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June 29, 2006


(Thanks to Guin)


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First again! ;-0

What's with all the "thought to be extinct" animals coming out of hiding?

"I was gobsmacked because it was bloody huge for a beetle," said Tony Giles, the workshop manager. Man I LOVE that!

Ahhhh, I wanna be "gobsmacked..."

I, too, was gobsmacked.

Just plain cool. BTW, extirpated, not extinct. They still existed elsewhere, so they weren't extinct.

Benefit of reading the blog--enlarging the old vocabulary.

Perhaps I don't have the proper scientific appreciation for a find of this magnitude, but donate it to a museum?!




Well, one never knows. This bug may have a compound in him that can cure cancer, or revive dying forests, or or or serve as a model for a new super-expensive toy...

I'm gobsmacked that this is an article about Wales that doesn't involve drunkenness, public lewdness or soccer violence.

Must have been a slow day...

*slaps at allover-creepy-crawling-feeling*

I STILL vote for the 2lb hammer...

... 2lb hammer ...

How much is that in metric?

Oh ...

They musta meant it costs 2lb ... nevermind ...

Perhaps he meant to give the beetle two pounds. With a hammer.

Every good carpenter has a 2 or 3-pound hammer; that's the eraser. You either make it fit or break something trying; either is allowed. Leaving it in 'there' at the wrong angle is not allowed.

hah, that's nothing. Check these babies out!

Startled staff at the Llanelli factory huddled round a pile of English Oak when the rare Capricorn beetle climbed out and they came close to hitting it with a hammer.

...always go with your first instinct, i say...

"I thought these were extinct."


"It is now."

Is there any relationship between the long-horned Capricorn Beetle and the Long Horned Steer? Or should I ask Darwin's Ghost?

Married for 7 years, god would I love to get gobsmacked!

Who remembers this?


(If anyone can direct me to instructions on how to add a link thingie to a post, I promise to stop pasting these annoying URLs)

Anyway, this movie was a creepfest about giant cockroaches from the bowels of the earth that came out to terrorize humans not only with their general bug-iness, but with their uncanny ability to psych out the unsuspecting victims by SPELLING WORDS on the wall with their cockroachy bodies!!!!


Who remembers the telephone scene?

I will forever have the automatic reflex of looking at the handset before raising it to my ear....even now, on my own cellphone......shiver...shudder....

"The Beetles" wbagnfarb.

Kat -

I seriously doubt that the Capricorn Beetle and the Longhorn steer could form a lasting relationship ... mebbe a one-night stand (or two, or six) ...

No, I think it's much more likely that the Capricorn Beetle could settle down with a goat, however, to a version of the American Dream (living in the suburbs, commute to werk, 2.3 [million?] kids (HAR!) ...

Capricorn ... Goat ... um ... nevermind ...

< then a then space then href=" then url starting from http:// then " and then >Now insert title here then < then / then a and finally >. It's simplicity itself.

Those As are the letter by the way not sa grammatical error.

Ed, thanks, I will try that movie link


(crossing my fingers and toes....)

Oooh, I think it worked, I think it worked!

(((Doing the successul link happy dance)))


Correctamundo, Kat ... lessee now ... I'll admit to havin' 31 birthdays ... the rest of the time, they were NON-birthday non-celebratory events ...

That (Capricorn) BTW, wuz why I've always been partial to drivin' a Goat ... as my first automotive choice ... and no, I sold it ...

My dad brought me a goat once. He (the goat) got into the kitchen and ate the curtains off of the windows. My grandmother raised "sand" about it so my father took it back to the country.

Motto: Never look a "gift goat" in the mouth.

You might be on to something there Steve (Jens). *snork*

'Extinct' beetle comes out of the woodwork
By Nick Britten
(Filed: 28/05/2005)

A beetle thought to have been extinct in Britain for more than 100 years has been found nesting in a house in Warwickshire.


The property's owner telephoned experts "in a state of high anxiety" after seeing the giant capricorn beetle crawling across a floor.

The discovery of the beetle, which is 2½ in long, with 4 in long antennae, has delighted scientists at the Stratford Butterfly Farm, who are looking after it. Geordie Jackson, the curator of the insect house, said he was sceptical when the woman described the beetle.

"But it's a great find," he said. "We brought it in here and it seems quite happy. Normally it eats rotten wood and sap although yesterday it was eating pineapple."

While the discovery is great news for the butterfly farm, it is not so good for the beetle's former landlady, who has declined to be named. The insect nested in some reclaimed beams put into the games room of her house in Stratford. The likelihood is that there are more waiting to come out.

The larvae, considered a culinary delicacy in the sub-continent, can cause widespread damage. They live in the wood for about three years before pupating and emerging as a beetle. The capricorn, Cerambyx cerdo, has large, powerful jaws capable of biting through wood, and the odd finger

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