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June 28, 2006


Just read it.

(Thanks to Mad Scientist)


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love it and live in it!

Actually, I'm organizing the event. Ladies please submit photos for pre-event analysis. Especially Suzy Q.

oh, and first. And let me point out that I live in NORTHERN California vs. La-La land.

I'm a member of Neuters for Hooters.

Given the topic, you gotta love that the City Controller's last name is Chick.

Nothing says spay or neuter your pets like some
T n' A! Right?

They also objected to the proposed "Hooters for Scooter," a bikini contest to raise money for the Scooter Libby defense fund.

marfie- YAY!! for Northern CA and the Bay Area (which is part of Northern CA, no matter what NorCal people say :P )

Oh, no. PETA's desensitized everyone.

What shocked me was that apparently this event originated in UTAH!!! But it is too Risque for L.A.

Sarah - do you think we could succeed from the rest of the state and start our own little nation, sort of like Monaco? "The Principality of the Bay Area"...I like it!

psst...marfie...I think you mean "secede"

1) They only chose Hooters because it rhymes with "Neuters". Marketing marketing marketing.


2) This woman's name is Chick. I'm sure she takes these kinds of things very personally.

Thanks blurk - that's what happens when I type too fast. (Although in some ways I think it would be quite a success if we could succeed from the rest of the state) How ironic, given my small grammatical hissy fit over in the cow thread. It just goes to show you: people in glass houses shouldn't get stoned.

"secede", damnit. I can't believe it I did it again! I definitely need to get more sleep.

where can I "donte" for the women?

I just found links to other "Hooters for Neuters" programs nationwide. Apparently the slogan (and you can get this on a t-shirt) is "Real Men Neuter their Best Friends!"

For crying out loud! Face it, the men like their T&A and if they are willing to shove a few dollars towards a good cause instead of in a g-string, then I'm all for it. Sheesh.

pssst... what's T&A?

bazoombas and junk in the trunk.

psst...muffles...t!ts & a$$

Then, can we have Chippendales be the new sponsor of the "Toys for Tots" program and rename it "Balls for Dolls?"

Straw, for your information, IF I attend this charitable event it will be strictly for the invigorating intellectual conversations that I could strike up with my new friends.

Or for the T&A, whichever.

*SNORK* @ Marfie

So ... they'll take free money ... but only if it's not "tainted" by someone else's philosophy or attitude or preferences ...


K ...

Actually, marfie I think Chippendales are already doing charity work for Habitat for Humanity.
Nuts for Huts.

Marfie - Very good. We could expand the whole Chippendales/charity thing and have them work for such causes as footwear for homeless people (C*cks for Socks), promotion of animal dental health (Wangs for Fangs), and some sort of charity directed toward residents of Appalachia (D*cks for Hicks).

muffies - here ... is another view of T&A ... (sorry I can't find the music ...)

*Snork*-ing right back @ you Blurk, and Scott too.

Or an even better idea would be to expand the endeavors of the females.

Hooters Girls for Me.

Wait, that doesn't rhyme.

But I don't care.

ahhhhhhh. This blog is so edumacational.

*snorks* to bluky for all the comments. I see this as being a topic that doesn't peter out soon. So many words to rhyme with!

I thought Hooters was going to add something to their wings to neuter their guests...so I was all for it....bwahaha!

Annie, that hurts.

No, really.

Just thinkin' about it.

I don't understand.

What's so 'empowering' about not letting women wear bikinis at a fund raiser? What, these folks think the women have to stay covered up or something?

Annie WBH, why would they need to be neutered? Its not like they actually get anywhere. My aforementioned friend can testify to that. It just keeps him happy and harmless.

Ok, no neutering. But any male that wants to go to Hooters has to do so in a Speedo.

I wanna bumper sticker that says:

that don't spay and neuter their pets'

My yard is the designated hang-out for all the little kitty-spawn from the neighborhood, as all the little dog-spawn can't get inside the fence. Right now [ISIANMTU] I have a Boyz from Brazil convention out back [buncha Hitler kittens]. I call the birdbath 'Birkenau.'

So, you want to punish the staff? Are you a disgruntled former employee?

I let my pet out of the house anytime he wants to go. (He's been neutered, of course) He always comes back home. I had rather see him out walking around than sitting in his Lazy Boy watching the Texas Rangers on T.V. He is a baseball addict from 'way back.(my husband, not my dog)

As one who works with the North Texas Basset Hound Rescue, I think I can safely say that these people don't care where the money comes from as long as they get more funding for spay and neuter programs. I sure do want one of those Hooters T-Shirts though!!

Rocket, it's a deal. You take the t-shirt, I'll take the contents.

Speaking as a guy, if we do all the spaying, the neutering isn't necessary.

The active word, being "all." Just most ain't enough. The little Hittler kittys [black spots under the nose] run and hide under the porch when I try to sneak out with the camera, but they are the progeny of the 1 or two adults that are all it takes. 1 or two? Did I just say that? What a dummy! To hell with it, I'm going to Hoooters.

Gee, if only I could think of an event to raise money for my favorite charities--taking care of a precious part of America's heritage, the foot lockers used by so many servicemen and women throughout our country's noble military history. Only nothing rhymes with "lockers." Sigh.

"I don't think it projects a good image for the city of Los Angeles."

As a former resident of Los Angeles, I just want to say...

A. O.J. trial
B. Riots
C. Rodney King
D. Bikini contests for charity

Which of these constitutes an image problem for L.A.?

I have to say this about LA and SoCal. On Puritanism vs. Prurientism, it seems to know no differentiatioin, subtle or otherwise. When Hooters came out here to Newport Beach, I don't think anyone knew what to think about it. The stigma of going there seemed to be like one was going to a strip club. Just no sensible middle ground.

Then the new Hooters in Burbank had a scandle where the manager was taping waitress candidates getting dressed and undressed. So that didn't help much. And then Hooters was advertising on the biggest local Sports Talk show, and hosting events for them. One of the guys who does the show is former LA Laker great and future Prime Minister of the Bahamas Mychal Thompson. And he was all uptight about the Hooters thing, not even going to their live events there.

For those of you Southeast people who watched Hooters sprout up in your region, here's how to think of California. San Francisco Bay Area could never have a Hooters, period. San Diego has a couple I think, one right on the beach a few miles north of the airport. And it isn't creepy or seen as creepy. LA/Orange County has a few, but the people are just learning what to make of them. Again, they're not strip clubs, but the idea of going to Hooters with the family instead of Chuck E Cheese doesn't wash. Go outside California, and everyone loves Hooters. Heck, it is almost the most family-friendly of all the Vegas Hotel/Casinos. Whoda thunk? Everyone likes it in Denver.

The first idea they had for a fundraiser was going to be called "Cooters for Nueters", So, in retrospect we all have to be glad this is so much classier than that could have been.-

blurker: My hooters weren't invited. But, thanks for thinking of me. Hey, my eyes are UP HERE!

Huh? OH! Hi Suzy! How are those...er...you today?

"I don't think it projects a good image for the city of Los Angeles"

yeah, a bit too late on that.

Right, Matt... but speaking as not-a-guy, if we do all the neutering, the spaying isn't necessary. :)

Tanpopo, speaking as a guy...GET THAT DAMN KNIFE AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!

Could it be that the "feminist" types who are objecting to bikini-clad babes strutting around in a T & A show are objecting because they themselves have too little T and too much A?

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