush, he wore chaps, he had paint running all down his legs, and he talked about having to compensate for his disorted view of the picture, looking down while painting. Oh and he did indeed have a very unique signature to go with his talent.
I know Mr Completely's hands are probably still burning from having to type the words penis painter into the search engine text line.
Thanks though, a picture says a thousand words, but live action video tells the tale.

Just a public relations tip: If you want to make your living by painting with your manhood, you should avoid using the word "meagre" in any sentence that comes out of your mouth.

I thought I told you not to ask how I found that video. Jeez.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to bleach my keyboard.

Ya know, 24-aholic, "Spray the Pain" WBAGNFAR Album.

...or punk...

So, if I started all these 5-ways and 2-ways for this thread, am I today's Blog Ho?

*watches video*
*resolves never to shake Mr. C's hand*

Says he failed to get on a fine arts course. Questions: A. What would he do ON a course? Wouldn't that hurt?
B. They offer study in p#nis painting?

*watches video, faints at signature*

I don't even want to think about 'cleaning the brush'.

Suzy Q: it would appear so. Hope you don't get pregnant - Lordy knows what that kid would look like....

You might want to soak it in a tub of alcohol Mr C. then burn it. Comp USA has keyboards on sale.

Don't worry, Suzy Q.
I used protection.

*snorks* at "Pricasso", Meanie the Blue, and Cocksure.

And Juggler of Geese, when I started to read your post, I thought you were talking about Pricasso cleaning his instrument - OUCH!

I'll bet he doesnt have a problem with the paint sticking to the canvas....

so for those of us who dont' want to watch the video, what does the signature involve?

Betsi, admit it. If you didn't "want" to watch it, you wouldn't be asking.

haha, i think my mental picture will suffice...not to mention the fact that i am at work.

Blurkie: were you wearing a batwing?

Betsi: think thumbprint.

CJ, rocket pack and everything.

heheh, that's what I was picturing...

Just got here LTTG and first out of the box, 24-aholic had my comment: Pricasso looks like Rod (how appropriate is that?) Stewart.

Scary to think there are two of them...

"Tim Patch, 56, took up the unusual technique at a Christmas party,"

Gee, and to think I make a habit skipping such parties.

In retrospect it seems like an even better idea.

That "thumbprint" looks like Pac-Man.

*covers entire self with plastic wrap, just in case*

A struggling artist named Patch
Has a talent that no one can match.
You may think it kinky;
He paints with his winky.
Can his wife do the same with her...

Nah. Not goin’ there.

Reminds me of Andy Warhol's comment to the Village Voice after having a sidewalk artist in NYC stick a magic marker up his a*s and sketch a caricature of Warhol while squatting over a sketchpad: "Boy, can that as*hole draw!"

Thanks for restraining yourself, Ford.

Major SNORKS, though!

OMG! Ford79 has driven me into a *snorking* fit!

MAJOR *SNORK* Ford79!!!

Ford, I'm trying to type this between explosive fits of laughter!!!

I understand that Pricasso has engendered no small amount of envy among female artists with the use of his artistic tool; however they should be reminded that they too can create art if they simply stay abreast of current art trends.

Ford, where all-witty is Job 1!

*big snorks* @ Ford79

Funny, I was going to say that, as an artist of the female persuasion, I feel really left out! I mean, what could I do to match such a unique technique? (DON'T answer that!)

The signature looks...teensey weensey!

Adding my *SNORKS to everyone else's at Ford

Wasn't there a story posted a while back about the lady who painted with her enormous ramparts? Seems like she was Australian too.

*snorks* at Ford79 and Stupendous Man!

artchick, I don't know that one (still pretty new to the blog), but remember when Farrah painted a canvas with her nude body? I don't know if it was before or after her famous interview. Seems like there might have been some funny gumballs chewed that night...

Or, CatR, perhaps


Fird 79 - thanks for starting the day with a tremendous ***SNORK***

obi wan ~ yeah, that was it! Roling in paint for Playboy. That photo of her on your link makes ME "nervous".

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