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June 30, 2006


If you are ever offered a beer called "Erdinger," do not pass it up.


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Let me be the FIRST to say I've had Erdlinger, and I agree!

I've ordered that by accident - the waitress mistook my burp for "Erdlinger." Sometimes good things happen to those with gas.

Dave, I note that it is 12:03, following the no drinking before noon rule?

mmmmmmmmmm.....erdlan..uh, rruedlainger, ahhh make that a errrrddiinleier, oh heck, somebody just pass me a beer!

But...well...okay. But do I have to drink it?

How many beers have you had Dave? It's called "Erdinger". No "L"

why, lardog, whatEVER are you talking about? i do not see an L up there.

Besides, most waitresses are fluent in beerese and can translate for you if you order an "Erpinger."

Reaches up to *snatch inadvertently implanted "l"

That was MY bad, lard, not Dave's

AWBH: Funny, that's how I ordered my first Grolsch.

i, for one, have never sampled erdinger beer

would i pass it up if someone were to offer me one?

of course not! it's beer - breakfast of champions and elixir of the gods :)

I know it's in bad taste to correct the Blog Master, but this must be done. Dave, the post is incorrect.
It should read:

If you're ever offered a beer, do not pass it up.

No Obiwan, it's Judi. She has a small evil streak!!! :)

I was told you were required to drink one after each home run ('er, dinger!'), which really isn't much fun when you're watching fuuuutball (aka 'soccer').

OK, we've got a concensus from the Montana contingent

mmmmmmmmmmm - beer

Lardog88 - I don't know what you're talking about. I saw "Erdinger" in the header when I posted, but obi wan goofed and influenced me.

judi's not evil - she's just got the big guy's back

Just writing in to say. I never pass up a BEER. Missouri voters also say...MMMM Beer. Wish I was not at work and was drinking too!

in fairness to lardog (MUST i?) it did say erdlinger when it was first posted... they don't call me the stealth bloggerette fer nuthin'.

Here's my favorite

Dave, according to the OBBD(Oxford Bottled Beer Database), if you've tried Erdinger and liked it, you may also like to try:
Schmucker Hefe-Weizen
Ayinger Brau-Weisse
Stumpf Keiler Weissbier Hell

Interesting that all of them sound like inebriated fools about to fall over...
Oh, Walter! Er, Waiter!

Dave, try a dark Dink (el Aker)...

"Oh, Miss"

"Yes, Sir"
"We would like to order a round of Stewy, Keelhaulher, Wiseass, Hellyeah, Beer, umph buuuuurrrrrrrppp!"

Sounds like a fine brew to me, ReallyLucy a.k.a. The Waitress

I just got here for the first time so let me say I thought Dave Barry was retired and of course no longer allowed to be funny. As far as Erdingers beer is concerned, its a wheat beer and that makes it perfect for breakfast so long as theres fruit involved.

Mr Dave is not retired....sebatical...which means he is to sample ANY beer put in front of him....

and beer is goiod anytime

Chaz: Dave is officially "pursuing other interests," although I guess we should wait to hear what Barbara Walters has to say about it before jumping to any conclusions.

I will keep an eye open for it however my heart still belongs this beer. What can I say it has been very good to me.

ew - A-to-24 - after that last link, I have to take a shower.

Annie you know I love you 8^)

Since this is what happens 999 times out 1000 when I root for a team maybe I should root for Brazil.

Weiss bier, Witbier, Wheat beer, call it what you will it is delicious, also try black lager, a completely different taste but so different from the bland "lager" that is made these days.

A to 24 - luv ya too, babe. But let's be logical here. Celebrating World Cup Championship in Rio de Janeiro or....Ukraine? - remember the 'evenink wear....svim wear....' commercial about ussr?

If you're into the Belgian style wheat beers the one that you must try is Hennepin from The Brewery Ommegang. They are in Cooperstown NY and probably make the best Belgian styles outside of Belgium.

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