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June 29, 2006


Guys have priorities.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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"my little baby" - a tv? Why am I not surprised?

I think a few of my coworkers would sit in the burning building to watch the series.

Soccer I'm a little surprised, now if it was an F-Troop marathon. I'd run the extention cord and hold the door.

My husband would let the commode continue to run all night before he would leave his LazyBoy while watching the Texas Rangers.

How dare those Germans run the games at an 'anti-social' hour!

Annie - that was the wife talking about their child.

When his cheers during the Argentina-Ivory Coast match woke his wife and she switched off the television, he locked her in their bedroom and settled back down to watch the game ignoring her loud protests

Mr Blog would, of course, never EVER do that to Mrs Blog.

I hope he saved the beer too..

Mrs Blog would be watching the game too. Live, in person!

I know people like that. I'm related to people like that. Thankfully, he has vacation time to watch the games uninterrupted as opposed to quitting his job.

How about my brother who insisted on cutting short his (and his wife's) dream vacation to Europe so he could catch the semi-finals of the NHL.

I personally would have allowed him to board the return plane and then found a handsome, young Italian to spend the remainder of the trip with on the understanding that the World Cup wouldn't start for another few months.

And they wonder why people in China aren't having children? Maybe if the women put a TV on their belly (or back), they'd be a little more (re)productive.

Heehhehe... can you imagine Mr. North trying to lock me in a bedroom? Hahahahahh... By the time he came out of the coma the series would be over.

It's the Japanese, not the Chinese.

he locked her in their bedroom and settled back down to watch the game

I LOVE that guy!

Oh. Carry on, then, Chinese sports nuts.


"Now will you let me out? I have to pee."

"Maybe after the next match."

"Although there are also many female World Cup fans in China, one man in the southeastern city had to sign a contract with his wife agreeing to do all the housework during the month of the finals so he could watch the matches at night."

Hmmmn....I"m going to remember this is my husband's beloved Dudgers (Devil Spawn!!!) ever make it to the World Series.

All that over a soccer game? Those guys are idiots. Its not like its the World Series or anything.

My husband cleans up the kitchen after meals, does the yard work, and washes clothes as long as I let him watch "Jeapordy" and all of the sporting events on TV. (particurally, the Rangers, the Spurs, and the Cubbies)
(you know this really doesn't leave much free time on T.V. but it gives me ample time to pursue my favorite hobbies; Rock Stacking, Skeet Shooting,Lizard Chasing, and counting Deer "pellets" in our driveway)

Kat- With hobbies like that I'm not suprised to hear sombody already took you off the market.

Rangers, Spurs and Cubbies???!!! Where do you live?

"My husband paid no attention to the danger, just grabbed the television and put it under his arm."

What does she mean he paid no attention to the danger? He grabbed the TV didn't he?

I'll merely make a WAG here, and suggest that the house burned down 'cuz the fire department guys were watchin' the game with the husband ...

We're "Born Agin Texans."

Attention Mr. Bill:

Didn't I see you on T.V. years ago? Weren't you that little bitty stick man made out of soft clay that kept getting squashed by his creator who used him as a "dummy?"

Geez, chill out, it's not like it's 24!

Although if it was, I bet Jack would have like 37 goals by now. Not to mention he would have killed 30 or 40 opposing players; just because he could.

Nice, PJ.

Myself being the guy who, for three hours, huddled outside wearing shorts and a blanket and watching the Wings outside on TV because my mom told me to stop watching so much TV and play outside, i understand this guy. (Incidently, it was January, and it was northern Minnesota)

We salute you, Mr. Chinese soccer fan. You stand outside while your house burns down around you and watch the end of the match, just in case the 1-1 tie gets broken somewhere in the 5th or 6th hour of play when the goalie dies of exhaustion from standing too long. So raise a cold Sprechers Mr. Chinese Soccer Fan, and keep watching.

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