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June 27, 2006



(Thanks to djtonyb)


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Hmmm. Wonder if Deep-fried Twinkies are in it? Ooooh and first!

Some people really do have too much time on their hands.

We'll always be the greatest if we decide to judge greatness on mass.

Whoof. I really, REALLY hope the twinkie lasagna is a dessert (or possibly desert) item and not a typical lasagna. Blarf.

It's not that we, as a nation, cook with more fat than any other nation. It's that we, as a nation, eat a deep fried twinkie, then say "What's for desert?"

"Cogswell says it makes a great centerpiece for a Fourth of July picnic"

That can be used again the next year and the next and the next and the next....

I wonder what Twinkie the Kid has to say about this?

I'm certain that this is every mother's worst nightmare. Fathers, on the other hand, will be secretly plotting how they can make the recipes after they publicly agree with their wives that this is not a good thing.

What a great idea!

Gotta go check if they have twinkie tikka or twinkie a la king.

This is a great time to be alive....*snif*...I love you, man...

Fluffer Nutter Twinky

OK, when were twinkies ever just for dessert?

twinkies are the perfect breakfast food, IMO - they're colorful, portable, high in energy-providing sugar, and so chock full of preservatives that they just gotta be good for ya

My favorite: Pigs in a Twinkie

I bet I'm not the only one reminded of the Krispy Kreme (tm thingy) cheeseburger.

Not to mention they make good beer sponges.

Patriotic Twinkie Pie - the incredible, edible centerpiece

Homer: Mmmm, centerpiece ... *gurgle* *drool* (shoves 4-foot floral centerpiece from Lisa's wedding into his mouth)

Marge: Homie, NOOoo! That's not edible!

Homer: Awwwwooo! NOW you tell me! *burp* Oooh! Carnations have a delightful aftertaste ... (frowns) OW! OW! OW! But those roses have a whale of a kick ...

Did you know that many parts of a Twinkie wrapper are edible?
They're more healthy than the contents, too - providing 3% of the recommended daily allowance of fiber!

Bill Cosby: "What's wrong with cake for breakfast? Cake has milk....it has eggs..."

Cosby Kids: "Daddy's great....Daddy's great....he gives us the chocolate cake..."

Cosby: "Then she came down the stairs. I'd never actually seen a conniption fit..."

we need a twinky-mobile...like the weiner-mobile...

now how long do you think a Twinkie on a car antenna would last?

Ah Layzeeboy, that is one of the best comic shticks of all time. It is much better to watch it tho.

what about car-antenna twinkies?

I gained a pound just reading this article! Imagine reading the calorie count of the actual recipes?

twinkie sushi involves a twinkie and green fruit rollup thingies and I'm guessing maybe a stripe of orange frosting for added color.
twinkie burrito might be good if you left out the twinkie part of it.. burrito wrapper, chocolate syrup and strawberries and twinkies.
*feels ill*

Two (one?) words: Twinkie-takoyaki

I gained a pound just reading this article! Imagine reading the calorie count of the actual recipes?

Higgy, you should be able to sue someone for that.

El, what about it?

Wolfie, what about pigs in a twinkie? Cook the sausages, stuff them IN the twinkie, heat them in a pan and serve with warm syrup!


I hadn't read that one Jeff.
*tosses lunch in the trashcan*

*dashes in*

I hate twinkies

*runs out*

How about Twinkies on a stick over a campfire?

chapters include "Fruity Twinkies", "Twinkies Take the Cake", "Twinkies A' LA Mode", "Twinkie Drinks", "Twinkie Stack-Ups", "Gourmet Twinkies", and "Twinkies and Meat"


Fried Twinkies are pretty much just your standard batter to dunk in a Twinkie. Dust with powdered sugar after frying to edge of the sweetness off the taste.

In Williamsport, PA, the batter was more of a cornstarch like what would be used in fried shrimp from your local Chinese restaurant and not as much like a hush puppy. Might be a regional thing. Avoid all moisture and serve hot.

Twinkie Drinks???

Huh? What do they do, throw one in a blender with tequila?

(*hmm, might try that later*)


Twinkies make great edible garments. Just slice and press!

™ = ™

Let me know when they do this with Zingers.

Oh, and the Krispy Kreme burger? A waste of a good doughnut. (I'm a purist when it comes to my sugar supplements.)

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Writer's Cramp - so do Ho Ho's.

"Twinkee Lasagna..."

As Tom Lehrer sang, "It's amazing what they do with plastics nowadays"

Twinkies and Fluffies, My minds in a twitch!
Peanut Butter and Pasta, But Which on Which?
Bologna and Sourkrout, Ain't It Just Great!
I'll take my dinner on a damn Silver Plate!

You may laugh at my Taste Buds, But not My Face,
I'm A True 'Meri-can Pat-ri-ot, And I'll Not Be Disgraced!
So Hang Up yore Sarcasim, Yore Cander,yore Face.
Al-ka-selser's My Best Friend
in the Hole Human Race!

"now how long do you think a Twinkie on a car antenna would last?"

I think it would be centuries Betsi. Didn't they have something about Twinkies in the movie Sleeper?

Time to dust this off again.

What obesity epidemic?

Im with Annie. I'm a Ho-Ho chick.

pssst Annie, meet me at the 7-11!

At the Christian bookstore the other night , when I was trying to pick up chicks,I saw these books:
Twinkies and God
Saving your Twinkies for Marriage
The Twinkie commandments.
The Fiery Lake Of Twinkies.

I was scared.

Cogswell says it makes a great centerpiece for a Fourth of July picnic, which you can also eat for dessert.

Shoot...the last time I ate a Fourth of July picnic, I was bloated for days. And the Bandstand had to be surgically removed.

Twinkies are finea and all, but they will never be as good as their chocolatey, marsmallow and coconut encrusted cousin, the SnoBall™.

Mmmmmm..... SnoBalls™!

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