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June 27, 2006


Key Quote: "Abracadabra produce the country’s fastest growing no back, no strap, stick-on reusable bra along with silicone push-up pads and silicone nipple covers."

And that is saying something.


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Netball: when professional bowling is too exciting for you.

Synergies and benefits for the Magic and Abracadabra are obvious.

really??? i'm a tad confusled. wtf are these people talking about. and what does it have to do with netball. what is netball? i need a nap.

NNNOOOOO!!! Remove the bras!!

I'll help.

Dave, you're makin' this too easy.

Netball is basketball without all that sweaty running and dribbling. It's almost always played by girls. They stand still and pass to each other. I guess they run up to get the pass. Then they shoot, but the other team can't block or anything, so it's basically a game of pass the ball and get a penalty shot. Or near as I can tell from watching it on TV in Perth - nothing else on at 11 at night. I know why Aussies are such great athletes - their TV sucks so hard, they all just head outside and play sports instead.

I had one of those bras once. I was going to wear it to a dance. It's alright if you are an "A" cup, But don't EVER try the "dang thingy" on if you wear a size 36D, (The girls will know what I mean)

silicone nipple covers
Why do silicone nipples need a special cover?

Sounds like this could be a very useful product. Might be a bit on the ouch-y side to remove, though, especially the nipple pads.

Kat: Noted and thanks.

*crosses Abracadabra bra off shopping list*

I will reiterate and agree with Kat at the same time: Ladies, if you're a 36D, debraify. (or even if you're not)

blurker: If I debraified right now, I might be fired. I don't work at Hooters. (and yes, people would notice)

There's other jobs.

I guess I was just born too late. What we need is another good burn the bra campaign. I missed the first one.

My Mother (God Rest her Soul) came to the dinner table at my sister's house when we were visiting there. She had dressed herself before coming to the table. Due to a failing mental capacity, she had donned herself but was wearing her bra around her dead in a turbin. My bro-in-law just about died laughing. (I had never seen him laugh before, much less smile.)

I was hoping for picture-e-goodness on this link... Especially if we could get a shot of the girls playing netball while wearing those things....

Kat - did you have to pull it off quick like a band-aid??

```We want to be the No.1 brand in the self-adhesive bra and lingerie accessories in Australia, New Zealand and Asian market.’’

You have to admire their ambition.

And Kat are you suggesting that your experiment was something you shouldn't have sweated? Or was it just a total flop?

No pictures?! Gawd!

So wait a minute... This a guy's netball team and they need a bra sponsor? Shouldn't they get beer and pizza sponsors first?

Brad, I think it's a team of the female girl types.
Who have bazoomage.

The irony is that women who can use them, often don't need them.

Here ya go Tamara.

Warning: do not open at work unless your name is Mahtma Kane Jeeves.

For those who desire pictures, we have the products in question, and the the Abracadbra web site. Happy gawking!

And here's the site for the perky Magic netball team.

Um, I really meant "perky" in the sense of enthusiastic, not er... never mind.

From their web site:

Look out for our new line of lingerie…

Sounds vaguely threatening to me.

...silicone push-up pads and silicone nipple covers.

Not to mention National Bank Cups.

There is no WAY that thing would hold up my bazoomage!

And what, exactly, do they mean by "marks the colour of the nipple" for their nipple pads?

blurker: I will be debraifying at about 5:45 this eve, if you would care to think of me then.

I think they meant "masks," not "marks."

I wore one of these stick on bras when I had to wear a slinky, strapless, tight top for a wedding and essentiallly the sensation can be described as duct taping my bra on. I had to soak in the tub for about 2 hours before I could get the bra off and my skin was red and sore for days.

My husband, incidentally, was no help since he was of the opinion I should have gone bra-less anyway. He peeked into the tub occasionally and laughed. In future I'll go with surgery so they stay all perky and pumped without the duct tape. It would be less painful.

Too late, Suzy...I already was.

Before I read the article, I thought that "netball" must be some new slang term for bra. I understand now.

I think it takes a little "magic" for these to work.

recommended size for silicone nipple pads:WD40

*snork* @ insom!

You can reuse one about 50 times. They're sticky, but comfortable, and do the job quite well. The "Nubra" brand comes off fine and doesn't leave a mark.
My friend told me all this.

"...If American women stopped buying brassieres, your whole economy would COLLAPSE, overnight!" Lt. Col. Algernon Hawthorne, in Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!

Well of course the economy would collapse. All the men would stop working and gawk all day.

*SNORK* @ Blurky

Abracadabra produce the country’s fastest growing no back, no strap, stick-on reusable bra...

Huh? Just how fast do you want your bra to grow?

Warning - don't wear this on a date that you think might get intimate. The sound they make when you pull them off is a bit unsettling.

So I've heard.

Forget those sticky things! Those of us on the geezer bus have no problems with our straps showing. Madonna liberated us from being embarrassed when our lingerie OR our nipples were showing! ;)

I need to ask, what is up with the bra advertising? It seems that bras are always on sale at Penney's, Wal-Mart, etc, thus requiring full-page ads. And I wonder, how often do other women buy bras, creating this outstanding market? Do they only wear them once and then buy new ones? Because that might explain the endless barrage of ads.

I didn't have any trouble taking the stick on bras off. They slid up over the top of my strapless formal gown while I was dancing. I grabbed them quickly and threw them on the floor. Later I saw this guy gliding across the floor with the pads stuck to the bottom of his shoes.

*snork* @ Kat

Okay, are these things just to COVER the bazoomage? Because I really don't see how they would actually offer any sort of support...which is what a bra is for, right?

Mrs. Layzeeboy wore these things to a wedding once 'cause she was wearing a strapless gown. (36D, thank you very much). Well, she had forgotten she is allergic to adhesive (can't even wear a Band-Aid - TM thingee). Needless to say in the middle of the reception she started burning. Ran to the ladies room to rip them off. Spent remainder of the night in bed putting ice on her nipples. I keep her around 'cause she's good for a laugh now and then.

Can't you create your own fun?

Any interest in nipple cover? please visit www.silsea.com

Is Abracadabra for magical nipple covers pasties? What gives?

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