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July 21, 2006


Give it up for the Rude Tubers!

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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And here I was thinking it was about a gang of rogue potatoes.


Me too, Neil.

Damn it, Neil - you stole my line! I yam seriously peeved. Nice job, though.

I thought it was a group of people being rude to tubs!

Best line is about banning beer bongs.

Apparently it's ok to drink until you pass out, fall off the tube and drown - just don't use a bong. That's illegal.

I myself was also thinking that the potatoes were exhibiting antisocial behavior. I was going to make some off hand comment about the tubers being half baked...

I thought it would be something about potatoes shaped like penises.

If potatoes was shape like penises, I'll would never eat them, because my big brother would call me gay!

Plenty of vegetables are close enough. Don't tell your brother.

I imagined taters insulting people as they walked by.

What a bunch of bull schlitt...erbahn.

Opening up for Rude Tubers ... put your hands together for "Volume Drinking Devices"!! wooo-hoooo!!

ah, the good old days...but that was last week

Lament. Tubing is darn close to sex. In the primeval parts of Florida, where crystal-clear water comes boiling up out of the rock, you can float down a river in a truck or tractor inner tube. Get too warm? Roll off into the 70-degree water. For miles down from the springs you can see the bottom in every detail regardless of depth. Go with a group and get one of those cheap, plastic 'two-man life rafts' from a big box. Everybody ties off a long cord to the oar locks, so they can pull themselves in and grab a cold one out of the life raft full of beer, ice, food, whatever; and throws away whatever remnants they may have from the last visit. Everybody paddles around in meandering circles, talking to different people around the life raft. Great thing to do. But it's getting tough to do 'cause of the people that don't throw the debris in a life raft and that raise hell with the landowners on the banks. This is something that shouldn't get lost to all for the sins of the few. May we please drown them?

Yes, CJrun.

Even though I'm a city chick, that sounds like a lot of fun.

Why don't you and your crew start beating up those other people? Then they'd either leave or clean up after themselves!

Here in "tuber" country they banned alcohol on the Boise River to make it more family-friendly, too. A lot more Nalgene (tm thingy) bottles on the tubes and rafts now.

I figured it must be about ignornant persons in rubber tubing, but the thought that it might be about some weird potatoes did occur to me also...

Jumpin' in kinda late, but Marfie, think we've gotta get to the root of this... maybe the tubers think their (not there/they're) behavior is spudly?

"tubing is darn close to sex"....Cj, obviously I'm doing something wrong when tubing.

"tubing is darn close to sex"....Cj, obviously I'm doing something wrong when tubing.

Sorry. The Chinese post makes my hands shake.

tubing? is that what they call it now?

Interestin' quote: ... which has traditionally been more popular for tubing because it is longer ...

I've heard that's popular in some other recreational activities as well ... merely ... um ... nevermind ...

I can say that I've personally canoed down the San Marcos river, which (as if anyone cared) is very close to the Guadalupe (Spanish for: "Guad!! Look at them Lupes!!!) Never had a topless view of NElupes personally, but mebbe if we send 'em to Cyprus?

That "perky" newsguy on the left looks REALLY constipated.


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