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July 22, 2006


(Thanks a big freaking heap to Artchick)


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"Itsounds like a bad joke".....There is NOTHING funny about this!

Dear God...I was hoping they WERE making it up!

first, dave strumpets where ever I am NOT, then judi posts THIS????? what have I ever done to deserve this? <>

darn html tags - that was supposed to say <>

AARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH! change that invisible line from "crawls off whimpering softly" to "runs in front of a crazed pack of wolves screaming loudly". sheesh. is this my punishment for goofing around with the blog when I should be packing and cleaning house?

Qualifies as "sign of the apocalypse."

WTD? Did several comments just go "poof"? LisaBFF -- back me up here? I hate to see my getting approval from women other than my wife just disappear like that... ;-)

HAssleHoff and his life. Who will play the Baywatch stars? Who will play the car? Who will play the 65 year old Stripper?

What did the Aussies ever do to deserve THAT?

I saw one of those VH1 shows yesterday, don't know which one, and they briefly talked about this. They showed a picture of him wearing a T-shirt that said "Don't Hassel the Hoff." ISIANMTU.

he makes me long for the understated good taste of William Shatner...

WriterDude-Never fear, I think they're still on the "kitty" thread.

"The production - which features dancers from both Chicago and Jeckyl & Hyde - will open in Melbourne (date to be determined) before hopefully coming to America."


Excuse me, I hate to pick nits, but isn't that spelled: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGH ?

Things are different in Florida George.

*slaps forehead, sans protection*

Thanks, Lisa -- my daughter went to this thread while I was getting more coffee, which I guess was more needed than I thought...

Who will play Spongebob? And Patrick? And Hasselhoff's ego?

"I am also doing a heart-rendering set on my life and the mistakes I have made..."

Ooops! I did it again!

*evil chuckle* Sorry, Judi. Would it help if I sent you pictures of naked men? Maybe the Hoff did a Playgirl spread.

Dear Mr. Hasselhoff: you meant "heart-rending," not "heart-rendering."
Thank you.

I'm not sure Betsi, he may have meant "rendering"!!

Run Away! Run Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

Somebody please tell me that this is some sort of cruel acid flashback. Which I admit would be impressive since I never actually dropped acid, but I'm willing to start now if it will make this go away.

i would compare Hasselhof to the output of a rendering plant myself...

Marfie, I'm not sure dropping acid would be enough. Now maybe if boiled ourselves in acid, it would be less painful.

Jazzz, can we boil Hoff in acid instead and save us all a lot of pain?


I want to entertain people. Sammy Davis (Jr.) was my hero.

Yeah, but Sammy Davis (Jr.) was black. And Sammy Davis (Jr.) was Jewish. And (this is the key point, Hoff), Sammy Davis (Jr.) had talent.

(Note: I'm not saying that whites and non-Jews can't be talented, just that white non-Jews named Hoff probably can't.)

If ya'all want a good laugh at the expense of The Hoff, head on over to snarkywood.com. Puts his entire career in perspective. Guaranteed good time.

um brad, what's that got to do with anything... and well, hasselhoff is just one more over the hill talentless bozo who thinks people would be interested in his pathetic life. let's get the important stuff on here.. twitney, manilow, cher...
[sorry, i dont know what overtook me. better get my meds]

And ummm... are they expecting people to watch this?

Bumble - I'm thinking it's a ploy by Homeland Security to drive terrorists away. And citizens. And a large amount of roaches.

*crossing fingers it works*

He is World Famous in Germany.

Maybe because it's down under no one will see it.

Or is that a geographically insensitive thing to say?

Ok I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I should not now hit post.

Hmmm what should I do now?

(eyes closed random mouse clicking)

Are you kidding me?!?
A pint of any sort of inibriant at all and I'll be right up front!
Unlike network TV sitcoms I really can't see how this can fail to be funny....

Actually Laura, you have a point. Sometimes something is so bad, that it's hilarious to watch. There was a movie sometime in the 80's starring Vanna White as Aphrodite (I think it was called "Goddess of Love") that was just deliciously bad - hideous acting, hackneyed plot, bad electronic music, the whole 9 yards... I laughed through the entire thing.

"heart-rendering"???? Did he mean "heart-rending" or not? You decide.

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