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June 30, 2006


Okay, so the voiceover mutters something about 2004, but we don't care.

(Thanks to Peggy)


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This must be how the US team trains.


(I hope - my firewall is blocking me....stooopid firewall)

And this is why they ban drugs from sports.

This is so true it's embarassing. (Though it's not just the US. They all do this because it works. Usually.)

Somebody please 'splain. Me and Punkin must have the same firewall.

Special guest coach: Allen Iverson.

it SAYS it's the italians. ;)

Blurk, Poo: It's a training video showing a couple coaches putting a team throw injury acting drills. You know - how to fall down and look injured, how to bump into someone and make it seem like they knocked you over, etc.

I'm gonna try some of these at work. Hello workman's comp! Oh, my wrist! Ow, ow, ow!!

Blurk, Poo, imagine any Three Stooges routine and you won't be too far off. However here there are some disturbing nekkid, pink, alien looking someones lurking in the background.

I always suspected that taking a dive was a highly polished skill.

It's an ad. The real Italian training involves learning how to hurt people.

I think Portugal and Netherlands took this training as well - given the number of cards that ref handed out...

I once had a schnauzer dog named Duchess. Whenever a large dog would come into our yard, she would charge across the yard and fall over "yelping" incessantly, then roll around on the grass faking an injury so that I would think that she had been injured in battle.

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