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July 31, 2006


Men are dogs.

(Thanks to Kendall Avery)


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and this is something new????

*is glad he was blessed with a deep voice, so as to throw off the testosterone-laden idiots who used to beat kids up in school*

and first!!

Cars that can't crash? Oh, I'm sorry - were you talking to me?

One reason women might prefer men who speak in low voices is that vocal pitch is partly related to physical size

*always thought deep voices were sexy*

now I know why :)

didn't the invention of weapons pretty much even out the physical dominance thing?

*tackles tony*

hey, where ya been?

"This difference has traditionally been explained as a product of sexual selection, in which women favored men with lower-pitched voices."

Boy, if this is true, James Earl Jones must score like the dickens.

Okay, I am doing something wrong - these are the directions I got a while back from a bloglit:

<> with an i in between, then the same with a slash (/), with an i after the slash.

What am I doing wrong and how do I turn the italics off so I don't irritate the dickens out of YOU guys? Does the / go before the i instead?




marfie - <> with a /i in the middle (maybe you left a space after???

Maybe Siouxie, but I'm afraid to try again since this is the second time I've done it. I think I'll leave italics to the experts and settle for quotation marks. Thanks for cleaning up my mess!

you're welcome! I've only recently started using the codes and so far I haven't messed up...but it could happen...

it's not so hard....REALLY!!!

you put the text you want to italicize between the two sets of <> (the first with the i and the second with the i/), right?

no it's /i NOT i/

Sorry, that's what I meant. one of these days I'll get it right...

*sigh* I'm going back to the mojitos in the Castro thread. (hic)

Low pitch is often an indicator of advanced HTML skills as well ;-)

Marfie -
<I>italicized words</I>
<B>bold words</B>

I can speak so low it cuases the brown note

how low can you go?

as low as you need...

ISIANMTU - when we adopted our dog, my husband got on all fours, looked him right in the eye and started barking ferociously at the puppy. I thought he had finally lost his mind, but he explained that he was establishing dominance by demonstrating who was the alpha dog. Ned (our dog) peed all over the floor and rolled over on his back to show his submission. It was amazing. Now, if Mr. 24 ever tried that crap with me, I'd scratch his eyes out.

"If you advertise dominance and can't back it up, the attacks may be worse than if you had avoided the fight to begin with," Puts told LiveScience.

That's a nice way of sayin' "Don't let your alligator mouth outrun your hummingbird ass."

Oh, and we're not supposed to pee on fire hydrants?

If I had the equipment, I'd never go inside to pee again!

Deep voice and big (wide) feet and testosterone run amok ... and I still ain't gotta date!

Excuse me while I (buuurrrrrp) scratch ...

... whaaaatttt???

study leader David Puts of the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

Would his last name be pronounced Putz cause that would explain a lot.

and the butt sniffing? They do that too?

24...whats stopping you again? :)

I lack certain equipment that makes peeing outside very easy to do....

A lesser-known study also revealed that women experiencing PMS had the lowest voices of all...

I wanna know who was painting those poor woodland creatures so that they got beat up by other woodland creatures. Someone with a sick sense of humor, I can tell you that. And very small fingers.

Male bashing is getting old.

You guys are hilarious. And okay I Googled myself. Now that's out of the way, let's clarify:
1) Women seem to prefer lower, more masculine voices, but the effect isn't huge.
2) Women apparently care more about masculine voices for short-term, sexual relationships (as opposed to long-term, committed ones) and during the fertile phase of their ovulatory cycles (so long as they're not taking hormonal contraception).
3) The effect of manipulating vocal masculinity is much larger on dominance ratings made by men than it is on attractiveness ratings made by women.
4) We didn't actually measure whether men's voices responded to the dominance of their competitor--we found that if they rated their own dominance more highly than his, they tended to lower their pitch during competition, and vice versa. It's possible that guys who think they're pretty tough just generally tend to lower their pitch during competitive interactions.
5) The writer of this recent article on my research asked if voice pitch changed as a function of dominance in other species. Dogs came to mind--sorry guys.
...Hope some of this was interesting.

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