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July 10, 2006


Except nobody wants 'em THAT big.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Wanna bet?

Says who?

only if they could use the belly fat i've been trying to get rid of for ... um....way to long!!

me thinks the men here will disagree...no?

wait! i forgot! i don't need this but i'd be willing to be a donor ;)

And while I'm thinkin' about it (surprise, surprise), when speaking in the context of ramparts could someone please tell me what the term "too big" means? I've never understood that.

Intro to Male Math:

Double-D = Triple-X.

Well we have finally come full cicle..Today we've had dong, Sak and now boobs... Time to drink.

Just what I need, cellulite on my boobs.

Me and Annie are already havin sake.
And I'm tryin to look her in the eyes.

I just know I'm headed to the doghouse today.

sean: cycle
blukernomore: my sister was a 42 ggg. it was scary. we were always afriad she'd tip over or start honking the horn on accident

lollyk, 42 triple gig ramparts equals 120 gig hard drive.
Or so the IT people tell me.

lollyk: circle.
Unless we are talking washing machines or periods I think it is circle. But either way it works..

Sean -in the Sun, the correct spelling is BOOBS

Your fat's in need of distribution,
well you know
You can go under the doc's knife
You don't want a silcone solution
well, you know
The answer's been there all your life!
Just fork over money to get that fat sucked out
Your ramparts will stun 'em without a doubt!
Don't you know they're gonna be, alright...

Those parts of you that need subtraction
well, you know
We won't let them go to waste
They'll get a very good reaction
well,you know
When you're more to your guy's taste!
But if think fat'll build up a small guy's d*ck
We're sorry we haven't learned how to do that kind of trick!
don't you know it's gonna be, all right...

"They are not like breast implants that become hard." They're more likely to become saggy

Thanks.I forgot.. My mammary isn'twhat it used to be.

I just noticed in the right column of that page is an ad for "TOP TEN VIRAL VIDEOS"


Please correct me if I am wrong, Won't the fat cells expand more as the female of the species begins to gain more weight? I believe just relocating the fat will not remove it from weight gain. A recipient of this kind of augmentation may end up with more than they anticipated.

I would pray to God that you're not wrong.

that is as stupid an idea as i have ever heard.

I guess it's kinda like sucking fat cells from the stomach and injecting them into the lips a la Angelina

*( wonders if there is some way they can transfer my thinking from my little head to my big head )*

No, Sean. Cause then you'd just end up with a stiff neck.

Won't this confuse Jack Bauer?

they're going to take fat cells and inject them into Angelina Jolie? (she'll soon be "Lara Croft, Refrigerator")

How do you think her lips got so big?

I thought they tried this ten years or more ago. And then discovered that the fat calcified or something and looked like pre-cancerous areas on mammograms. I wonder how they solved that problem.

To the men: "too big" is when a) while breastfeeding the milk backs up into your arms (I know someone this happened to and she said it hurt like he!!), or b) when the weight of them causes chronic back pain, or c) when no one, but no one, could identify your face.

a) Two words: breast pump

b) One word: Tylenol

c) Not a problem. Won't be lookin there anyway.

wow blurker, I don't think you want to open this can of worms. Of course I like to watch sparks fly.

um... have you not heard about the procedure used to transplant fat from... er ... the backside into the lips? perfect for anyone who wants to kiss their own a**.

Nope, blurker. The glands actually go up to the arms, and pumping would simply make them keep producing more milk. It's pretty horrible.

yeahbut, yeahbut...*sigh*...OK

will that lead to cottage cheese breasts?

My wife, the other Doc, says, "Sign me up!"

Sarah J ~

I just spent way too long at the site you linked to. Those celeb animals are freaky, but dead-on!

blurker: In my opinion, much more than a handfull is too big. Larger can be acceptable (barely), but artificially larger ramparts are a major major major turn off. I'd rather focus on the A than the T. There should be plenty of A.

notme, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!!!

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