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June 30, 2006


Guys are practical.

(Thanks to Larry Martell)


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Guys are phallical. NTTAWWT.


Where's my damn hammer??!!

Right now I am standing and saluting.
I think we have found the Ultimate Guy.

....and First across the Finnish line. Go, Finland!

blurkie - don't hate me because I'm first. There are so many other reasons... ;)

The Stanford PhD and car computer designer spent four years making the vehicle safe to drive,


It's not you, Annie. The stupid IT firewall nazis won't let anything through!!!!

blurk, check your email...

blurkie - can't you arrest the firewall nazis?

fivver, you're the best.
Sent the story to my email and foiled the nazis. bwahahahaha.

There will be no arrest. This is clearly justifiable homicide.

Now be honest.

If your car had the ability to shoot a 6 - 8 foot flame out the back, do you think you could resist doing so, especially during rush hour? Heck, I'd mount the thing on a platform on the roof so I could fire in all directions!

Well, all, it's 3:45 here in Big Sky Country, there is absolutely nothing going on here in the office and I'm the boss. I think I shall go home and get prepared for wild monkey sex my wife's homecoming.

Blurkie- the sight of the vw with the big jet engine sticking out got to you, didn't it?

Blurk can't hear you over the afterburner.

Wasn't this already blogged?

AnotherBob - that was a different guy-who-needed-to-prove-his-manhood-thru-jet-engines.

*snork* at CJrun!

The intake draws air through the windows and sunroof, creating cabin noise that sounds, as Patrick puts it, “like Iraq.”

Now tell me you don't want one! Liars!!!

Super Dave would be so proud!!!


Annie, your astuteness-osity has once again amazed me. Men Do need to prove their manhood through the use of jet engines.If they do not have a jet engine nearby that puts out a really cool six foot flame, stepping on a bug is pretty neat too!

Damn, I want that and I'm not even a guy. Guess I have lived in New Jersey too long....

He had a role model:

Please help! Don't know how to make a link ...

Sorry, Annie - I'm equally inept and definitely "out there"!

link for Annie.

Is this guy trolling for dates, or what?

Oh Snap. I have never said that before, but I have never, successfully, been able to display a link code:

<[a href="http://www.website.com">link text<]/a>

To make it functional, you have to delete the [ to the left and the ] to the right. All that will be visible is the word(s) with which you replace 'link text.' The URL goes between the " marks. TaDa!

Will that work on my escort?

Matt -your Ford Escort or your paid (tax-deductible) escort?

;) - sorry, but the joke was there and I couldn't resist.

If I go faster the bill is smaller, right? Why pay for an hour when 30 seconds gets the job done?

And I lobbed an easy one to you on purpose.

jeez, Matt...don't get a speeding ticket! ;)

Nothin' like life in the fast lane here in the ol' blog...

Whoa - he's just lying there...I guess that's ok, since his name is 'Matt.'

Annie, are you casting aspersians at his name?


I'm drawing a blank on any good rug puns here, I guess "asPersians" was as good as it's gonna get for me. Night all!

Annie (of annie where but here fame)
Guys are like that to balance all the women who are so Vaginacal! It's the old anatomical Yin Yang thing, don't-ya-know.

Dang, I want one of these for my mom-mobile minivan. I want to shoot the 8-foot flame in the school parking lot while picking up my kids and have the principal scream at me to "shut it down!" I dare her to try to ban me for life.

Hee hee. Yes, I know I'm going to hell. But with a smile on my face.

And that is what counts.

*Tosses KDF an honorary Y chromosome*

*wears it proudly*

My husband saw the article in Wired and said, "Cool!"

Okay, I do admit that the idea of an afterburner that shoots several feet of flame out the back of the car has an appeal. Tailgaters are so annoying....I can picture the charred metal and smell the burning flesh! HA! HA! HA!

Ick, that bellicosity was disturbing....must have daily estrogen fix....dark chocolate and a chick flick, say, Out of Africa.

I want the 8 foot flame without the 160 mph speed. Imagine getting mad and just turning around and toasting somebody/thing!

I like it.

Let's save a Darwin award for this guy.

All I can think of is the look on the face of the next jerk sitting behind me at a traffic light who leans on his horn one microsecond after the light turns green. I see myself giving him a good natured wave and hitting the button that says AFTERBURNER.

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